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Confetti's Arsenal of Virtual Games to the Rescue

Hands down one of the best ways to bond with the team while working remotely.

If you're the kind of company who's seeking for some team entertainment that is guaranteed to make people laugh, think, and laugh again, this is for you.

These are games that are what we want to call homecooked, from-scratch, made-to-order, artisanal, bespoke, one-of-a-kind, custom games made by people who love games for people who love games. Everything you will need for these games can be found in our platform.

Virtual Escape Quest

Confetti’s Escape Quest is what your team need to level up everyone’s code-cracking, detective-level skill set. Transform yet another ordinary #workfromhome day into an extra thrilling adventure. 🔍

Mini Games

A series of short, fast-paced, group games. Teams collect points which help plant real trees (as opposed to competing against the clock together. It's a game that gives back - the perfect team building activity for your awesome company.

Virtual Taboo

How much inside jokes do you and your team have? Not enough!

This game is a hilarious way to bond with your team as you try to get them to guess the word you are describing, but without accidentally saying related words, sound effects or gestures. Some impressive guesses include the silliest and most ridiculous connections. The important thing to remember is to avoid the most obvious related words, as they are most likely a taboo word and will need to be discarded if said out loud. 🤭 

You have not felt this much pressure while having this much fun! The game is built for players to have fun while also being a great test of the strength of your communication skills as a team. Happy guessing!

Virtual Charades

This game will test your team’s epic ability to act, dance, impersonate, and guess.

Teams can be decided in the beginning of the game, through the game platform. A selected member of each team will act out (without speaking!) the prompt that will appear from their screen. The prompt can either be a word, a phrase, or a cultural reference. The objective is for your team to guess as many prompts as possible.

This virtual game is a hilarious opportunity to see your boss do the Running Man dance or your favorite colleague to act out a flamingo. The team with the most number of correct guesses wins! Fun prizes can be awarded to the best actors and guessers.

Virtual Pictionary

From professional graphic designers to everyday doodlers, this game is suitable for everyone.

A selected member of each team will be given a prompt to draw. The prompt can either be an object, a person, or a phrase. Under the pressure of a ticking clock, the rest of the team will try to guess what the drawing is. The team with the most number of correct guesses wins!

It’s a great way to stretch your team’s imagination and artistic skills. Everyone is invited to give their best attempts at drawing random prompts like a Stormtrooper or a floppy disk. Who knows - you or your teammate might draw the next trending meme.

Intrigued? More information here. Or contact us at plan@withconfetti.com.

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