Choosing the Right Corporate Event Companies: Your Guide to Seamless Event Planning

Choosing the right corporate event company is crucial. Learn how to assess experience, creativity, and guest satisfaction to plan the best company events! 

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Corporate event planners may struggle to pull off a successful event, but corporate event management companies can help you host impactful corporate meetings that employees won't dread.

Do you have a great idea for a corporate event but aren't sure where to start? Consider working with a corporate event planning company. Corporate event planners can turn your idea into reality. They'll save you time and ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

The Importance of Event Planning Experts 

A professional corporate event company works with many organizations. They help them plan major activities for employees and clients. A corporate event company handles the whole planning process; as a result, you won't need to assign in-house staff to manage your event.

Choosing the right corporate event company depends on your goals. You'll want to understand the purpose of the event. You should also identify who is likely to attend and where the event will occur.

In this blog, we help you learn how to find a corporate event planner that suits your needs, discussing the best qualities to look for in an event planner. We also provide you with a few suggested event management companies that can help you in your planning process.

Understanding Your Event Needs 

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To start planning your event, you'll need to consider a few factors.

First, you need to identify your goals for the event. What are you hoping to achieve? Do you want to increase employee engagement? Do you want to attract new clients? Are you celebrating an important company milestone?

Understanding your objectives will help you select the ideal type of event. For instance, if you need to increase revenue, participating in an industry conference might attract new clients. And if you want to foster stronger employee relationships, a happy hour might help.

Next, it's time to determine the event's scale, scope, and budget. A large event that attracts hundreds of people will usually require more planning than one with just a dozen. Larger events may require venue rental and vendor sourcing. Smaller events or virtual events won't need the same effort.

You'll also want to consider your budget. Determining how much you want to pay early in the event planning process keeps your expenses in line.

Once that's done, you should consider the target audience and their preferences. Ideally, all attendees will enjoy your corporate event. You'll need to consider their preferences in the planning process. For instance, if most attendees are vegetarians, you don't want meat to dominate the menu.

The activities you choose for the event should align with your goals. They should also be attractive to the attendees. Striking a balance between the audience's interests and your objectives is critical.

Qualities of Top Corporate Event Companies to Consider

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When searching for a corporate event planning company, there are several qualities to keep in mind:

Their Experience and Track Record of Successful Events 🏃

A well-qualified event management company will have experience hosting a variety of events. As you research corporate event companies, you should schedule consultations with them. In those meetings, you can ask for examples of successful corporate events they've planned in the past.

Ideally, their experience will align with the kind of event you are looking to plan. For instance, if you're doing a virtual event, you'll want to work with a virtual event planner. A company specializing in corporate retreats or trade shows probably wouldn't be the right fit.

Innovative Corporate Event Ideas and a Strong Vendor Network 🌐

The key to successful corporate events is creativity. People tend to remember unique experiences rather than typical ones. Instead of hosting the same training seminar every year, try something new that still accomplishes your goals. Look for an event planner who understands the value of innovation. They'll work to ensure that your next event is memorable.

You should also consider their vendor network. Your event may involve speakers, caterers, and rental equipment. A solid event planner will have connections they can lean on to make your event as successful as possible.

Attention to detail and meticulous planning 🔍

Events take a lot of work to prepare. You'll want to make sure that the company you choose follows a particular and detailed planning process. They should share the process with you. Look for an organization that will consider every aspect of your event, including contingencies in case something goes wrong.

Most events involve activities, venue sourcing, and food. The event planner will need to consider all the details involved. They'll also need to manage the budget to prevent cost overruns.

Excellent Communication and Customer Service 📞

You don't want to hire an event management company only to never hear from them. Ask them how they will handle communication with you. Will they reach out weekly with updates? Is there an easy way to get in contact with them immediately?

Another factor to look for is customer service. If something goes wrong, how will the company fix it? A robust customer support team indicates that the event planning company truly cares about its clients. They want your experience with them to be a positive one that people remember for years to come.

Flexibility, Adaptability, and a Range of Services Offered 🤸

Event management companies typically focus on specific types of events. Some may primarily plan consumer events, like weddings, while others work directly with business events.

You'll therefore want to find a corporate event planning company that handles the type of event you want. Inquire whether they typically manage small or large events. You should also ask about their services. A full-service event planning company that can oversee your event from end to end is beneficial. You won't need to hire multiple providers at once.

Corporate Event Planning Companies to Consider

Here are seven of our top corporate event planning company recommendations.

1. Best for Virtual Corporate Team Building: Confetti 🧩

Confetti is the go-to solution for virtual and hybrid corporate team-building events. We offer many creative experiences, including fun games, cooking classes, and physical activities like laughter yoga.

It's easy to book a team-building event through Confetti. Simply visit our website and select the activity your employees will most enjoy. You can also use Confetti's Explore option to find recommended events that fit your budget, headcount, and desired format. If you want more help finding an event, you can contact the team directly via live chat, email, or phone.

Dozens of clients recommend Confetti for event management needs. According to Emily from Hubspot: “Confetti is always my go-to for virtual team events. They make everything SO easy and are extremely responsive which makes planning these events a breeze!”

