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10 Mental Health Awareness Month Ideas for the Workplace in 2022

May is creepin' on up, isn't it? 😱 That means it's almost time to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month!  

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What's your favorite way to celebrate & support mental health around the office?

Some find educational courses as helpful resources, while others prefer to engage their whole team!

‍To help you plan an engaging, respectful experience, we've made a list of the 10 best ideas for Mental Health Awareness Month in the workplace.

Image with a blue/green background. Black title font that reads "Why Mental Health Awareness Matters". Underneath title text, a bulleted list of workplace mental health statistics. These statistics also appear in the article body below the image.


What is Mental Health Awareness Month? 🧐

Mental Health Awareness Month is a whole 31 days dedicated to highlighting & reducing the stigma around people with mental health conditions, disabilities, treatments, and other concerns.

It’s a month well-worth acknowledging. Mental illness–-from depression to PTSD to OCD to substance abuse–impacts the lives of millions of individuals every day. We can use this time to better our education and understanding of mental health in all its forms.Β 

So, when is Mental Health Awareness Month in 2022?
The whole month of May is devoted to Mental Health Awareness, giving you plenty of opportunities for education, celebration, and impactful conversation. πŸ₯³


Why should companies care about mental health awareness? 🧠

Whether you use one idea or plan something every week, know that your efforts genuinely make a difference.

  • ~217 million working days are lost to issues around untreated mental illness. Even if employees are physically there, productivity plummets if mental health suffers. 🧠
  • We can't be "healthy" without caring for our mental health! And a person's health is a key factor in their performance. 🩺
  • Positive mental health helps handle stress, anxiety, changing workflows, responsibilities, and priorities. Aka - with it, we flourish! 🌸
  • An increased understanding helps employees empathize with one another and create a more supportive community. πŸ«‚


5 fun activities that promote Mental Health Awareness πŸ₯³


Image with purple/gray background. Black title font that reads 5 Activities to Support Mental Health Awareness. Below the title text are two rows of images, depicting the 5 recommended activities. First row is Guided Meditation, Terrarium Workshop and a Yoga Class. Second row is a Healthy Cooking Class and an Aromatherapy Class.

1. Mindful meditation 🧘

Sign up for a virtual guided meditation! With this activity, you and your team will learn breathing exercises that alleviate stress and tension. Plus, it'll equip everyone with what's needed to start their own mindful practice.

How meditation supports mental health: Meditation is ripe with benefits for your emotional well-being. A dedicated practice raises your self-awareness, sharpens focus, and reduces stress.

πŸ‘‰ How to get started
: Learn more & book a guided virtual meditation class for your team today!


2. Virtual yoga class πŸ™†

A virtual yoga class will help your organization's mental health initiatives by incorporating mindfulness and movement into the everyday routine.

The combination of breath-work, reflection, and physical activity makes it an incredible team experience for Mental Health Awareness!

‍How yoga supports mental health: Physical activity gets those endorphins flowin'! Yoga treats your body & mind with an energy boost while minimizing the effects of anxiety and tension.

πŸ‘‰ How to get started
: Raise awareness with a slow flow Vinyasa.


3. Terrarium workshop πŸͺ΄

Did you know having plants around blossoms into mental health benefits? These green friends are gorgeous and super stress-relieving.Β 

It's no wonder a virtual terrarium workshop makes for the perfect Mental Health Month activity. In this hands-on workshop, your employees can brighten their workspace by designing a unique environment for their very own air plant.

How a terrarium workshop supports mental health: According to PsychologyToday, having some little green pals in the workplace can reduce depression and anxiety. Plus, plants are also known to increase focus and productivity levels!

πŸ‘‰ How to get started
: Add more life to the office space today! Plant life, that is.


4. Cook together in a healthy cooking class 🍳

Encourage employees to cook at home by taking a virtual cooking class together!

