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Initial Orders and Secondary Orders

Initial Orders and Secondary Orders

Depending on when we receive your information, orders are either processed as an Initial Order or Secondary Order, which determines shipping timelines.

Last updated:
September 6, 2023

Initial Orders fall within our vendor’s required lead time and adhere to our Address Collection process deadline. Secondary Orders allow for more flexibility with sign-ups and additional payment but require a stricter shipping timeline. More on this below! 

How does the Initial Order work? 

When booking Classes with Kits or purchasing Giftings, you will receive an Address Collection Deadline via email once your booking is complete. This deadline signifies the date and time when we need to have the following information in order for our vendor to ship your kits in a timely manner:

  • All participants’ address information
  • Contact information
  • Customization selections and dietary restrictions (when applicable)

If all addresses are submitted by the given deadline, and additional payment has been made for any extra submissions, international shipping fees, or dietary restrictions, we will ship your order collectively as normal.

  • Learn more about our address collection and shipping processes here!
  • Please note that we are unable to add kits to your Initial Order once the Address Collection form has closed and additional payment has been made (if applicable). Any kits added beyond that point would be included in a Secondary Order.

How does the Secondary Order work? 

After your Address Collection Deadline has passed, any necessary information or payment received will default affected kits to a Secondary Order. This includes address submissions already received but not yet paid for, or late address submissions received after the initial deadline. 

  • We will include address submissions in the Initial Order on a first-come, first-served basis unless requested otherwise.
  • Kits that fall within the Secondary Order will be sent to our vendor for shipment after the Initial Order, and will have Rush Processing applied at an additional cost.
  • We are unable to accommodate any late additions beyond the Secondary Order deadline.

What is Rush Processing? 

  • Rush Processing is always applied to your Secondary Order. This fee is in place to help speed the process along so we can get these kits moving for your team!
  • Please keep in mind that while Rush Processing does speed up the internal process of getting your Secondary Order over to our vendor and prepped for shipment, it does not guarantee that these kits will be shipped at an expedited pace. In addition, we cannot guarantee the timely delivery of these kits prior to the event.

Exceptions to the Secondary Order: Single Ship Experiences 

  • A handful of our Classes with Kits are unable to ship in two orders – these are known as Single Ship experiences. You can find this information directly on our platform, as well as in your Address Collection email from our team after your booking is received! All participant information must be received by the initial deadline given upon booking as we are unable to accommodate a Secondary Order for these experiences.

Our Single Ship Experiences include: 

What deadlines should I keep in mind? 

There are four important deadlines to be aware of when booking Classes with Kits or Gifting:

  1. Initial Order Address Collection Deadline
  2. Additional payment deadline for extra submissions (if applicable)
  3. Secondary Order Collection Deadline (if applicable) 
  4. Completed payment for Secondary Orders in full
  • If, for any reason, the customer requests to alter the deadline of either the Initial Order or Secondary Order, additional fees may apply. More details below!

Can you process the Initial Order earlier than the initial deadline?

  • We completely understand wanting to get your kits on the move a bit quicker! Since we, and our vendors, would be altering our processes and timelines, we do charge an Early Timeline Fee. This fee is in place to ensure that our vendors are adequately compensated, as opting for an earlier timeline would require them to order materials and process the order on a faster turnaround time. 
  • Moving up the shipment timeline would modify the closure of the Initial Order deadline, subsequently rendering any additional kits beyond this point as a Secondary Order.
  • If the customer requests an earlier shipment timeline, this becomes the Initial Order (first shipment) that will be sent over to our vendor for processing, which incurs the Early Timeline Fee. From there, the Secondary order will follow the previous Initial Order deadlines. Essentially, opting for an earlier timeline will shift both your Initial and Secondary Orders sooner. We are unable to accept another order beyond this point.
  • To request that your Initial Order close early, please reach out to our Customer Experience team at by replying to your Address Collection Deadline email as soon as possible.

Can you process the Secondary Order earlier than the final deadline?

  • When opting to leave your form open to collect submissions for a Secondary Order, you may want to consider closing the final deadline earlier than our default deadline in order to give these kits the best possible chance of a timely delivery. 
  • In any instance where the Secondary Order deadline is cut off early, Rush Processing fees will still always be applied.
  • Additionally, all requests for early closure of the Secondary Order deadline will be final. No additions or exceptions will be accommodated upon confirmation and final payment corresponding with this order.
  • To request that your Secondary Order close early, please reach out to our Customer Experience team at by replying to your Address Collection Deadline email as soon as possible during the process.

Are kits covered by insurance?

  • Initial Orders: Kits that are shipped out as an Initial Order are covered by our Shipping Insurance Policy
  • Secondary Orders: Insurance will not provide additional coverage or guarantees for Secondary Orders, which means our team cannot guarantee a successful replacement of the kit by the given event date. Kits within the Secondary Order that are not covered by insurance will not be eligible for locally sourced backup options.
  • If a kit is not covered under our Shipping Insurance Policy for any reason, no matter which order it is a part of, and the Point of Contact opts to purchase a replacement kit, the replacement kit would be re-shipped at our vendor’s convenience (as they have to prioritize other paid orders, too!), likely missing the event.

What if I want to ship multiple kits to one location?

  • If needed, it is doable to ship all packages to one location for redistribution — otherwise known as Bulk Shipping! While we don't recommend this, if you'd like to proceed with this route, then we suggest planning as soon as possible in order to better guarantee on-time arrival for these kits to their final destination. 
  • We also ask that you note any plans for Bulk Shipping in the Special Requests section while planning, so our team is aware as soon as possible and can help prepare accordingly!
  • Please keep in mind that Confetti cannot be held liable or accountable for those packages after reaching their first destination. Our Shipping Insurance policy will not cover any issues once these kits are re-shipped. Please also note that due to vendor shipping timelines, we cannot guarantee delivery by any specific date.

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