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Celebrating Mother's Day Virtually

Our team put our heads (virtually) together to come up with fun classes and gifts that your team can do together.

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Mother’s Day is coming up. The Tonight Show started a #QuarantineMomQuotes and honestly, it’s worth checking out. Here are our favorites:

Mom and Vroom: the unexpected duo!

Hang in there, moms.

We felt this in a spiritual level.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to make Mother’s Day extra special for your moms in the midst of a global crisis, we got you! Our team put our heads (virtually) together to come up with fun classes and gifts that your team can do together.

Virtual Mother’s Day Card Crafting Class

If you know someone who does calligraphy or is a professional artist, ask if they can hold workshops for your team. Participants can use any arts and crafts materials they already have at home or have art supplies shipped to everyone’s homes.

If this sounds good, the Confetti team would love to help you plan a virtual crafting class. 

Spa Day Gift Box

With all the things that our moms had to put up with, no one probably deserves a spa day more. Send your mom her very own stress-releasing and rest-inducing package. 

Check the contents of this wonderful Mother’s Day surprise here!

Need ideas for gift boxes like a tea party set or spa day set? Check out our gifting collection!

Flower Arranging Workshop / Kit

Have your favorite florist host a floral arranging workshop with materials and flowers to be shipped to your house. This allows you and your team to personalize your bouquet and make it extra special for mom.

For more information, check our page on Floral Arrangement Workshop.

Hand Lettered Virtual Coupons

Put together a list of your mom’s favorite shops and restaurants that offer gift certificates or vouchers. You can even personalize it and make your own by printing out fun templates and filling it out with your own mini service. Examples can be: One Big Unforced Hug, Special Lunch Out (When Places Are Open Again), One Hour of Uninterrupted Call.

If you’d like help on your hand-lettering skills, the Confetti team are happy to help.

Have a great virtual Mother’s Day celebration!

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