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Trick or treat your team to some ghostly good fun. You're in for a scare!

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16 unique ideas for your team

Virtual Haunted Tavern
Haunted Tavern
Grab your poison of choice and join us at the Haunted Tavern, where a mysterious musician will be playing live tunes.
Virtual Halloween Coworker Feud
Halloween Coworker Feud
Ghosts & ghouls, do you have what it takes to win this haunted game show? Find out in Halloween Coworker Feud, our spooky spin on the classic Family Feud game.
Virtual Halloween Trivia
Halloween Trivia
Did someone say brains? Show what you know in this zombie-approved trivia game. Buzz in with the right answer, or else... Available to book starting from October 1st!
Virtual Halloween Charades
Halloween Charades
Walk like a zombie. Cast spells like a witch. Can you get your team to guess the target word in this Halloween Charades game?
Virtual Halloween Taboo
Halloween Taboo
Ta-boo! πŸ‘» Can your team guess the word before time runs out? Find out in this spook-tastic word guessing game.
Virtual Halloween Pictionary
Halloween Pictionary
Draw spooky drawings (and hope they don't come to life!) in this Halloween Pictionary game.
Virtual Halloween Jeoparty
Halloween Jeoparty
Everyone's favorite Jeopardy quiz show with a spine-tingling twist. Play if you dare!
Virtual Halloween Drag Queen Bingo
Halloween Drag Queen Bingo
Grab your boos and join us for an enchanting game of virtual bingo. Our ghostess with the mostest will bring the spooks, thrills, and laughs!
Virtual Halloween Mixology Class
Halloween Mixology Class
Double, double, toil and trouble. Join our cocktail experts in the Haunted Mixology Mansion for a magical lesson in mixing potent potions!
Virtual Halloween Cookie Decorating
Halloween Cookie Decorating
Have fun decorating creepy cookies in a variety of spooktacular shapes. Ghoulish fun for the whole team!
Virtual Halloween Cupcake Decorating
Halloween Cupcake Decorating
You'll be the king of the crypt once you master this class! Shake off your cobwebs and learn how to decorate spooky Halloween cupcakes.
Virtual Magic & Mentalism Show
Magic & Mentalism Show
A live and highly interactive magic performance, brought right to your home.
Virtual Scary Ghost Tales
Scary Ghost Tales
Gather 'round the fire for a series of old suburban legends and spine-chilling ghost stories.
Virtual Mean Queens Murder Mystery
Mean Queens Murder Mystery
In this virtual murder mystery with a professional actor, prod, investigate, and grill suspects as you come face to face with the dark side of Greek life.
Virtual Murder Mystery Party
Murder Mystery Party
Can your team crack this hardboiled case? In this virtual murder mystery with professional actors, gather your team to decipher riddles, solve the crime, and bring the killer to justice!
Virtual Plague Doctor of Prague Tour
Plague Doctor of Prague Tour
Go back to the time of the Black Death and the 18th Century Plague in Prague with this virtual tour!
Confetti 2022. All rights reserved.
Confetti 2022. All rights reserved.
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