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A scheming employee sitting at their desk next to a spooky skull, wearing a deceiving mask of another employee's face for Confetti's Virtual Fibbage Online
From $175 USD
Traitorous Trivia
Prepare for a hilarious and mind-bending trivia experience with Traitorous Trivia! Gather your teammates for an unforgettable game where your team must work together to answer questions while deciphering the truth from the traitors' lies.
4-50 people
30-45 minutes
A dog wearing a sweater and a crown at a desk sitting in an office chair at a desk with a trophy for Confetti's Virtual Work Trivia Games
From $525 USD
Topdog Trivia
Players choose the category for each question in this knowledge-based game. Each game of Topdog Trivia is unique as teams try to stump one another and pick categories that they're most familiar with.
5-295 people
Typically 60 minutes
A notebook that says "goals" next to a cup of coffee, thumbtacks, a pen, and a pair of glasses for Confetti's Virtual Goal Setting Activities
From $450 USD
Vision Board Workshop
Envision and manifest goals for your ideal dream life in an interactive, reflective workshop.
Max 495 people
Typically 90 minutes
A business man in lotus position with papers and leaves flying behind him for Confetti's Virtual Meditation Classes
From $250 USD
Meditation Class
Clear your mind by experiencing the benefits of meditation. Encourage your team to adopt a regular meditation practice for stress reduction and better mental health.
Max 495 people
30-60 minutes
Lime green retro boom box (preview)
From $495 USD
Boom Box
Attention all audiophiles, band geeks, and diehard music fans! Get ready to amplify your team building experience with interactive music games that will test your team's knowledge on their favorite songs, albums, and bands.
2-295 people
Typically 60 minutes
Three 3D cartoon faces laughing for Confetti's Virtual Laughter Yoga Online
From $350 USD
Laughter Yoga
Connect with your inner child through the power of laughter and joy. This laughter yoga class is designed for relieving stress and feel good team bonding!
Max 495 people
30-60 minutes
A chalk outline around a banana for Confetti's Virtual Murder Mystery Team Building
From $595 USD
Mean Queens Murder Mystery
In this virtual murder mystery with a professional actor, prod, investigate, and grill suspects as you come face to face with the dark side of Greek life.
Max 27 people
Typically 75 minutes
A cutting board with cocoa powder, cinnamon sticks, crushed hazelnuts, and a chocolate bar on it and scattered around for Confetti's Virtual Chocolate Tasting Team Building
$75 USD
 / person
Chocolate Tasting
This virtual chocolate tasting event is a fun and interactive team building experience that will change the way you taste and think about this sweet treat.
Max 495 people
30-60 minutes
A chefs hat, wooden spatula and fork, onions and garlic, and spilled spices and peppercorns for Confetti's Cooking Classes for Beginners
From $480 USD
Cooking Basics Class
Ready to turn up the heat on your home cooking skills? Learn the basics of cooking from a culinary expert in a Zoom cooking class.
Max 495 people
Typically 60 minutes
Desk with a laptop and office supplies against a pink background (preview)
From $250 USD
Deskercise Class
Has working from home got your body feeling stressed? Loosen up with guided exercises from the comfort of your desk.
Max 495 people
30-60 minutes
Grapes, a wine glass, and a wine opener for Confetti's Virtual Wine Tasting Team Building
From $60 USD
 / person
Wine Tasting
Calling all wine lovers — experience elevated team happy hour with a virtual tasting event, right from the comfort of your couch.
Max 495 people
30-60 minutes
A chocolate bar topped with chopped nuts and dried oranges for Confetti's Virtual Chocolate Making Course
$72 USD
 / person
Chocolate Bar Making Class
In this online chocolate making class, an expert chocolate maker will guide participants through the process of how to make craft chocolate bars with the provided kit.
Max 495 people
Typically 60 minutes
Two stacks of poker chips and a deck of cards spread out on a table for Confetti's Virtual Online Poker for Team Building
From $25 USD
 / person
Texas Hold 'Em
Learn how to play Texas Hold 'Em at virtual casino night! Led by a skilled poker instructor, participants will put their gambling skills (and luck) to the test in a no-limit virtual poker game.
Max 995 people
30-120 minutes
Bottle of Irish whiskey, glass of whiskey with ice, and four leaf clovers against a green background (preview)
$92 USD
 / person
Irish Whiskey Tasting
Take a tour through Ireland with an Irish whiskey tasting at home.
Max 495 people
30-60 minutes
4 hands holding up various fingers for Confetti's Virtual Online Sign Language Classes
From $450 USD
Sign Language Workshop
Communicate with your team in a rich and meaningful way. Learn ASL through a variety of interactive activities.
Max 150 people
60-75 minutes
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