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Intern Day

Celebrate the contributions of your hard-working and talented interns with National Intern Day activities.

20 Unique Ideas
Intern Day
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Three 3D cartoon employees smiling for Confetti's Virtual Family Feud Online Game with Teams
From $450 USD
Coworker Feud
Experience our twist on the beloved game show, Family Feud, for an exhilarating and engaging team building activity. Get your buzzer fingers ready as we take the fun of Family Feud to the virtual realm!
4-40 people
Typically 60 minutes
An employee in front of his computer holding his hand up to answer a question for Confetti's Virtual Team Trivia for Remote Teams
From $500 USD
Classic Trivia
In our online trivia game for Zoom, your team will have the opportunity to put their brains together and tackle a wide range of captivating questions. From pop culture to history, sports to science, our classic version of virtual team trivia covers an assortment of fun and random topics for everyone.
2-500 people
Typically 60 minutes
A finger held up to a statue head in a silencing gesture for Confetti's Virtual Taboo Game
From $150 USD
Get ready for a thrilling virtual word-guessing adventure with our captivating online Taboo game. Can you guide your team to guess the hidden word before the clock runs out? It's time to find out!
4-160 people
Typically 60 minutes
Skull Mask for Confetti’s Virtual Escape Room Team Building (Preview)
From $195 USD
Escape Quest
Welcome to Escape Quest, an exciting virtual experience that combines the best elements of an online escape room and a scavenger hunt. This unique fusion is specifically designed to enhance virtual team building and problem-solving skills, creating an immersive adventure for all participants.
Max 160 people
75-90 minutes
An easel with various scribbles on the paper for Confetti's Virtual Pictionary Team Building
From $150 USD
In our virtual Pictionary game, your team's drawing and communication skills will be put to the test. With a virtual canvas at your fingertips, players will take turns illustrating a wide range of words or phrases while their teammates race against the clock to guess the correct answer.
4-160 people
Typically 60 minutes
A pink water cooler surrounded by various notes and picture frames for Confetti's Virtual Show and Tell Game
From $195 USD
Show 'n Share Water Cooler
Virtual Show 'n Share breaks the ice by providing a fun and insightful glimpse into your team's lives. Inspired by unique prompts, participants will share stories and pieces of themselves through found objects around the home.
4-75 people
30-45 minutes
Two people having fun and kicking a ball in the sun for Confetti's Virtual Field Day Games for Adults
From $2,900 USD
Field Day
Exercise your mind and body with team building field day activities for adults. Each breakout room includes a different activity with fun choices like Trivia Kickball, Group Fitness, and more.
2-975 people
60-120 minutes
Businesswoman winning Virtual Jeopardy for Team Building (preview)
From $450 USD
Calling all trivia enthusiasts and Jeopardy fans! Embark on an exciting team building journey as you bring the excitement of the classic game show into your team's homes.
2-30 people
45-60 minutes
Drag queen in silver gown posing with her arm raised (preview)
From $1,050 USD
Drag Queen Bingo
Make remote work more exciting with a fun-filled game of virtual drag queen bingo. Hosted by a fabulous drag queen who'll bring the thrills and laughs!
Max 300 people
Typically 60 minutes
A man posing with his foot on a stack of books while a blue furry monster runs the diamonds on a kickball field in the background for Confetti's Virtual Online Team Trivia
From $495 USD
Trivia Kickball
Step up to the plate and answer correctly in order to advance your runners to the base in a rousing game of Trivia Kickball.
4-20 people
Typically 60 minutes
A dog next to a question mark (preview)
From $325 USD
Guess Who...
Welcome to the ultimate icebreaker game, Virtual Guess Who! Get ready to uncover fascinating facts about your coworkers as you navigate through their submitted clues. With an added twist of anonymity, this game will be sure to keep your team engaged and entertained.

6-15 people
Typically 60 minutes
The logos for Confetti's Water Cooler, Taboo, and Classic Trivia in a sparkly whirlpool for Confetti's Virtual Zoom Games for Work
From $575 USD
Love our games and want to try them all? Mash-Up combines some of Confetti's most popular game experiences to create a fun, fast-paced game extravaganza for your next Zoom game night.
4-200 people
60-90 minutes
White theatrical masks depicting emotions (preview)
From $150 USD
Test your acting and team building skills in this virtual Charades game! Get your team to guess target words and phrases with your most creative moves.
4-160 people
Typically 60 minutes
A hand with red nail polish crossing their pointer and middle fingers for Confetti's Virtual Two Truths and a Lie Team Building
From $325 USD
Two Truths and a Lie
Play Two Truths and a Lie, the classic party game that we all love — designed for team building!
6-15 people
Typically 45 minutes
Three 3D cartoon faces laughing for Confetti's Virtual Laughter Yoga Online
From $350 USD
Laughter Yoga
Connect with your inner child through the power of laughter and joy. This laughter yoga class is designed for relieving stress and feel good team bonding!
Max 495 people
30-60 minutes
3D floating Greek sculptures and column against a blue background (preview)
From $495 USD
Museum Storytelling Tours
The world's most respected cultural institutions house millions of years of art, history, science, and culture, but it's the incredible stories behind the artifacts and specimens that make these museum experiences truly one-of-a-kind. Spend an hour with our engaging and knowledgeable guides as they take you on an interactive museum adventure like no other!
Max 495 people
Typically 60 minutes
Various salads, grain bowls, and sushi bowls for Confetti's Virtual Team Lunch
From $32 USD
 / person
Lunch Party
It's lunch time! Gift your team vouchers to order their favorite food while working from the office or from home.
All group sizes
A birds eye view of a white charcuterie board covered in a variety of hard and soft cheeses and fruits for Confetti's Virtual Food Tasting Kits
$115 USD
 / person
Cheese Tasting
Learn how to taste, talk, and think about all things cheese in a virtual cheese tasting class.
Max 495 people
Typically 60 minutes
A pizza with half of the slices levitating above for Confetti's Pizza Making Class
$125 USD
 / person
Pizza Making Class
Unleash your inner pizzaiolo and learn how to create a delicious pizza pie in this virtual pizza-making class.
Max 495 people
Typically 90 minutes
Chocolate gift box wrapped with a purple ribbon (preview)
From $50 USD
 / box
Chocolate Gift Box
Show some employee appreciation by surprising your team with chocolate gift boxes.
All group sizes
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