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Confetti's Guide To Working From Home

Our goal is happiness for all employees. Here are ways to set you up for success as you work from home

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Stick to a routine that will help you get in the mood

It turns out that the time spent commuting is crucial to warming up your mind before it goes office mode. Now that this has been cut out of your schedule, experts recommend doing something - anything - like brewing your coffee or watering your plant to substitute for that time. This helps improve your productivity - with better outcome as opposed to just grabbing your laptop with you into the bed 5 minutes before your 9AM call.

Surround yourself with things you like

Now that most people stay at home more, they have time to rethink and reorganize their homes. Surround yourself with anything that can motivate or inspire because these things definitely can help improve your mood; it could be your favorite coffee mug, snacks, a trusty pen, or house plants.

Check your ergonomics

We're basically sitting all day so we recommend doing a quick google to find how to give your sitting work area a makeover. Proper office ergonomics should include correct chair height, adequate spacing from your equipment (keyboard, mouse, and monitor), and good desk posture.

Try some yoga exercises to help with neck problems.

Take Breaks

As much as possible, step away from your desk and really commit to taking a lunch break. If the situation allows, we also recommend taking a walk outside. This helps clear your headspace and makes you more able to face the afternoon.

If you need more ideas for fun and productive breaks with your team, we've got plenty! 

Get to know your officemates

There's a lot of benefits to having a good relationship with the people you work with. Now that there isn't a physical space where you can hang out, companies are working extra hard to maintain a semblance of community and office culture even through the screens. The Confetti team is here to help improve the remote employee experience if you're looking for activities that can help improve the trust and openness among the team. Contact us for the best virtual team building ideas that won't break the bank!

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