Book Virtual Corporate Events with Confetti

2. Best for Themed Corporate Parties and Galas: CreativeExperiences Group 🤵

Are you looking to throw a corporate party or dinner gala to remember? Look to CreativeExperiencesGroup. The company specializes in planning large-scale festivities for business customers. They're known for creating high-profile events, like major corporate conferences and trade shows.

Companies looking to bring top-notch entertainment will find success with CreativeExperiencesGroup. They connect with major booking agencies to hire A-list speakers, actors, and musicians. Some talents they've worked with include Jimmy Fallon, Faith Hill, and Katy Perry.

CreativeExperiencesGroup offers complete event planning services, including budget planning, event marketing, and logistics. They can also help with decor, venue selection, and menu selection. If you're looking for exceptional on-site event management and a truly memorable in-person business event no one will ever forget, CreativeExperiencesGroup should be your first choice.

3. Best for Corporate Offsites and Incentive Trips: BoomPop ✈️

Planning an annual corporate retreat or offsite sales meeting is easy with BoomPop. BoomPop specializes in setting up inclusive events that encourage team collaboration and foster a sense of community. You can ask BoomPop to customize an event for you. They also offer an array of package deals to select from.

Some BoomPop options include a Napa Valley wine getaway or a tour of historic locations of New York City. BoomPop also offers a filter function, which sorts your options according to your goals and budget.

BoomPop handles the entire logistics process, including booking flights and restaurants. You can choose from several add-ons to make your event special, like photographers or personalized swag. For companies that need help planning offsite events, BoomPop is a good option.

4. Best for Experiential Marketing Events: MKG 🪄

Experiential marketing events help showcase your company and expand brand awareness. You can use them for new product launches or to simply build buzz about your organization. MKG is the market leader in experiential events, and they've made quite a reputation for themselves.

MKG offers creative storytelling that resonates with clients and employees alike. They handle the end-to-end production of your event, including project management, content, design, and marketing. MGK has worked with notable clients such as Target, HBO Max, Meta, and GrubHub. When you hire them, you can expect a fun event that people will remember for a long time to come.

5. Best for Strategic Meetings: JR Global Events 🤝🏽

Are you planning to exhibit at an upcoming industry conference? If so, look to JR Global Events for help. JR Global Events helps companies plan exhibits and strategic meetings.

JR Global Events often creates fun gifts and swag you can distribute to attendees and helps you with inventive awards for top clients and employees. They can also connect you with onsite support vendors to ensure everything runs well.

JR Global Events provides comprehensive event management services. They'll help you set a budget for your event and manage contracts with vendors. Their network of connections ensures you pay fair prices for food and decor.

6. Best for Comprehensive Event Solutions: Evolve Activation 📝

Evolve Activation offers a comprehensive suite of event management services. They handle all the necessary steps in the planning process, including setting a budget and selecting a venue. Evolve Activation has traditional event options, like trade shows. They also offer experiential marketing services and mobile tours.

One of their more recent events was Taste of Iceland. During Taste of Iceland, promoters visited Seattle, Toronto, and Chicago to demonstrate some of the things Iceland is known for, like music and food. Evolve Activation was also responsible for a Manhattan event for TJ Maxx. They organized a march of 100 elves through the city to promote the company's holiday offerings. Some of Evolve's other clients include Google, Cisco, and Amazon.

7. Best for Fundraising Galas: AJ Williams Events 💸

Is your company trying to raise money for a cause it believes in? Look to AJ Williams Events for help. One of AJ Williams Events' specialties is non-profit events. They can help you raise money for the organization of your choice.

AJ Williams Events has raised millions of dollars through the functions it has planned. AJ Williams Events can also help you market your experience, helping you reach people interested in supporting your cause. AJ Williams Events handles the planning process from end to end. They'll source vendors, find a venue, and manage logistics. They also have a robust customer support team that's available whenever you need it.

AJ Williams Events can plan your activities and entertainment. They're known for booking quality talent, like Jennifer Hudson, the Eagles, and Wyclef Jean. They also book speakers, like former president Bill Clinton and Jimmy Fallon. When you work with AJ Williams Events, you can expect the company to pay close attention to your ROI. They'll do their best to ensure you attract sponsorships and lots of attendees.

Choosing the Right Event Planning Company Starts With Your Goals

Finding a suitable event planning company is critical when launching a successful corporate event. Working with an experienced event management organization will ensure you throw a memorable function worth the expense.

When looking for an event planner, consider your budget and objectives. You'll want to find a planner to keep your expenses in line. They should also understand the scope and scale of your event. It additionally helps to work with someone who specializes in the event you are planning and who offers comprehensive services that save you time and money.

If you're looking for fun team-building events, consider Confetti! We offer hundreds of virtual and hybrid events to encourage collaboration and productivity.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider hiring a corporate event company?

Hiring a corporate event company can save you time, streamline the planning process, provide expertise, and ensure a successful and memorable event.

What services do corporate event companies offer?

Corporate event companies offer a range of services, including event planning, logistics management, venue selection, content creation, entertainment coordination, and more.

How do I find reputable corporate event companies?

Research online, ask for referrals from colleagues, read reviews, and assess their portfolio to identify established and reliable event planning companies.

How can I determine if an event company understands my event goals?

A good event company will ask detailed questions about your objectives, target audience, desired outcomes, and preferences to tailor their approach.

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