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6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in the Workplace

With Earth Day coming up on April 22, is your staff celebrating? This year, plan an Earth Day Event that’s good for the environment and great for your employees.

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Why companies are celebrating Earth Day 🌎

Celebrating Earth Day is a great way to encourage more sustainable practices in the workplace. 👉 (To learn more about sustainable workplaces, check out Teaming Up with Your Employees to Save the Planet). 

But, as a bonus for you, Earth Day is a great way to sneak some team building activities into the month of April. 

Millennials and Gen-Z are more concerned about environmental issues than any other generation, with 75% of employees aged 18-34 expecting their employers to take a stand on important issues such as climate change.

Your employees want to work for a company that cares for the planet, and Earth Day is a great way to align your company values with their personal values.

Let’s talk about some fun Earth Day event ideas for you to bring to your workplace this year.

1. Start a fundraiser 🙌

A great way to get employees involved in your Earth Day activities is to start a workplace fundraiser. Have your staff vote on an environment-focused non-profit that they want to raise funds for. Then, get to it!

If you’re worried about not being able to rally your employees around the cause, there a few things that you can do: 

  • Be vocal about your cause and your goals. 📣
  • Make sure that your employees understand what the donations are going toward. 🤔
  • Celebrate whenever you meet new fundraising goals! 🎉
  • Add some friendly competition into the mix. Who doesn’t want to be the office philanthropist? 💪

You can make donating to a great cause even easier with our Mini Games. Teams can earn points and use them to plant trees. Or, you can even gift each team member the chance to plant 10 trees of their own with our Plant A Tree goodie!

Your employees will feel great knowing that they gathered together and raised money for a good cause.

2. Learn about sustainable living 📚

There are a lot of small steps that you and your employees can take towards living a more sustainable lifestyle. Not just on April 22, but year-round! 🗓

🤝 It’s one thing to encourage environmental awareness with your staff, but getting hands-on is even better.

Learning about sustainable living doesn’t have to mean long lectures about carbon footprints. Your employees will be more engaged if your Earth Day activities for work are, well, more engaging!

At Confetti, we offer:

  • A Composting Class: Our Composting Class teaches the team how to turn the waste that they produce into fertilizer for happy plants! 🐛
  • A Zero Waste Workshop: This teaches your employees how to take small (yet mighty) steps toward a zero-waste lifestyle. ♻️

Want to learn even more about these classes and the eco-experts running them? Check out our vendor interviews with Anne Therese (Zero Waste Workshop) and Monica Richards (Composting Class)!

3. Volunteer time ⏱

Give your employees a few hours off to volunteer in their community! If your employees are local (or you’re back in the office), you can plan to meet up at a local park and pick up trash. 🚮

Better yet, turn it into an Earth Day event complete with scavenger hunts (that leave no trash behind). 

Your employees will feel great getting some fresh air and sunshine and being an active part of bettering their community. 🌞 Plus, it’s a fantastic team building opportunity. Trash day, but make it fun!

If your employees are fully remote and spread all over the country (or the globe), encourage them to use the time off to volunteer, and reward them when they do!

Hint: reusable water bottles make for a great, eco-friendly employee gift. 👀

4. Start a social media campaign 🤳

You don’t need us to tell you about the power of social media, you might even have a whole team dedicated to it! So, how about running an Earth Day social media campaign? 

Here are a few quick tips:

  • Use your company’s platform to raise awareness about environmental issues and how your audience can take action and make a difference. 🙌
  • Point your team towards the environmental protection agency as a resource they can use to develop the campaign. 👉
  • Make your posts super shareable, and your company can start an environmental movement! 👐

5. Gift employees with a little greenery 🪴

Everyone loves a little desk plant! Bring the outside inside by giving your employees a small plant to keep on their desk. Not only do they brighten up any workspace, but plants actually have some great benefits for your employees. 🌱

Having plants in your office space relieves stress and serves as a source of inspiration. Giving your employees something to turn to when they need a mental break is a great way to help them stay happy and healthy.

TIP: Make sure the plants are super hearty, like a succulent or air plant, so they can thrive no matter where your team does their work.

6. Create a workplace eco-guide ♻️

A great way to raise environmental awareness among your staff is to develop a workplace eco-guide. This pamphlet is something that you can send to your employees on Earth Day to help them understand the steps that your company is taking toward sustainability.

Outline factors, including: 

  • Where recycling bins are located in the office (and what’s recyclable vs. what isn’t) 📍
  • Where your team can access filtered water instead of using plastic water bottles 💦
  • How to request personal sustainable cutlery for your use at the office 🍴
  • Composting tips & tricks 🪄

If your office is fully remote, then you can create a guide on how your employees can be more sustainable in their home office! Encourage them to go paperless whenever they can, and to unplug their devices at the end of the workweek.

For more ideas on how to get started with implementing environmental practices, see our article on Workplace Sustainability Ideas for Human Resources.

We 💙 the Earth 🌎

Earth Day activities are a great way to bring your team together to celebrate something we all know and love–the earth! 

If you’re still looking for the perfect team-building activity, check out our virtual Earth Day activities.

Did our article help you? Let us know! ❤️

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