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5+ Black-Owned Businesses to Support During Black Business Month

Black business owners account for a significant and growing portion of the entrepreneurial landscape, contributing to the economic prosperity of minority-owned businesses and the diversity of communities worldwide.

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When is Black Business Month?

Ready your coins and support for Black entrepreneurship because National Black Business Month will be here in August!

Why should you support Black businesses?

Since 2004, August has been nationally coined Black Business Month. This idea was collectively led by historians John William Templeton and Fredrick E. Jordan as a way of battling crippling policies affecting nearly 2.6 million businesses in the African-American community. 

Their combined efforts led to the improvement and expansion of financial freedom and economic growth for Black communities across the nation. 

By celebrating this month, we are able to learn about the strength and entrepreneurial genius of Black business owners and the Black community, while investing in its continued success, leading to the true economic equity of the United States economy.

Support and celebrate Black-owned businesses and creators with these Confetti experiences:

1. The Black Broadway

Holding an MA in Journalism from the University of Maryland–College Park and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Communications from Greensboro College, author, and journalist Briana A. Thomas narrates this experience centered on the rich and unique history of U Street.

Before it was Washington DC’s U Street, it was Black Broadway, and thanks to this experience you’ll get to see it as it once was. Here at Confetti, we’ve managed to finesse the vast richness of DC’s black art, culture, and history into an enlightening 60-minute experience. 

In this interactive virtual tour, with the help of archival photographs, you’ll “walk” the bustling streets and alleys of the infamous U Street or Pennsylvania Ave to learn all about the black excellence that existed before. 

Support this Black-owned business 👉 Book your D.C. Black History Tour today!
Virtual D.C. Black History Tours by Confetti

2. Exploring Black Art, curated by Dr. Denise Rogers

When she’s not teaching art history courses at San Diego Mesa College, curating their exhibits, or advising on multiple boards or councils, Dr. Denise Rogers is partnering with Confetti for an intricate behind-the-veil look at the powerful artistry of Black artists.  

With this experience, you’ll uncover deep truths and hidden gems from the times of slavery, the Harlem Renaissance, and even the social struggle that exists today. Via a lecture-styled format, you’ll learn just how vital creativity has been and continues to be for Black artists, taking in the vast experiences and nuances of Blackness through their art and culture. Join in on this experience to see how and why these art pieces of the past are essential even to this day. 

Support this Black creator 👉 Stroll through the museum and start Exploring Black Art!
Virtual Exploring Black Art by Confetti

3. Black History & Culture Experiences by Melaneyes Media

Using a play on the words “melanize” and “eyes” to bring us a media company that focuses on black films and the diaspora, “Melaneyes Media” was born.  

With Melaneyes Media, Confetti brings you an intimate look into the life of MLK.
Known for his pacifism and revolutionary “I Have a Dream” speech, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is an undeniable pillar of American History. Even so, he stood for so much more. In this lecture-styled experience, you’ll get to know MLK’s legacy and life on a deeper level through photographs, family testimonies, moving speeches, and travel.

This experience includes Q&A opportunities, as well as resources and short interactive opportunities where you can put that knowledge gained to the test. 

Support this Black-owned business 👉 Book Understanding Juneteenth or a Black Cultural Impact Class!
Virtual Black Cultural Impact Class by Confetti

In addition to the businesses and educators listed above, all of Confetti's Black History & Culture Games are written and hosted by Black creators, educators, and performers:

4. Black History & Mini Games

If you’ve enjoyed our classic mini-games, you’ll have no problem leveling up to dive into Black History & Culture Mini Games. In this version of mini-games, enjoy competition alongside some knowledge, as you learn all about Black activists, pop culture, organizations, and more!
In this experience, play 8 rounds of Black History and Culture brain teasers and puzzles, focusing on famous faces, arts and culture, and gems of history.  

And the best part of it all is that it's a charitable team building event. Your points can fund up to 7 nutritious meals to children affected by conflict in South Sudan, thanks to you and our charitable partnership with “Share the Meal”! 

How to get started 👉 Give back while playing Black History & Culture Mini Games
Virtual Black History & Culture Mini Games by Confetti

5. Black History & Culture Trivia

In this virtual game show, a live Quiz Host will lead contestants through 3-4 rounds of black history trivia. With questions ranging from African American inventors & innovators to historical events, black pop culture, and more, each team will choose a communication app of their choice to discuss and deliver their final answers to their team captains who will submit it to a digital score sheet.

And to make it even more fun, teams can receive kick-it points for witty and funny answers, dialing up the fun to the max for players.

How to get started 👉 Kick-it with a round of Black History & Culture Trivia
Virtual Black History & Culture Trivia by Confetti

Here are some other great Black-owned businesses you can support during Black Business Month:

  • INFINITEA: Luxury handcrafted herbal teas and essential oil blends, created to heal and relax the body and mind. 
  • Blue Merit Media: Offering a comprehensive menu of photo services, BMM is equipped for creative entrepreneurs, social media influencers, businesses, and individuals aiming to capture moments and milestones. 
  • Healing While Black: Mental Health Advocate Josh Odam, is dedicated to guiding black queer, trans, and gender non-conforming people to mental wellness and healing. 

Empower Black business owners with Confetti

So whether it’s a virtual time machine that takes us back to Washington DC’s Black Broadway, curated tours that lean into the deeper meaning of Blackness in art, films that give us an intimate look at revolutionary giants like Martin Luther King Jr., or trivia and puzzles that get us to learn while we play, Black Business Month with Confetti has something for us all.

Visit Confetti’s Black History & Culture collection to get started! 
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