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New Experiences

We are always adding new, exciting experiences to our growing catalog of events. Check out our newest and latest here!

16 Unique Ideas
New Experiences
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Virtual Black History Mixology Class
Black History Mixology Class
Join our "spirited storytellers" for a mixology class celebrating Black History Month! Participants will enjoy an exploration of Black history, all while learning how to mix 2 great drinks. Book now for January 17th and onwards!
Virtual Mulled Wine & Cider Making Class
Mulled Wine & Cider Making Class
Learn how to make mulled wine and apple cider with your team! An instructor will guide participants through making these two delightful winter beverages to get you through the chilliest evenings.
Virtual Secret Snowflake
Secret Snowflake
Anonymously let your coworkers know how much they mean to you this holiday. Participants will submit compliments and praises about their coworkers, and we'll feature them in an interactive presentation about your team!
Virtual Sketch and Stretch
Sketch and Stretch
In this virtual drawing and movement class, your team will combine an artistic practice with yoga poses to increase relaxation and boost creativity while having a ton of fun! Book now for January 5th and onwards!
Virtual Drink and Draw
Drink and Draw
Grab your favorite beverage, and let loose with your teammates in a relaxing drawing class. Our skilled drawing instructor will guide your team through blind contour drawing exercises designed to exercise your creative muscles and get the ink flowing. Book now for January 5th and onwards!
Virtual Exploring Lunar New Year Art & Culture
Exploring Lunar New Year Art & Culture
In this virtual Lunar New Year celebration, learn about the art and cultural traditions used to celebrate the occasion! Book now for January 10th and onwards!
Virtual Identity Through Chinese Calligraphy
Identity Through Chinese Calligraphy
In this virtual workshop, participants will examine how their name has shaped their life and create a Chinese name that reflects their current identity. Book now for January 10th and onwards!
Virtual Winter Sports Racing
Winter Sports Racing
Extreme winter sports racing that will have your team at the edge of their seats. Featuring real races with live commentary for a fun and interactive experience!
Virtual Christmas Mystery Party
Christmas Mystery Party
You're going to need all the cheer your team can carry! In this Christmas Mystery Party, gather your team of elves to decipher riddles, solve the mystery, and ultimately, save the holidays.
Virtual Exploring MLK's Legacy Through Art
Exploring MLK's Legacy Through Art
In this virtual MLK Day history lesson, hear immersive stories and learn about works of art that capture the essence of Martin Luther King Jr.'s revolutionary impact. Book now for January 9th and onwards!
Virtual The MLK You Didn't Know
The MLK You Didn't Know
In a virtual MLK Day celebration, learn about the Civil Rights Movement and the African American struggle through the powerful words and works of Martin Luther King Jr. Book now for January 9th and onwards!
Virtual Casino Night
Casino Night
Put your team's gambling skills to the test in a virtual casino night! Mix and match classic casino games like Poker and Blackjack or try your luck at a game of Roulette or Craps.
Virtual Strength Training Class
Strength Training Class
Led by a certified fitness instructor, this virtual strength training class focuses on shaping and toning all the major muscle groups, and will help get your team feeling their best.
Virtual Stress Management Workshop
Stress Management Workshop
This stress reduction workshop aims to help your team pinpoint specific workplace and personal stressors, and create a toolbox for handling stress in their daily lives.
Virtual Custom Company Coworker Feud
Custom Company Coworker Feud
Our classic Coworker Feud game, including a unique lightning round with questions on your workplace. Buzzer fingers ready!
Virtual Kickboxing Class
Kickboxing Class
Unleash your team's inner fighter and melt their worries away with a martial arts-inspired total body workout. Using a combination of kicking and punching techniques, this kickboxing class helps participants build speed, agility, and coordination.
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Confetti 2022. All rights reserved.
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