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How to Celebrate AAPI Month at Work

Learn how to celebrate AAPI Month with diversity and inclusion activities that are educational and fun for the whole team!

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What is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month? 🤔

AAPI Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the cultural differences, contributions, and impact of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Congress made this an official American holiday during the 1970s! Nowadays, it's celebrated during May. However, we hope your DEI program celebrates the cultural backgrounds of your diverse workforce all year round.

Keep reading to discover inclusion activities perfect for celebrating the occasion. 

Why you should celebrate AAPI Heritage Month at work 🏮

The AAPI community is full of diverse backgrounds, with over 16.6 million people hailing from places like Hawaii, India, China, Korea, the Philippines, Japan, Cambodia, and more. There are over 100 languages spoken among the population - and that's in the United States alone!

Despite the colorful background of the AAPI community, many AAPI employees face workplace bias and inhibiting stereotypes in corporate America. Did you know: 

  • The EEOC workforce data showed white-collar AAPI workers are the least likely racial group to be promoted to a management position
  • The AAPI community makes up 27% of the American workforce, but less than half hold executive positions
  • Asian Americans only represent 1.5% of corporate officer positions in Fortune 500 companies

Recognizing the many forms anti-Asian hate and discrimination take is the first step to bettering your workplace and building an inclusive culture for all.

By taking time to recognize AAPI Heritage through inclusion and diversity activities, you're taking serious steps toward unpacking unconscious biases and creating a workplace that champions workplace diversity.

Honor AAPI Heritage Month with Confetti, Book now!

6 AAPI Heritage Month activities to celebrate cultural diversity and create an inclusive work environment:

1. Explore AAPI Art

One of the best employee engagement tools to learn, and celebrate culture is art! In an interactive lecture setting, participants will explore the history and tradition of various mediums, including physical forms of art beyond the canvas like dance, calligraphy, and tattooingry.

Plus, teams will explore how AAPI art has impacted culture in the United States and the world at large. 🎨

Why is this a great activity for diversity and inclusion? Passionate AAPI educators & art historians created this inclusion activity to share their cultural heritage & knowledge with other groups across all demographics.

How to get started 👉 Celebrate diverse talents in Exploring AAPI Art!

2. Play a round of educational trivia

Educational fun with a competitive edge - you've gotta love it.

Led by a knowledgeable host, AAPI History & Culture Trivia is a virtual game show that aims to entertain and educate your remote team. Questions span all across Asia and Polynesia, asking traditional dances of Hawaii, famous monuments in India, delicious foods of Vietnam, and more!

Education is paramount to a company's DEI activities. But making educational team bonding interactive is one of the best efforts to help your team retain what they've learned.

How to get started 👉 Celebrate different backgrounds with AAPI History & Culture Trivia today!
Virtual AAPI History & Culture Trivia

3. Take a Thai Cooking Class

DEI initiatives can be delicious too! Thai food is an Asian cuisine that's well-known for its heat worldwide.

Now, you can learn to make an authentic Thai dish with no cooking experience required. A Thai culinary expert will guide you through every step in this virtual cooking class!

Cooking traditional dishes from different cultures is a great way to create an inclusive environment! Consider encouraging AAPI employees to share their family recipes, too.

How to get started 👉 Taste the flavors of Southeast Asia with a Thai Cooking Class!
Virtual & Kits Thai Cooking Class

4. Enjoy a Boba Tea Making Class

Boba tea has exploded in popularity lately, but even if your team drinks it, do they know how to make it? 

If you take a virtual Boba Tea Making Class, that answer will be a yes. Plus, you'll have the chance to explore the history behind this Taiwanese milk tea!

Boba tea has taken the Western world by storm! This class presents a unique opportunity to connect with the drink's roots & gain a newfound appreciation for its deliciousness.

How to get started 👉 Book a Boba Tea Making Class today!
Virtual & Kits Boba Tea Making Class

5. Take an AAPI Month Wellness Class

Plan an activity that brings some zen to the office. Explore Asian mindfulness practices, from the ancient Hindu and Buddhist traditions of yoga to the Chinese art of martial arts, in an AAPI Wellness Class. 

This class offers a serene journey into relaxation and self-awareness, led by a culturally representative expert.

While immersing in AAPI culture, your team will benefit from guided exercises focusing on breath work, meditation, and mindfulness, tailored to combat stress and foster inner peace and well-being.

How to get started 👉 Help your team relax with an AAPI Month Wellness Class

6. Create an interactive map 🗺

Here’s a creative idea for AAPI heritage month: ask your colleagues to contribute to an interactive map that you can share with the entire office.

To get your data, ask your employees to share/highlight the Asian and Pacific Island countries where:

  • They were born or lived
  • They worked or studied in
  • Their family immigrated from
  • Their family still lives
  • They hope to visit one day

Compile your team’s data in a digital map with a clickable legend that displays everyone’s answers!  

An interactive map creates a personal and contextual visualization of your team’s backgrounds and diversity and spurs conversations about our similarities and differences!

How to get started 👉 Send your teams a questionnaire so you can start compiling your data!

7. Make a playlist 🎵

Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month with the vibrant sounds of music! Invite your employees to share their favorite tunes by AAPI artists to create a diverse and collaborative company playlist.

From K-pop sensations to indie rockers and hip-hop artists to classical virtuosos, AAPI musicians have profoundly impacted the global music scene. By curating a playlist featuring their music, you pay homage to their talent and creativity but also celebrate the rich musical history of the AAPI community.

How to get started 👉 Ask your employees to send in their HR-friendly tunes to compile in a playlist using Spotify or YouTube! 

Celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander culture all year ✨

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: AAPI Heritage is technically honored in the month of May, but that doesn’t mean celebrations & inclusion efforts shouldn't continue all year. 

The resources above are meant to be used all year to help you improve on your DEI efforts. We at Confetti encourage celebrating your Asian American & Pacific Islander workforce to promote inclusion for many, many months to come. 🎊

P.S. Looking for more virtual DEI activities to put on your diversity calendar? Check out our full AAPI Month collection to start celebrating AAPI Heritage Month with Confetti!
Create a more inclusive workplace with Confetti

Frequently Asked Questions ❓

Why is it important to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month?

Recognizing AAPI Heritage Month celebrates the rich cultural heritage and contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). Promoting awareness and understanding of AAPI history, culture, and experiences helps organizations foster inclusivity, combat stereotypes and discrimination, and create a more equitable and welcoming environment for all employees.

How can Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) activities benefit my organization during AAPI Heritage Month?

DEI activities increase cultural competence and empathy among employees, promote teamwork and collaboration across diverse backgrounds, and strengthen relationships with AAPI communities both internally and externally. All of these things contribute to a more inclusive and innovative workplace culture.

What are some practical ideas for DEI activities during AAPI Heritage Month?

You could host cultural awareness workshops or seminars on AAPI culture and contributions featuring AAPI speakers and leaders. You could also plan team building activities showcasing Asian culture including art, music, literature, and cuisine, facilitate discussions on topics related to AAPI identity, representation, and allyship, and support AAPI-owned businesses or community organizations through partnerships or fundraising initiatives.

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