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Spooky circus tent surrounded by jack-o-lanterns and spooky glowing hands for Confetti's Virtual Halloween Escape Quest
Spooky circus tent surrounded by jack-o-lanterns and spooky glowing hands for Confetti's Virtual Halloween Escape Games

Virtual Halloween Escape Quest

Are you scared of the dark?

A mash-up between an online escape room game and a scavenger hunt! Work together to solve spooky puzzles, uncover spine-chilling clues, and escape the haunted carnival in time.
Max 160 people
75-90 minutes
How It Works

The annual carnival that you and your friends visit every Halloween remains closed this year when its owner mysteriously disappears. Standing abandoned at the edge of town, it beckons for you to sneak in. With all of the rides and games to yourselves, it’s sure to be the night of your lives; because on Halloween treats can quickly turn to tricks. What DID happened to the owner? Might it happen to YOU? Join us for some chills and thrills as you work to uncover the mystery of One Fright in Fiend-Land!

To begin, our game organizer will introduce participants to the Halloween escape quest instructions and backstory. Teams will have 60 minutes to complete the quest. For each puzzle, submit the correct answer to proceed to the next clue and ultimately solve the mystery.

The goal is to complete the themed escape game in the least amount of time possible. If there are multiple teams, stick around for a winner reveal at the end!

This game is for teams looking for a casual, puzzle-solving experience that is not knowledge based.

Difficulty Level: This experience is designed for intermediate escape room players.

📋 Want a more detailed breakdown? See the run of show.

💻 Virtual Only: This experience is not suitable for a hybrid format.

⚙️ Tech Level: Some tech experience recommended.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Participants: Broken up into teams of up to 5 people. Teams will play in separate rooms at the same time.

✍️ Note: There is only one version of this game. If you've played Halloween Escape Quest or One Fright in Fiend-land Escape Quest before, please consider another experience.

  • Designed Invitation for Participants
  • Confetti Game Organizer
  • Game Link(s)
  • Competition Mode
  • Zoom Link
Required From You
  • Computer (No Mobile or Tablet)
  • Supported Browser
  • Network Access to External Sites
  • Access to Google Drive
  • Ability to Use Zoom (Free)
  • Access to Zoom Chat
It was exciting to anticipate how we'd "escape" our virtual Halloween room together as a team. As we were under a time crunch too I think it made the activity all the more engaging, fun, and light-hearted!
Our company had a great time at our event! The puzzles were challenging but not too hard, and we all really enjoyed getting to collaborate and have a bit of "spooky" fun together, which can be hard with an all-remote team.
Amazing event and awesome, hilarious host! The team loved the experience, and escaped "the room" with 20 seconds to spare. They laughed and bonded, which was exactly what we wanted.
It was the companies first virtual event and it was a blast! Our employees are global from UAE to Honduras, to Puerto Rico, and back to the US. What a great way for all of us to connect!
The team had a great time! The facilitator and virtual event were great; loved the music that was perfectly themed for the escape event. Time went by fast.
Sue,Little Sleepies
Was skeptical of a virtual escape room but was pleasantly surprised. Great backstory and puzzles. The event had a very positive impact that created great camaraderie among the team.

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