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5 High Employee Engagement Companies That Get It Right

Employee engagement levels have seen a decline in recent years, however, that's not true for every organization! Let's look at companies with highly engaged employees to explore the successful initiatives they're using to keep employees engaged.

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What are the components of a great employee engagement strategy? 🧩

A high employee engagement strategy typically encompasses several key components. While specific strategies may vary across organizations, the following elements are commonly considered:

  1. Clear communication: Establish open and transparent communication channels to share information, company updates, and organizational goals. Ensure employees have access to relevant information and opportunities to provide feedback and ask questions. πŸ’¬
  2. Leadership and management: Develop strong leadership capabilities and supportive management practices. Train managers to effectively communicate, inspire, and empower their teams. Encourage managers to provide regular feedback, recognize achievements, and support employee development. πŸ’ͺ
  3. Meaningful work: Create an environment where employees find their work meaningful and connected to the organization's mission. Offer opportunities for employees to engage in challenging and intellectually stimulating projects that align with their skills and interests. ❀️
  4. Growth and development: Provide avenues for continuous learning and growth through training programs, skill-building workshops, mentorship, and career development opportunities. Encourage employees to set goals and support their professional advancement. ✏️
  5. Recognition and rewards: Implement recognition programs to acknowledge and appreciate employees' contributions and achievements. Recognize employees in meaningful ways, such as through verbal praise, awards, incentives, or opportunities for advancement. πŸ†
  6. Work-life balance: Foster a healthy work-life balance by promoting flexible work arrangements, encouraging time off, and addressing workload concerns. Prioritize employee well-being and provide resources that support physical and mental health. βš–οΈ
  7. Employee involvement and empowerment: Involve employees in decision-making processes whenever possible. Seek their input on matters that affect their work and provide opportunities for them to contribute ideas, suggestions, and improvements. πŸ™Œ
  8. Team collaboration and relationships: Encourage teamwork, collaboration, and a sense of community within the organization. Create platforms for employees to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects. Foster a positive work environment that values diversity, inclusivity, and respect. πŸ‘₯
  9. Performance feedback and development: Establish a robust performance management system that includes regular feedback, goal setting, and performance evaluations. Provide constructive feedback, support employees in their areas of development, and recognize and reward their accomplishments. ⭐️
  10. Employee well-being programs: Implement initiatives that promote employee well-being, such as wellness programs, stress management resources, and work-life integration support. Provide access to resources that address physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 🧠
  11. Continuous improvement: Regularly assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the employee engagement strategy. Solicit feedback from employees through surveys, focus groups, or one-on-one discussions. Use the feedback to identify areas of improvement and make adjustments to the strategy as needed. ⬆️
How to get started πŸ‘‰ Visit our Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement to start improving your own employee engagement strategies!


Here are some examples of companies with high employee engagement:

Let's look at some major companies that are notable for their high employee engagement levels, and the successful initiatives that are contributing to this positive place to work.

1. Microsoft πŸ’»

Microsoft's high employee engagement and positive company culture can be attributed to several initiatives and practices that the company has implemented, such as:

  • Growth mindset: Research conducted by Microsoft has shown that employees with a growth mindset are more likely to go after more innovative projects and outcomes. Microsoft aims to be a company of "learn it alls" rather than "know it alls". To encourage a company culture with a growth mindset, Microsoft hosts a video series spotlighting the works of individuals and teams that are embracing this growth mindset, in order to inspire employees, spark dialogue, and encourage learning and development.
  • Daily pulse surveys: Microsoft conducts "Daily Pulse" surveys to gauge employee sentiment and collect feedback on various aspects of the workplace and company culture. These surveys provide a direct line of communication between employees and the company's senior leadership, allowing for timely insights and adjustments to be made. By actively seeking employee feedback, Microsoft demonstrates its commitment to creating a positive and engaging work environment and adapting to change when necessary.
Learn more πŸ‘‰ Discover how you can better engage employees with your own employee feedback. Here are 15 Employee Engagement Questions to get you started.


