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Skull Mask for Confetti’s Virtual Escape Room Team Building
Three 3D cartoon employees smiling for Confetti's Family Feud Online Game for Teams
A finger held up to a statue head in a silencing gesture for Confetti's Virtual Taboo Game
Employee in front of his computer holding his hand up to answer a question for Confetti's Online Trivia
Easel with various scribbles on the paper for Confetti's Pictionary Team Building
Sprout growing out of the ground in a field lined with trees for Confetti's Team Building Puzzles
Drag queen in silver gown posing with her arm raised for Drag Queen Bingo
Office water cooler with speech bubbles for a Virtual Water Cooler
Businesswoman winning a Virtual Jeopardy Team Building game
Various salads, grain bowls, and sushi bowls for Confetti's Food Delivery for Remote Employees
Round glass bowl terrarium with cactus, succulents, and rocks for a Virtual Terrarium Workshop
Black skull outline on yellow background for a Virtual Murder Mystery Party
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Grapes, a wine glass, and a wine opener for Confetti's Virtual Wine Tasting Team Building
From $60 USD
 / person
Wine Tasting
Calling all wine lovers — experience elevated team happy hour with a virtual tasting event, right from the comfort of your couch.
Max 495 people
30-60 minutes
A leaf burned into wood for Confetti's Virtual Wood Burning Classes
$80 USD
 / person
Wood Burning Class
Create timeless wood burned coasters or ornaments as a team. Great as a gift for family or friends!
Max 495 people
60-75 minutes
Gloved magician hands showing various cards for Confetti's Virtual Magic Show
From $680 USD
Magic & Mentalism Show
Watch the magic unfold in a live, interactive virtual magic show designed for team building.
Max 495 people
30-60 minutes
Handmade epoxy resin wall panels (preview)
$82 USD
 / person
Resin Art Class
Get crafty with your team and learn how to make your own geode inspired resin coaster in a virtual art class.
Max 495 people
Typically 60 minutes
A birds eye view of three chocolate balls topped with sprinkles, surrounded by marshmallows and berries for Confetti's Virtual Chocolate Class
$72 USD
 / person
Hot Chocolate Bomb Making Class
Delight your taste buds with handcrafted chocolate bombs in this chocolate making class.
Max 495 people
Typically 60 minutes
Three 3D cartoon faces laughing for Confetti's Virtual Laughter Yoga Online
From $350 USD
Laughter Yoga
Connect with your inner child through the power of laughter and joy. This laughter yoga class is designed for relieving stress and feel good team bonding!
Max 495 people
30-60 minutes
Virtual Candle Making Class
$78 USD
 / person
Candle Making Class
Make naturally scented candles in a guided virtual candle making class.
Max 300 people
30-45 minutes
Supplies for a Cocktail Class, including bar tools, cocktail ingredients, and glass (preview)
$98 USD
 / person
Mixology Class
Are you ready to shake, stir, and sip your way to a virtual team building extravaganza? Gather your remote team as we embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of mixology. With the magic of virtual cocktail classes and handy mixology kits, we'll unlock the secrets to creating delicious cocktail favorites.
Max 495 people
30-60 minutes
A scheming employee sitting at their desk next to a spooky skull, wearing a deceiving mask of another employee's face for Confetti's Virtual Fibbage Online
From $175 USD
Traitorous Trivia
Prepare for a hilarious and mind-bending trivia experience with Traitorous Trivia! Gather your teammates for an unforgettable game where your team must work together to answer questions while deciphering the truth from the traitors' lies.
4-50 people
30-45 minutes
three stacks of poker chips and two cards hitting blackjack for Confetti's Virtual Corporate Casino Night
From $25 USD
 / person
Casino Night
Put your team's gambling skills to the test in a virtual casino night! Mix and match classic casino games like Poker and Blackjack or try your luck at a game of Roulette or Craps.
Max 300 people
30-120 minutes
Baked hand pies in mid-air with powdered sugar for Confetti's Virtual Pie Making Classes
$72 USD
 / person
Hand Pie Baking Class
Learn how to bake sweet & fruity hand pies from scratch. Converting childhood favorite Pop-Tarts into a gourmet dream!
Max 495 people
Typically 60 minutes
A white wolf with glowing eyes running in front of a full moon for Confetti's Virtual Werewolf Team Building
From $350 USD
In this game of deduction and deception, one of your coworkers is the menacing werewolf. It's up to the rest of the team to rally together, protect your village, and uncover the true identity of the werewolf... before it's too late.
8-100 people
45-60 minutes
A cutting board with cocoa powder, cinnamon sticks, crushed hazelnuts, and a chocolate bar on it and scattered around for Confetti's Virtual Chocolate Tasting Team Building
$75 USD
 / person
Chocolate Tasting
This virtual chocolate tasting event is a fun and interactive team building experience that will change the way you taste and think about this sweet treat.
Max 495 people
30-60 minutes
Three people making guesses with various question mark speech bubbles in the background for Confetti's Virtual Password Game Online
From $450 USD
Are you thinking what we're thinking? Get your team to guess the right codeword in this communication-based team building game show.
4-40 people
Typically 60 minutes
Multicolored folded origami crane designs against a blue background (preview)
From $380 USD
BYO Origami Class
This relaxing workshop will virtually guide your team on how to fold unique origami designs from the comforts of their homes.
Max 495 people
30-60 minutes

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