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How to Celebrate Juneteenth at Work

Are you looking to celebrate Juneteenth at work? Read on to discover the best activities your team can engage in to honor this special day.

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What is Juneteenth? 🤔

Juneteenth is a federal holiday that commemorates the end of slavery in America on June 19, 1865, when federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas to take control and make sure that all enslaved African Americans were free.

The troops arrived in Texas an entire two and a half years after Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

Why you should recognize Juneteenth at work 🙌🏾

Although Juneteenth is considered the longest-celebrated African-American holiday, it wasn't until June 17, 2021, that it finally became honored as a federal U.S. holiday.

It's clear from the over-a-century delay in federal certification that Juneteenth is a significant cultural holiday that deserves recognition, amongst all groups, now more than ever.

Adding Juneteenth to your diversity calendar is important because:

  • Employers need to acknowledge all holidays celebrated by a cultural minority to build a truly inclusive environment.
  • Juneteenth signifies a celebration of freedom. Additionally, it shows team members you’re committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. 

Ready to put together a month of activities to celebrate Juneteenth? Check out some of these Juneteenth ideas to take a step forward and champion cultural diversity below.

Try these Juneteenth celebration ideas:

1. Understanding Juneteenth 📚

Many historical events were omitted from Black History Month lessons in school, including Juneteenth. 

Introduce your team members to historical and cultural knowledge about the holiday, through an educational and entertaining lecture with visual storytelling. Educate them about the legal framework that led to the freeing of enslaved people and incorporate real-life incidents and experiences. 

If employees feel comfortable sharing, include a Q&A to help them better understand the cultural significance of Juneteenth. 

Since your employees' backgrounds differ, gathering your team in a professional space for a history lesson is a step forward in educating everyone on Juneteenth's cultural significance.

How to get started 👉 Educate employees with different backgrounds in Understanding Juneteenth!
Virtual Understanding Juneteenth

2. Juneteenth game show ❓

Diversity and inclusion activities can be interactive, as well as educational! Take a break and connect people in your office with a rousing game of Juneteenth Jeoparty! Questions feature various topics, such as historical figures involved in the movement, Juneteenth multimedia, and more!

Hosting trivia is an excellent way to challenge employees to think on their feet. It's also a terrific way to foster interactions between team members in large organizations by ensuring members team up with colleagues they rarely work with. 

Trivia is one of the best inclusion activities that breaks up the monotony of the workday and throws some fun into the mix. Encourage employees to share something new they learned at the end of the game!

How to get started 👉 Gather your team for some Juneteenth Jeoparty!
Virtual Juneteenth Jeoparty

3. Juneteenth Mixology Class 🍹

Learn about the cultural significance of Juneteenth and toast to the day by learning how to craft unique cocktails inspired by notable Black personalities. During our Juneteenth Mixology Class, participants will learn how to prepare two iconic cocktails like pro mixologists and how to pair ingredients and flavors to create the perfect cocktail.

And of course, what's a cocktail class without a little mingling and merriment? There will be a laid-back Q&A session between sips, where teams can share stories, ask questions, and connect with fellow participants. 

How to get started 👉 Turn hour happy hour into a Juneteenth Mixology Class!

4. Host a Juneteenth celebration 👨🏾💻 🎉

Foster social interaction amongst your team with a Juneteenth party! Encourage everyone to use their diverse talents in party planning to make it a company function to remember, for instance:

  • Make it a fun Juneteenth lunch party by encouraging your team to bring in African-inspired dishes! 
  • Not the best cook? Order food catered by a local black-owned restaurant setting instead.
  • If you'd like to celebrate after-hours, plan it during your office happy hours!
  • Want to add inclusion efforts? Invite guest speakers to discuss how you can promote inclusion, uplift Black voices, celebrate Black culture, and honor the meaning of Juneteenth all year round.

If your team works remotely, gather team members using your preferred video conferencing platform to make everyone feel connected. 

Pro-tip 👉 Decorate the physical environment of the office with the colors of the Pan-African Juneteenth flag: black, red, and green. Use colorful markers and large art paper to make decorative signs! Working from home? Get creative and change your Zoom background instead!

Does your company have a Black Employee Resource Group (ERG)? 

Make sure they're included and shown mutual respect when planning your party, and that the celebration truly honors diversity acts and the meaning of Juneteenth, without being performative.

Honor Juneteenth with Confetti 🎉

Celebrating Juneteenth is one of the best ways to create an inclusive work environment while learning about the holiday's historical significance. It's also an excellent way to improve employee morale, boost engagement, and promote better relationships among team members. Let's make Juneteenth not just a holiday, but a heartfelt tribute to freedom and unity!

Ready to start honoring Juneteenth? Check out our Juneteenth collection for educational team building activities. Plan your Juneteenth celebrations today!
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