Revisiting Everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions in the Office

Here are some of our favorite activities to help your employees be the best versions of themselves.

The first quarter of the year is almost over, and our busy culture makes it almost impossible to remember what has even happened these past few months. The new quarter is the perfect opportunity to get the team together for a fun class or workshop. It is easy to be side-tracked and distracted from accomplishing our goals, so we have gathered fun team-building activities in the office that are the the perfect excuse to reorient ourselves back to our goals.

We categorized the most common New Year’s Resolutions into three sectors: (1) Health and Wellness, (2) Career & Personal Development, and (3) Personal Finances.

For Health & Wellness:

Since most of us have a resolution that ties back to nutrition and health, encourage your coworkers to do prep meals for the week, instead of buying their lunch from the nearby fast-food chain. You can do this by hosting a fun cooking class, inviting a professional chef into the office to teach basic cooking skills.

We recommend booking classes with chefs who are into a whole-foods, plant-based, and sustainable-eating lifestyle so that by the end of the class, not only will everyone in the office have their own arsenal of recipes for a great and healthy meal plan, but everyone will also be doing a little extra to take care of the planet.

You can also turn a spacious room in the office into a mini-studio and send everyone who’s interested in fitness classes an invite. Book a class with our triple-vetted yoga instructors for a quick but energizing workout session.

For Career & Personal Development:

There are now endless options based on your skills, hobbies, and preferences. You can start learning a new language, travel more, or volunteer for a social cause that you care about.

As a company that promotes a healthy balance between work and fun, we recommend hosting a variety of fun classes at the office. You can check out a list of fun team-building activities here. We also recommend hosting a terrarium workshop for those who would very much like to add (literal) life to the office.

For other more personalized career-focused workshops, contact the Confetti team.

For Personal Finance:

We recommend hosting a short class on how to make (and stick) to a budget. We know everyone loves their iced coffee (or their cold brews) from their favorite coffee shops, but let’s face it, we can always DIY them at home and save so much money.

If planned well, New Year’s Resolutions can actually be milestones to look back on at the end of the year. It helps when these goals are exciting, helping us stay motivated especially when it is so much easier to just sit in the couch and binge on our favorite shows during our downtime. Being proactive about goals, and doing it as team, can be a good bonus for everyone to hold each other accountable for their success.

It’s a great goal for any company to have every single person in the office at his or her 100%. At the end of the day, the by-product of everyone being happy will benefit the company as a whole.

Stay Tuned!

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