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6-Points for What Makes a Company Attractive to Employees in 2022

Making your employees happy is the best way to make you an attractive employer. Read on to learn how to do just that!

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But why does being an appealing employer matter? 🧐

It matters because…

  • Employees want to stay longer at a company that they feel will take care of them.
  • Employees care deeply about having a healthy work/life balance.
  • Employees want to feel connected with their team, their leadership, and their company culture, and want to feel confident that their company is promoting that.
  • Employees are more likely to stay at a company long term when they feel aligned with the mission and company values.

Tick these 6 boxes to create a company people want to join ✅

1. Have a culture that emphasizes a healthy work life balance ⚖️

Say it with us: everyone is better off with a healthy work/life balance!

More than ever, job candidates that are considering your company are looking for a culture that emphasizes personal well-being. And the ones that don’t often pale in comparison when it comes to employee retention.

As an employer, encouraging a healthy work life balance looks like:

  • Offering personal days or mental health days that don’t affect an employee’s vacation days.
  • Incentivizing health through workplace initiatives, like gym access or grocery stipends
  • Encouraging connection and fun in the workplace.

Employees that feel like they have a healthy work life balance are more productive and are more likely to stay with their employer long term. For more information about creating a healthy work life balance with your staff, read How to Help Your Team Find Their Work Life Balance.

2. Offer growth & career progression opportunities 📈

This may seem like an obvious point, but it’s not always as clear when it comes to potential employees.

You better believe people on the job market are searching for a position that they can grow in, and a company that champions that growth. When an employee is scoping out your company, they might be deterred if they feel that they don’t have an opportunity for growth in the listed position.

Showcasing growth potential for new hires can look like:

  • Talking to job candidates about their career goals and potential growth opportunities during the interview process.
  • Highlight employees who have moved up through your company and grown in their positions on your social media or blog.
  • Emphasize a growth-oriented workplace culture in your job listings.
  • Explain the types of professional development experiences & opportunities your company offers

3. Make sure your employees feel connected with their team 🤝

This point hits especially hard in work from home scenarios, which can feel isolating, especially for new employees. Bringing your team together purposefully, for bonding and growth, is a crucial aspect that makes a company attractive to employees. Don’t miss out on it!

Here are a few tactics that you can try:

  • Set some time aside for team building activities. Pro-tip: schedule easy, fun games each month, but also treat your team to bigger quarterly events (like our Classes with Kits) to give them something extra special!
  • Offer employees incentives for taking their lunch breaks together by providing lunch for the team.
  • Give your employees a half day and plan a fun (in-person or virtual) bonding activity.

Giving your staff plenty of opportunities to bond and connect with each other is the perfect way to make your company more attractive to employees. 

For more ideas to bring the crew together, explore all our offerings here!

4. Be transparent & clear about compensation 💰

Nobody benefits from companies beating around the bush when it comes to money. Your employees want to know exactly how they’re being compensated for their time, and what that means in relation to their workload and expectations. 

Give your employees access to the information about compensation that they need, and be clear about compensation in your job listings—especially non-fiscal compensation about PTO. 

5. Give employees flexibility & autonomy 🤸

Whenever you can, give your employees the flexibility and autonomy to work at their own pace, on their own schedule (this is especially important for supporting working parents who need that extra flexibility). It’s a common misconception that allowing employees autonomy in the workplace will result in a lack of productivity. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Allowing employees to control their own time wherever possible will create a work environment of trust and understanding. And though this looks different in every workplace, consider the following:

  • Giving employees mental health days that don’t count against vacation time.
  • If your employees are back in office, let them work from home when needed or create a hybrid work model
  • Allow employees to set their own priorities with their workload.

6. Be clear about your mission & company values 🙌

Reiterate and uphold your company’s mission and values whenever and wherever you can—on your social media, in your employer brand handbook, in team meetings, everywhere. 

Employees want to feel connected with their workplace’s mission and values, so showing your staff that you put your mission into practice in your everyday work is the perfect way to accomplish exactly that. 

Frequently Asked Questions ❓

What makes a good company for employees? 🤔

A good company for employees will uphold their values, care for their staff, and encourage autonomy, self-care, and flexibility whenever possible. This includes promoting a healthy work/life balance, being understanding and respectful of your employee’s time, and creating an inclusive and fun work environment.

What makes an organization more desirable to employees? 🧐

Potential employees want to feel like an active part of the organization that they are working for. This includes working for a company whose mission and values align with their personal ones. 

By being an active champion of your company’s values, employees will be excited to be a part of the team and grow within the company.

What are the 3 most important factors you look for in an employer? 🤨

When it comes to what makes a company attractive to employees, job candidates are seeking opportunities to grow within the company, flexibility and autonomy, and a healthy work/life balance. 

A company that displays these three factors, plus the others outlined in this article, will be more attractive to potential employees.

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