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6 Virtual Valentine's Day Ideas for Work

Ready to spread the love? Read on for some of our favorite team building activities for celebrating Valentine's Day with your team. Thank your team for all they do!

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Why should you celebrate Valentine's Day with your team? 💞

Valentine’s Day is ripe with romantic dinners and whispers of sweet nothings. That’s… a little blech in the workplace. But we still think the day’s worth celebrating in the office (we even have a Valentine's Day Collection)! Since the Valentine's Day spirit is all about love, it’s the perfect opportunity to display your employee appreciation and help your team destress from all their hard work.

What are the benefits of employee appreciation? ❣️

We desire positive recognition from many people in our lives, such as family, friends, and teachers. It's no secret that people want the same amount of appreciation from their employers as well. When employee recognition is regularly implemented in the workplace, there are many benefits to company culture as a whole.

According to a Trust Index™ survey by employee recognition software company, OC Tanner, compared to employees who don't feel appreciated by their employers, those who are consistently recognized are more likely to:

  • Contribute their best work to the company
  • Believe promotions are fair and that innovative thinking is welcomed
  • Experience higher job satisfaction

Ready to give your employees the appreciation they deserve? Below we have a list of 6 sweet Valentine’s Day virtual activities for the workplace!

6 ideas for your virtual Valentine's Day celebrations:

1. Spread the love 💌

If you aren't already giving your employees regular words of affirmation, now is the time to start! Before moving on through our guide of team building activities, the most valuable thing you can do for your employees this Valentine's Day is to tell them how much you appreciate them. Gather your whole team around for an engaging presentation, where every person can anonymously give and publicly receive meaningful compliments. Think of it like a Secret Santa, but with Workplace Gratitude!

If making a public presentation isn't your style, you can still impact your team by sending with customized Valentine's Day eCards. The more specific and personal to each team member you can be, the better!

Why is this a great activity for Valentine's Day? Spreading positive affirmations and words of gratitude around the office are perfect ways to carry the spirit of love to your team.

How to get started 👉 Let your team know they matter by booking Workplace Gratitude!
Virtual Workplace Gratitude

2. Declare a bake-off 🧁

There's nothing a team workplace loves more than a challenge, so why not have one in a virtual cooking class? For some Valentine’s Day office fun, sign up for a cupcake decorating class. Your co-workers will love this fun and interactive way to unwind as they frost a box of cupcakes with sweet designs that they can share with their friends and family.At the end of the class, encourage everyone to share their cupcake creations and vote for the best decoration! Even though you can declare a winner, technically, the whole team wins. Because the prize is cupcakes. 🧁

Why is this a great activity for Valentine's Day? It's not Valentine's Day if there are no sweets on the table. Instead of opting for store-bought chocolates this year, treat your team to a personal experience that allows your guests to share some laughs and make positive memories together.

How to get started 👉 Sprinkle a bunch of fun in Valentine's Day Cupcake Decorating!
Virtual Valentine's Day Cupcake Decorating

3. Play some Valentine's Day games 🧠

If you like to keep things simple, but engaging, then play Valentine’s Day team building games! A game is an easy way for your team to connect on a holiday that's all about connection. After a busy holiday season, an activity like a Valentine's Day scavenger hunt may be hard to throw together for your virtual team. Let Confetti handle the games instead!

Your team will love a round of Valentine's Day Coworker Feud. In this team building Valentine's Day trivia game, led by a lively game show host, players will compete to guess the answer to survey-style questions with a Valentine's Day theme.

Why is this a great activity for Valentine's Day? Considering February is the new hire season, virtual games like Coworker Feud make for wonderful icebreakers. In Valentine's Day Coworker Feud, your large group will be broken up into teams, allowing each person the chance to work with new faces and form bonds outside of their department!

How to get started 👉 Create some friendly competition between coworkers in Valentine's Day Coworker Feud!

4. Raise a glass 🍸

Want your employees to really fall for you? Then gift your team a happy hour!

Consider ending the day with a mixology class where they'll learn how to make some unique-themed cocktails. Plus, they'll walk away with expert mixology tips and ideas they can use to wow their valentine!

To have them head over heels, plan it for the last hour of the workday. That way, they’re not missing out on each other's company due to work obligations or sacrificing after-hours quality time with their valentines.

Why is this a great activity for Valentine's Day?  A virtual happy hour may seem overdone, but nothing compares to giving your team a chance to spend time unwinding and socializing in a way that's impossible during the workday.

How to get started 👉 Shake up the party with a Valentine's Day Mixology Class!
Virtual Valentine's Day Mixology Class

5. Get crafty 🎨

Remembrandt that love is the greatest muse of all. 🖼 Make the best virtual Valentine’s Day party with wholesome, creative fun. Arts and crafts classes offer a chance to destress from the workday and equip your team with a homemade gift for their loved ones.

Participants can choose to paint what's in their hearts or get inspired by prompts featuring themes like romance, sweet treats, and more!

Why is this a great activity for Valentine's Day? People love to tap into their creative side, so an arts and crafts experience is a wonderful choice for Valentine's Day. If your colleagues are participating at home with their kids, invite them to join in on the event as well!

How to get started 👉 Art imitates life in a Valentine's Day Painting Class!
Virtual Valentine's Day Painting Class

6. Arrange a group fundraising effort ⚖️

In addition to spreading the love at work, spread love to your greater community as well. Valentine's Day is an excellent holiday to center charity in your team building activities and boost employee engagement in your charitable giving efforts year-round.

Why is this a great activity for Valentine's Day? Charitable giving as a company gives everyone those warm, Valentine's feelings. Charitable giving increases company morale and pride in the organization. Plus, there's no better team building activity than bringing employees from all levels to contribute towards a greater goal!

How to get started 👉 Brainstorm some fundraising ideas with your team in your next meeting.

Plan your Valentine's Day celebration with Confetti ❣️

Aside from the depictions of romantic love and secret admirers that flood Valentine's season, it's possible to make this a date that's celebrated in the office. Showing your teams some love doesn't have to be cheesy — you can do it in an impactful and fun way!

After all, the spirit of Valentine's is about letting people know how much you care for and appreciate them. Spend Valentine's Day showing your employees how much they mean to you — this February and all year round!

Need more Valentine's Day activities? Create team building memories with our Valentine's Day Collection!
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