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9 Ways to Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month

Honor mindfulness and self-care with your team members during Mental Health Awareness Month using Confetti’s ideas below!

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What is Mental Health Awareness Month and when is it celebrated?

Mental Health Awareness Month is a whole 31 days dedicated to highlighting & reducing the stigma around people with mental health conditions, disabilities, treatments, and other concerns.

It’s a month well worth acknowledging. Mental illness impacts the lives of millions of individuals every day. We can use this time to have open mental health discussions to better our education and understanding of mental health in all its forms

The whole month of May is devoted to Mental Health Awareness, giving you plenty of opportunities for education, celebration, and impactful conversation that you can carry into the entire year. 🥳

Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month with Confetti, Book Now!

Why should you recognize Mental Health Awareness Month at work?

Whether you use one idea or plan something every week, know that your employee well-being efforts genuinely make a difference.

  • According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), ~217 million working days are lost to issues around untreated mental illness. Even if employees are physically there, there’s a chance a handful of team members are suffering. 🧠
  • We can't be "healthy" without caring for our mental health! And a person's health is a key factor in their performance. 🩺
  • Positive mental health helps handle stress, anxiety, changing workflows, responsibilities, and priorities. Aka - with it, we flourish! 🌸
  • An increased understanding helps employees empathize with one another and create a more supportive community that prioritizes everyone's psychological safety. 🫂

If you haven’t already, incorporate mental health resources into your company culture to show your team you care about them and want to make your workplace a safe space. Plus, it allows employees to come to the workplace and be their most authentic selves, boosting employee well-being and engagement overall!

Looking for guidance from a mental health professional? Mental Health America has some great resources. Visit to get started!

Are you ready to reduce stress and encourage employees in your remote team to prioritize their mental well-being? Increase happiness with our remote team building activities below!

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‍Here are some Mental Health Awareness activities to use in the month of May:

1. Try some mindful meditation 

Sign up for a virtual guided meditation! With this activity, you and your team will learn breathing exercises that alleviate stress and tension. Plus, it'll equip everyone with what's needed to start their own mindful practice.

Meditation is ripe with benefits for your emotional well-being. A dedicated practice raises your self-awareness, sharpens focus, and reduces stress.

How to get started 👉 Reduce mental health issues with a Virtual Meditation Class for your team members today!
Virtual Meditation Class by Confetti

2. Take a virtual yoga class 

Our physical health and mental health go hand in hand. For remote teams, the stress of sitting in front of a computer all day can really affect our bodies and minds. That's why it's important to practice regular self-care in the form of movement.

A virtual yoga class will help your organization's mental health initiatives by incorporating mindfulness and movement into the everyday routine, reducing stress in the process! The combination of breathwork, reflection, and physical activity makes it an incredible team experience for improving employees' mental health.

Does your team work together in person? When the weather is nice, gather your employees in the local park for an employee-led yoga practice.

Physical activity gets those endorphins flowing and is scientifically proven to improve mental health! Yoga treats your body & mind with an energy boost while minimizing the effects of anxiety and tension. Plus, a virtual fitness class is always an out-of-the-box team-building activity.

How to get started 👉 Support physical and mental health with a slow Vinyasa flow.
Virtual Yoga Class

3. Go green with a terrarium workshop 

Did you know having plants around blossoms into mental health benefits and increases happiness? These green friends are gorgeous and super stress-relieving. 

It's no wonder a virtual terrarium workshop makes for the perfect Mental Health Month activity. In this hands-on workshop, your employees can brighten their workspace by designing a unique environment for their very own air plant.

According to PsychologyToday, having some little green pals in the workplace can reduce depression and anxiety. Plus, plants are also known to increase focus and productivity levels!

How to get started 👉 Add more life to the office and book a Terrarium Workshop today!
Virtual + Kits Terrarium Workshop

4. Cook together in a healthy cooking class 

Try encouraging team members to cook at home by taking a virtual cooking class together!

What we eat plays a significant role in our health and wellness. With a healthy cooking class, you get the pros of clean eating, and your employees feel supported when it comes to caring for their basic needs. Not to mention, you'll create a better sense of connection for your virtual teams.

A well-balanced diet improves concentration! And when you prepare meals that nourish your soul, that has been shown to improve our mental health and moods overall.

How to get started 👉 Learn new, delicious recipes in a BYO Healthy Cooking Class!
Virtual BYO Healthy Cooking Class

5. Relieve stress with an aromatherapy workshop 

Get your team involved in an aromatherapy & essential oils workshop, where each person can create a therapeutic scent.

Plus, learn the unique properties of different oils, like how lavender oil can reduce anxiety and promote better sleep!

