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Troubleshooting Support for Events

Troubleshooting Support for Events

At Confetti, our hosts, instructors, and customer experience advocates are here to ensure your event lives up to our happiness commitment. In the rare case issues arise on the day of your event, our team has procedures in place to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot.

Last updated:
September 15, 2022

Why would my event need troubleshooting? 🔧

While troubleshooting potential issues and overall event emergencies are rare, we like to be prepared! Some troubleshooting instances may include, but are not limited to:

  • Technical issues e.g. WiFi outages or difficulties joining Zoom (if you’re having trouble accessing Zoom, try joining from your web browser first) 
  • Host-related issues e.g. delayed hosts/instructors due to unforeseen circumstances 
  • Other event-specific issues e.g. necessary event materials not working properly

What to expect if your event needs on-the-fly troubleshooting: 

  • All of our vetted hosts and instructors are thoroughly trained on Zoom functionalities and are capable of troubleshooting to an extent. If an event needs troubleshooting that our trained host/instructor is unable to resolve on their own, a member of our dedicated troubleshooting team, known as our Crisis Team, may join the Zoom call to assist. 
  • For example, a member of the Crisis Team may take over for a host who is experiencing internet connectivity problems or hop on to offer additional assistance to an attendee facing technical issues. 
  • In extreme cases where a host is unable to run an event, the Crisis Team may offer to host a different experience. Please note: In these cases we cannot guarantee that the event will be the same or directly related to the one you’ve booked, but we’ll always follow up to make things right! 
  • At the end of the day, the Crisis Team is here to make sure your event runs as smoothly as possible, and is on standby for all events.

Who is Confetti’s Crisis Team, and what do they do? 🦸

  • Confetti’s Crisis Team is our dedicated team — made up of veteran hosts and Customer Experience professionals — who are at-the-ready to assist in the rare case any issues arise during your team’s event.

How can I seek their help? 

  • If you notice anything going awry with your event, please first alert your host/instructor verbally in the Zoom call. 
  • You can reach out to our Customer Experience Team by emailing our Urgent Help email at or by calling our customer urgent line at +1 914-855-1203. Please note: The urgent email and phone line are for emergencies regarding an event happening right now!
  • We want to maximize your event time and will do our best to resolve the problem ASAP to get your team back on track.

My event is happening outside standard business hours. If something goes wrong, what happens then? 

  • If your event is taking place outside our standard business hours (M-F 8:00AM-10:00PM Eastern Time), your event may be subject to an additional fee upon booking. This fee covers having an additional Confetti provided facilitator available to assist during your event, for which all the above protocols apply.

We’re confident your event will go off without a hitch! 🤞However, if something ever happens, you can rest assured that the Confetti team is here for any of your troubleshooting needs, big or small! 

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