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4 Hispanic Heritage Month Activities for Work

Hispanic Heritage Month is right around the corner! Bring the party straight to your office this year and plan an unforgettable event everyone will love! 🥳

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What is Hispanic Heritage Month? 🤔

Signed into law way back in 1968, National Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate and honor both Latin American and Hispanic cultures, as well as the contributions, influences, and achievements the Latin American and Hispanic community has made to the United States. 

When is Hispanic Heritage Month? 📅

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15th to October 15th. These dates were chosen to align with the beginning of the Mexican War of Independence, which ultimately freed Mexico and Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua from Spanish rule. Pretty fun fact, right? 

Why you should celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at work 🙌

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at work is important for several reasons:

  • It provides an opportunity to recognize and honor the contributions, achievements, and rich cultural heritage of Hispanic and Latino populations. By acknowledging their backgrounds and cultures, you create a more inclusive and supportive work environment that values diversity.
  • Celebrating Hispanic culture fosters cultural awareness and education among all employees. It allows for the sharing of traditions, customs, and experiences, promoting understanding and respect.
  • Celebrating this month at work showcases your organization's commitment to diversity and inclusion, which can enhance employee morale, engagement, and retention. It sends a powerful message that all employees are valued and their unique backgrounds are embraced.

Brainstorm all your Hispanic Heritage Month ideas with us, and we’ll help design your team a unique experience. This is an exciting time to learn a new skill, appreciate a different culture, and help your team understand one another on a whole new level, all through unique DEI activities

Ready to plan the perfect activity for your team? Here’s a TL;DR:

  1. Mexican Cooking Class: Immerse your team in Mexican cuisine and culture while creating a traditional recipe from scratch 🌮
  2. Hispanic & Latin American Trivia: Play a game show on Hispanic & Latin American culture featuring questions about famous figures, historical events, pop culture, and more ❗
  3. Frida Kahlo Headband Making Class: Make a flower headband while learning about the life and legacy of Frida Kahlo 🌺
  4. Exploring Hispanic & Latin American Art: Learn about historical works of art by Hispanic & Latin American talents 🎨

Here’s how to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at work:

1) Take a cooking class together 🌮

Cooking is one of the essential ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Bring your team together through a flavorful bonding experience. 

Imagine a plateful of chilaquiles or tacos… delicious corn tortillas decked out in all the fixings… overflowing spicy veggies — now stop imagining and make it a reality with Confetti’s Mexican Cooking Class!! 

Our expert chef will walk you through all you need to know to bring a bit of Latin America straight to your kitchen. All our dishes are vegan-friendly, but carnivores can easily add any protein they would like!

Why this is a great way to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month at work: Food provides a unique glimpse into culture. Forget last night’s leftovers for lunch and experience an authentic meal you and your team won’t want to miss!

Where to get started 👉 Mexican Cooking Class
Hispanic Heritage Month Ideas for Work: Mexican Cooking Class

2) Learn about Latin American & Hispanic Heritage with trivia games 📚

Pop Quiz: When is Mexico’s Independence Day? ✋A: September 16! 

Our Hispanic Heritage Month games are designed to test your knowledge on topics ranging from history and Latin American countries to famous Hispanic people! 

Our host will take your team through four exciting rounds of questions. Your group will split into multiple teams and compete for coveted points! Get some friendly competition going and grow your understanding of Hispanic & Latin American culture and history. 

Why this is a great way to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month at work: Your team will work together and test their knowledge, all while learning more about the cultural background of some of their colleagues. Plus, these new fun facts will last well beyond the month!

Where to get started 👉 Hispanic & Latin American Trivia  

3) Host a team event based around Hispanic and Latin American artists & creators 🖼

One of our favorite Hispanic Heritage Month activities follows the legacy of Mexico’s most famous painter — Frida Kahlo. 🖌

Unleash your divine feminine and create your very own stunning flower headband. While you craft and create your new go-to headband, our host will explain Frida Kahlo’s life, work, and influence. 

Why this is a great way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at work: Learn the context for Frida Kahlo’s striking art and never look at her work the same way again. Undoubtedly, one of Latin America’s most inspiring & groundbreaking artists will conjure inspiration for your team, too!

Where to get started 👉 Frida Kahlo Headband Making Class
Hispanic Heritage Month Ideas for Work: Frida Kahlo Headband Making

4) Learn together through an art and storytelling activity 🤓

Many of the greatest artists in the world are a part of the Hispanic & Latin American community. Latin American and Hispanic artists, from Goya to El Greco to Picasso, have inspired countless generations and even ushered in whole new interpretations of what art is.

In this thoroughly researched and professionally presented experience, Exploring Hispanic & Latin American Art, your team will go on a journey through the Spanish-speaking art world. We end the session with a Q&A and make sure every last question is answered!

Why this is a great way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at work: Studying art history gives an appreciation of culture that dives deeper than the surface.

Where to get started 👉 Exploring Hispanic & Latin American Art

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Confetti 🎉

At Confetti, we’re all about celebration, and we’re especially excited about celebrating the unique cultures and backgrounds that make up your team!

You and your coworkers deserve some time to have fun and move past the stress of work (and learn a thing or two while you’re at it)! 

Join us this September and October and make this a Hispanic Heritage Month to remember! 
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Frequently Asked Questions❓

What are some ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at work?  

Confetti has 10+ unique virtual activities for your team to participate in from September 15 to October 15th…and beyond! These experiences are available all year long. And whether you’re making paella, testing your knowledge, or getting a history lesson — how you celebrate is up to you!

How can I measure the success of the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration and its impact on my team?

Measure the success of the celebration and its impact on your team by evaluating post-event data, such as attendance and participation rates and feedback surveys. By collecting feedback from team members and stakeholders, you can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of the celebration and identify areas for future improvement.

How can I ensure the celebration is inclusive and respectful of Hispanic and Latin American culture?

To ensure inclusivity and respect for Hispanic and Latin American culture, involve members of the community in the planning process. Prioritize authentic representation and avoid cultural appropriation by educating yourself and your team about the significance and history behind the traditions, symbols, and customs you choose to incorporate into your celebration.

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