Want to turn it into a wellness gift exchange? Find a team member to swap your handmade oils with to make the event even more special.

Aromatherapy is no joke — inhaling the scent molecules from essential oils stimulates the emotional center of your brain.

How to get started 👉 Support the mental well-being of your diverse team members with an Aromatherapy and Oils Class!
Virtual + Kits Aromatherapy & Oils Class

6. Learn new stress management techniques

Take a Stress Awareness Workshop to learn how to manage personal and professional stress.

Led by our expert facilitator, this interactive lecture-based session delves into the intricate relationship between stress and emotions and the physiological causes and effects of stress during challenging times.

Through engaging discussions, you'll learn how to identify key stressors, recognize symptoms of distress, and understand typical responses to stress.

How to get started 👉 Add some stress management tools to your arsenal in a Stress Management Workshop!

7. Have an open dialogue about mental health

End the stigma around mental health by having an open discussion with your team! Did you know that supportive workplaces produce happier and healthier teams? In this Workplace Mental Health workshop, a mental health expert will lead your team through a discussion about mental health, signs and symptoms of mental health challenges, and the impacts of stigma surrounding mental health. 

As a group, you’ll learn Individual, team, and organizational approaches to supporting workplace mental health and building a more supportive and empathetic environment.

Your team will have the opportunity to share and discuss their own experiences with mental health at work, creating stronger bonds and trust amongst your employees.

How to get started 👉 Create a safe space for mental health discussions with a Workplace Mental Health Workshop!
Virtual Workplace Mental Health Workshop by Confetti

8. Share gratitude

As we embrace Mental Health Awareness Month, let's take a moment to cultivate gratitude within our teams. Consider creating a gratitude channel in your communication platform where employees can share the things they're grateful for each day. This simple yet powerful practice has a profound impact on mental well-being, fostering a sense of positivity and appreciation.

Encourage team members to express gratitude for anything, whether it's a supportive colleague, a beautiful sunrise, or a delicious cup of coffee. By focusing on the good in our lives, we can shift our perspective and cultivate resilience when faced with challenges.

A gratitude channel provides a space for team members to connect, uplift one another, and celebrate the everyday joys that often go unnoticed. It promotes a culture of kindness and appreciation, contributing to a supportive and inclusive work environment.

How to get started 👉 Designate a channel where employees can share their moments of gratitude, and start spreading the good vibes! Hopefully, this will be a channel where you can foster gratitude long after Mental Health Awareness Month is over. 

9. Play Stress Bingo

This month-long Stress Bingo activity encourages ongoing self-reflection and awareness of stressors, promoting better stress management and a more supportive work environment. Distribute the following Bingo card to your team, or create your own card using our example as a reference.

As participants go through their daily routines in May, they will mark off scenarios on their Bingo cards that apply to their experiences. When participants completed a row, column, or diagonal on their Bingo card, have them submit their cards for a small prize, if available. Regardless of a completed Bingo card or prizes, this activity encourages everyone to stop and reflect on the common stressors they face.

Promote better mental health 🧠

It's no secret the mental health support offered to your team members matters. But Mental Health Awareness Month provides the unique opportunity to check where your company currently stands in supporting well-being and combating employee mental health challenges. Even if it's not the month of May, make sure team members' access to mental health resources and regular wellness activities to combat isolation are always a priority.

Confetti is ready to help you solidify a company culture that reduces the stigma around mental health topics and fosters your overall social well-being and employee experience. And, of course, we want to make it fun and boost team morale in the process. 🎉

Don't hesitate. Book a Mental Health Awareness Month experience for your hybrid and remote teams today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of Mental Health Awareness Month, and why is it important to recognize it at work?

Mental Health Awareness Month addresses and decreases the stigma surrounding the world's mental health crisis, including mental health conditions, treatments, and concerns. With around 217 million working days lost due to untreated mental illness, acknowledging this month is crucial for workplace well-being. It also leads to a more empathetic and supportive community environment, benefiting employee well-being and engagement.

How can companies promote Mental Health Awareness Month and support their employees' mental well-being?

Companies can promote Mental Health Awareness Month by implementing various activities and resources prioritizing mental health. Virtual yoga and meditation classes, mental health workshops, and healthy cooking classes can engage employees and alleviate stress. Incorporating mental health resources from organizations like Mental Health America can guide employees seeking support from mental health professionals. 

How can organizations ensure ongoing support for mental health beyond Mental Health Awareness Month?

Organizations should commit to supporting their employees' mental health all year long. This includes regular access to mental health services such as counseling services and support groups, and ongoing team building activities to combat feelings of isolation. By prioritizing mental health year-round, companies demonstrate their dedication to employee well-being and contribute to a healthier, more supportive work environment.

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