2. Salesforce Inc. πŸ’Ό

Salesforce, Inc. is widely recognized as a company with high levels of employee engagement due to several key initiatives and practices that prioritize employee development, inclusion, and growth:

  • Employee volunteerism: Salesforce has a strong commitment to social impact and encourages employee volunteerism. The company provides paid volunteer time off and implements a competitive matching policy, where it matches employee donations to charitable organizations. These initiatives allow employees to actively contribute to their communities and engage in meaningful work beyond their regular responsibilities, fostering a sense of purpose and pride in their job.
  • Wellness reimbursement program: Salesforce understands the importance of employee well-being and offers a wellness reimbursement program. This program provides employees with financial support to pursue activities that promote physical and mental wellness, such as gym memberships, fitness classes, meditation apps, and wellness activities. By prioritizing employee wellness, Salesforce demonstrates a commitment to supporting the whole person, creating engaged employees.
  • Diversity and inclusion efforts: Salesforce places a significant emphasis on creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. The company establishes employee resource groups and affinity groups that support underrepresented communities, fostering a sense of belonging and equality. These groups provide a platform for employees to connect, collaborate, and contribute to initiatives that promote diversity, inclusion, and social justice. Salesforce also conducts a yearly Equality Update to showcase its achievements and goals for a more diverse workplace in the year ahead.
Learn more πŸ‘‰ Visit Confetti's Ultimate Guide to Diversity and Inclusion Activities to learn how you can take DEI strides in your workplace through regular team building events.


3. Apple 🍏

Apple is recognized as a company full of happy employees with high levels of employee engagement due to various initiatives and practices that prioritize collaboration, employee well-being, and competitive benefits:

  • Competitive salaries and benefits: Apple offers competitive benefits and compensation packages to its employees. The company provides comprehensive health and wellness benefits, retirement plans, stock options, and other perks for the entire household. By providing attractive rewards and compensation, Apple demonstrates its commitment to valuing and appreciating its employees, contributing to higher levels of engagement and job satisfaction.
  • Commitment to environmental sustainability: Apple's commitment to environmental sustainability resonates with many employees who value social and environmental responsibility. The company's vision and initiatives to go carbon neutral by 2030, use renewable energy, and promote recycling contribute to a sense of pride and engagement among employees who are passionate about sustainability and environmental causes.
  • Culture of collaboration: Apple fosters a culture of collaboration, where employees are encouraged to work together and share ideas across teams. The company values diverse perspectives and promotes cross-functional collaboration, creating an environment that encourages innovation, creativity, and engagement. This collaborative culture empowers employees to contribute their best work and feel a sense of ownership in their projects, as well as employee recognition among colleagues.
Pro-tip πŸ‘‰ The best way to create a culture of collaboration is through regular team building activities that bring your employees together and build connections, which improve engagement and performance. Explore Confetti's Ultimate Guide to Virtual Team Building to get started!


4. Intuit πŸ’Έ

Intuit is another major tech company leading the way in employee engagement initiatives, by focusing on:

  • Pay equity: Intuit is committed to ensuring pay equity among its employees. The company regularly reviews and evaluates compensation practices to eliminate any gender or race-based pay disparities. By implementing fair and equitable compensation structures, Intuit fosters trust, transparency, and engagement among employees. This commitment to pay equity demonstrates Intuit's dedication to creating a level playing field and treating all employees fairly.
  • Positive workplace perceptions: Intuit has created a work environment where employees feel valued, supported, and motivated. The company's commitment to fostering a positive culture is evident in the fact that up to 93% of staff consider it a great place to work, surpassing the national average of 57%. Intuit prioritizes employee well-being, work-life balance, and career growth, which contributes to high engagement levels.
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5. Google πŸ”

Google is another high employee engagement company according to Great Place to Work, due to its competitive profit-sharing and creative work programs:

  • Transferable stock option: Google has historically offered transferable stock options and equity grants to its employees. This practice allows employees to have a personal financial stake in the company's success, aligning their interests with the company's values and goals. When employees are financially invested in the organization's performance, it often leads to higher levels of engagement and motivation. as a form of employee compensation.
  • 20% Time Program: Google's famous 20% Time Program allows employees to spend a portion of their workweek (20% or one day per week) working on projects of their choice, even if they fall outside their assigned responsibilities. This initiative fosters creativity, innovation, and autonomy. By encouraging employees to pursue their passions and explore new ideas, the 20% Time Program promotes a sense of ownership and engagement and energizes employees when they return to their normal responsibilities.
Pro tip πŸ‘‰ Not every company can allocate 20% of the workweek to creative projects, so why not plan some creative team building events to foster innovation and creative thinking instead? Browse our Arts & Crafts collection to get started!


Improve employee engagement with Confetti πŸ“ˆ

Companies with high employee engagement demonstrate commitment to fostering employee connection, autonomy, and well-being. By prioritizing initiatives that promote a positive work environment, recognize and reward employee contributions, and support growth and well-being, these companies have discovered the secret to unlocking their employees' full potential. Regularly investing in team building activities can foster collaboration, and transform company cultures, leading to increased employee engagement and ultimately, more successful teams!

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