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How to Plan a Corporate Event for Remote Team Building

With everything moving to the online sphere, it’s important to find new and creative ways to stay connected with your remote team. The corporate event planning process is no joke. Read on for some things to keep in mind when creating your corporate event planning checklist.

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If you're a forward-thinking leader eager to foster a united and motivated remote team, you've come to the right place! Discover the key strategies, engaging activities, and insider tips to transcend distance and ignite the spark of genuine teamwork among your virtual team! 

Virtual corporate events are just IRL events with more room for possibilities! Here are some tips and ideas on how to think like a corporate event planner, organize and host a successful corporate event, and maximize the fun virtually:

💪 Corporate event planning: Getting ready for the big day

1. Put out feelers 💬

Gather ideas from your team, and ask them what they think would be fun!

This process helps ensure that the event aligns with the employees' expectations, making it more enjoyable and meaningful for everyone involved. Taking their input into account also fosters a sense of belonging and empowers employees to be active participants in shaping the company culture and team building experience!

Based on their answers, put together a monthly, quarterly, or yearly calendar of fun. Announce the calendar during an upcoming meeting and encourage everyone, especially your new hires, to sign up and participate!

How to get started 👉 Visit the Employee Engagement Calendar to see what holidays you can plan your team building events around!

2. Spread the word 💌

One of the most important parts of planning a corporate event is making sure your guests are there. The more, the merrier! Get the word out with custom-designed invites. Use them to capture the unique theme and feel of your event, while including important details like date, time, and Zoom info. Feel free to get creative! 

Now that you’ve sparked interest, send out a basic calendar invite to get a more accurate headcount and make sure everyone can clear their schedules to attend.

Include all necessary video conferencing information so everyone can hop on the call easily when it’s time for your next corporate event! 

Custom Event Invitation for Calm and Create
⭐️ When booking with Confetti, we'll create custom invites for you!

3. Gather information 🕵️

Avoid last-minute hiccups by collecting all participant information you might need ahead of time.

Depending on the type of event you’re planning, you might need to send out a sign-up sheet if you’re playing a game that requires dividing into teams or gathering addresses with a form if you’re planning a class that requires shipping kits to participants. 

⭐️ When booking with Confetti, we'll follow up with all of the necessary forms and sign-up sheets to make sure your guests have their materials and logistics are arranged ahead of time!

4. Handle all things tech 🧑‍💻

Designate a tech-savvy host or event organizer to handle the event management software, video conferencing tools, or whatever platforms you'll be using. This person will facilitate the event, manage all Zoom functions, and make sure everything runs smoothly. 

This role is best for someone on the event planning team who’s good at maintaining a fun vibe with banter and commentary! And works well under pressure!

5. Remind guests a few days before your event...

Send out a short & sweet message to your team to get everyone hyped! 

When all packages are expected to have been received, make sure participants double-check their mailboxes to ensure they have all the necessary materials on hand.

When sending packages, logistical issues like lost, stolen, or missing packages are normal and expected. Don't fret! Before sending a new kit, it’s best for the participant to:

  1. Check the address they submitted was correct.
  2. Check their mailbox or front desk if the item was shipped to a shared working or living space.
  3. Check with their housemates and neighbors.

🌟 Event day: make it fun! 

To avoid any pre-event chilliness, warm up with icebreakers to get the conversation flowing. These are light, fun, and silly questions designed to get to know your team members in a more personal way. You might be surprised when the quietest person in the office reveals secret plans for an elaborate heist. 😈 

We suggest using breakout rooms to divide the meeting into smaller groups, as well as initiating Zoom polls to encourage connection, boost engagement, and get everyone talking. 

1. Set the mood 🪩

Make it the event that you want it to be! Dress up and curate your space with fun decorations that reflect your theme, or display a video or funny image on your Zoom background.

You can also put on some music to liven up the space! (Here at Confetti, we love our pre-event playlists!)

To easily share music on Zoom:

  1. Go to “Screen Share”
  2. Click “Advanced”
  3. Share your computer audio to crank up the tunes and the good vibes! 🎶

2. Food & drink 🍿

A little chip and dip go a long way. In addition to any planned activities, keep your guests entertained with some refreshments!

And while you don’t need alcohol to have a good time (though it doesn’t hurt), sending snacks is a great way to boost attendance and keep everyone happy. 

How to get started 👉 Treat your team to an Assorted Drink & Snack Box!
Virtual Assorted Drink & Snack Box by Confetti

😌 Post-event

Lastly, make it an event to remember. Take a screenshot, and share it with everyone after the event! We love seeing our happy teams enjoying their events and reposting group photos on our Linkedin page!

Get feedback, adjust, and repeat steps 🔁

Ready for your next event? Don’t forget to ask for your team’s feedback. This will give you more leverage when you ask your boss for a more fun budget. 😉

Speaking of a budget 👉 Here are 5 Templates for Approaching Budget Discussion with Your Team!

💭 Get brainstorming! 

Now that you know how to plan and host a successful event like a pro, here are a few ideas and activities for training leadership skills and developing strong and effective teams:

  1. Game night: Everyone loves and knows how to play classic games like Charades, Taboo, or Pictionary. Pick a funny and engaging host from your team. For a fun twist, customize questions and prompts based on your brand. 
  2. Classes & workshops: Bond over a shared activity like a painting class combined with a happy hour, a cooking class with a specific dish or theme, or an origami workshop with custom foldings. 
  3. Networking events: Invite friends, colleagues, and others to a networking mixer where they can play team building activities, or simply chat and share resources over a virtual lunch party.
  4. Gifting & Swag - Got all of your activities planned out but still feel like you’re missing a little something? Sprinkle in some extra add-ons and gifts for your team!

Let Confetti handle your corporate event planning!

Chances are, your designated office event planners are busy enough as it is.

Need a hand? Choose from tons of fully customizable, pre-planned events at Confetti
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