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Change Your Zoom Background in 4 Easy Steps

Zoom Background is a great virtual convo starter, or let’s face it, to hide the giant pile of clothes that’s stacked on your home-office chair.

If you haven’t tried it already, because you didn’t know how - now you will!

Here’s a quick guide to change your Zoom background photo:

1. Launch a new meeting or join an existing one.

2. On the bottom left of the app, click the “^” icon. You can find it to the right of the “Stop Video” button.

3. Select “Choose a virtual background” option.

4. Pick from the existing background options, or click the “+” button to upload your own.

Send us a photo of you in your creative Zoom Background for a chance to win a free virtual escape room for your team.

You can download some of our favorite backgrounds here:

We’re all working from our couches, but are you working on The Couch?

Be the epitome of calm with this everything is fine background:

We know you want some space.

Channel this whole mood.

Have some semblance of a coworker.

Perhaps even take it to the next level since you’re in front of the camera anyway.

For more creative backgrounds like this one, visit this awesome collection made by the Public Domain Review.

Stay Tuned!

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