What we eat plays a significant role in our health and wellness. With a healthy cooking class, you get the pros of clean eating, and your employees feel supported when it comes to caring for their basic needs.Β 

How healthy cooking supports mental health: A well-balanced diet improves concentration and your attention span! And getting creative in the kitchen has been shown to improve our moods overall.

πŸ‘‰ How to get started
: Learn new, delicious recipes that make well-being a priority now!


5. Aromatherapy workshop 🌷

Get your team involved in an aromatherapy & essential oils workshop, where each person can create their own therapeutic scent.

Plus, learn the unique properties of different oils, like how lavender oil can reduce anxiety and promote better sleep!

How aromatherapy supports mental health: Aromatherapy is no joke β€” inhaling the scent molecules from essential oils stimulates the emotional center of your brain.

πŸ‘‰ How to get started
: Give your good mood a scent with this event.


5 bonus ideas to raise awareness around mental health ⭐️


Image with a blue/white background. Title text reads "5 Minute Mental Health Check". Below that are the 6 following questions: 1. Do I have enough sleep?; 2. What am I feeling right now?; 3. Did I show kindness to myself and others?; 4. Do my muscles need stretching?; 5. Do I drink enough water?; 6. Am I eating healthily and regularly?

1. Start a conversation & provide support πŸ—£

The best way to increase awareness is through conversation and openness. Be ready to ask your employees what they need to ensure they have support for their health and wellness.

Your employees' mental health can highly benefit from workplace community resources! Consider offering assistance with free services, like therapy, stress management courses, or health-related peer programs.

2. Donate to mental health organizations πŸ’š

Help spread the word beyond the office by donating to organizations putting mental health issues in the spotlight. πŸ’‘ Make your support known and ask your employees if they'd like to donate. Or–even better–ask your team what organization they'd like to donate to!

Your employees will notice, and you'll start cementing a company culture that champions psychological health. To go one step further, consider posting about the charity on social media, and encourage your audience to join in!

Here are a few organizations the Confetti team suggested that focus on mental health support:

3. Drink water - and then drink more water! πŸ’§

Maybe not the "mental health awareness" idea you were expecting, but it's worth noting. Mental illnesses have a nasty habit of making us neglect even our most basic needs.

Reminding people to stay hydrated is a simple yet effective way to show you care. Plus, a hydrated brain is a healthy one! 🧠

4. Create an employee recognition channel πŸ†

If you don't have an employee recognition channel, Mental Health Month is the ideal time to make one!

Lowered self-esteem is a typical symptom of various mental illnesses, and can impact performance. You can lift people's spirits and boost their sense of worth by publicly celebrating their accomplishments.‍

A screenshot from the Confetti public gratitude channel. Text on images read: "Kay Trowbridge received public praise from Leah Burnite! As usual, took my shell of work and turned it in to something beautiful, cohesive and easy to use. Super excited for this Vendor Hub to launch, and thanks especially for dropping in a gif because we know that's not in my wheelhouse"
We use a combination of Lattice and Slack for our public gratitude channel. πŸ™Œ

Even the smallest acknowledgments of someone's efforts can boost engagement, increase morale, and promote improved mental health!

5. Learn more about mental health disorders πŸ“š

Mental illness doesn't take just one form. Even the symptoms of certain mental health conditions can vary from person to person.
Knowledge is power. πŸ™Œ

Leadership and HR can provide lasting support to their employees by educating themselves on the many nuances of mental health. By shaping your understanding, you'll be building a culture that prioritizes employee health & well-being overall.


Supporting Mental Health Awareness πŸ’š

It's no secret the mental wellness of your team members matter. But Mental Health Awareness Month provides the unique opportunity to check where your company currently stands in supporting employee well-being.

Confetti is ready to help you solidify a company culture that reduces the stigma around mental health and fosters your overall social well-being. And, of course, we wanna make it fun in the process. πŸŽ‰

Don’t hesitate. Book your Mental Health Month experience today!

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