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Simple Ways to Have More Fun While Working From Home

With a little bit of effort, working from home can still be fun.

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Here are some of our favorite minimal-effort, minimal-cost ways to bring some joy to your homes despite feeling stuck.

🍕 Host virtual employee-led Lunch & Learns

Organizing an optional ‘employee show and tell’ during the lunch hour is a great way to encourage employees to learn more about each other and take the stage to share something they care about. This is a great opportunity for coworkers to share their passions with others—whether it be a quirky side hustle, a unique volunteer commitment, or an unwavering love of playing the ukulele. Employees can learn more about each other and feel empowered to talk about the things they care about (besides their work, of course!).

Confetti makes it so much easier to host a lunch with your remote team. Just schedule a date and time, and we'll take care of sending everyone their food. Book a Virtual Lunch Party for your team today! 

👾 Switch up your meetings

Most of us probably don’t associate meetings with ‘fun’ and ‘excitement’, but a little creativity can go a long way in making meetings a little less monotonous. When the opportunity arises, try having a fun icebreaker before starting a meeting. If your team can spare more time, we highly recommend getting to know mini games where everyone can share a bit about themselves. Our community have been loving Guess Who and Two Truths & A Lie.

Any activity that can get everyone to loosen up a bit can encourage openness and trust among everyone. If anything, these kinds of games show how just weird everyone is and in this time and age, we all can do with a bit more weird (the positive kind).

These casual round-table discussions also help to kick-off staff meetings in an engaging and welcoming energy.

👫 Find ways to give back

While going out to serve food at the local shelter is a little bit limited, we do encourage you to find ways where you can help. Since the pandemic started, the number of animals from shelters have significantly decreased. Perhaps this is a sign for you to adopt a new life companion?

Needless to say, there are plenty of ways to give back and find a community where you can contribute.

At Confetti, we built Virtual Mini Games, a fun way to give back while also having fun together.

🎨 Get creative

Any employee would appreciate an avenue where they can get inspired and have their creative juices flowing! For any team who like to take productive breaks, we highly encourage going the artistic route, whether that's participating in crafts, making a meal, or learning something new.

We have different classes where teams can paint, learn Origami, tour a Virtual Museum, or learn new skills in the kitchen.

🏋️ Get active

Host a Virtual Fitness Class to spend time together and log some exercise all at once. Want some low-impact options that can be done during the lunch hour? Try Virtual Laughter Yoga, Meditation, or Sound Bath. Gather feedback from employees to see which activities will work best for your group.


Cultivating a fun and happy work environment can start with a few simple gestures. Just remember to be inclusive and be mindful of workload and time constraints so everyone can enjoy without feeling an extra pressure. Some creativity combined with a desire to work happy can both go a long way in cultivating a workplace that doesn’t only work hard, but works fun. Visit our Ultimate Guide to Team Building Activities to learn more!

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