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5 Ideas to Celebrate National Career Development Month

National Career Development Month is a chance for business leaders and managers to build a different work culture that encourages goal-setting activities and promotes personal and professional development.

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Unfortunately, only one in four employees is confident about their career path. Only one-third of employees understand how to progress in their career path over the next five years. Less than half of employees feel their manager's feedback supports their career goals.

National Career Development Month is a chance for business leaders and managers to build a different work culture that encourages goal-setting activities and promotes personal and professional development.

A workplace culture should support employees to take new or advanced roles. As your leadership team embraces and celebrates this professional holiday, you will see how it benefits your business success and the employees who make it possible.


What is National Career Development Month? πŸ’­

National Career Development Month is a celebration started by the National Career Development Agency. It acknowledges the importance of making and working toward professional goals. The celebration happens every year in November.

The NCDA hosts their own yearly contest or activity. But the agency also encourages business leaders to celebrate by allowing their employees to take part in career-related activities. These activities should promote well-being, self-awareness, and resilience.


The benefits of career development activities ✨

Supporting professional development activities can have many benefits for employees and the businesses they work for. It can help to:

  • Increase employee motivation and productivity πŸš€
  • Enhance employee skills to benefit the company heart πŸ’–
  • Give employees a sense of self-confidence 😊
  • Keep your company in line with best practices πŸ’Ό
  • Attract and keep top talent in a tight job market 🧲

Investing in your employees with career development opportunities enriches their lives and helps your company achieve its strategic mission.


Here are some professional development ideas to celebrate National Career Development Month:

1. Reflect on your career goals

For most employees, it's easy to get stuck keeping up with the daily to-do list. When work gets busy, it can be difficult to find time to think about your future career choices. But it's important for your employees to be able to take a step back and think about the big picture.

Every employee needs to keep their long-term goals and the steps they need to take to get there at the forefront of their minds. One great way to celebrate National Career Development Month is to help them meet that goal.

Consider hosting a vision board workshop or party for your employees. While giving them time to slow down and relax, this concept also gives them:

  • Mental space to think about their current and future goals πŸ§˜β™€οΈ
  • A chance to unleash their creativity and have fun in a unique way 🎨
  • The tools and empowerment to take control of their own career πŸ’ͺ
  • The opportunity to get to know themselves and each other better πŸ”

Clearly, a vision board workshop is a winning choice for employees and their professional growth.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Dream big with a Vision Board Workshop! πŸ€”
Virtual Vision Board Workshop by Confetti for National Career Development Month


2. Explore new skills and interests

Exploring new skills and interests is a great way to get employees thinking about their career path. They can think about what they might like to do in the future. In the process, they often discover new career paths they may not have thought of.

Starting employee resource groups (ERGs) is a great way to do this. ERGs are special interest groups made up of employees who share a characteristic, goal or interest. Groups are always employee-led, and participation is voluntary. Every ERG has a leadership structure that is usually voted on by the employees. Members of the group decide roles, meeting times, and activities.

ERGs let employees take part in continuous learning with like-minded coworkers. Participants in the group often ask mentors with experience to help them learn the skills they need to succeed in their desired careers. These groups have the added benefit of helping employees with shared interests connect on a deeper level. They feel a sense of belonging and inclusion when they aren't alone in pursuing their career goals.

You can encourage your employees to take part in ERGs in different ways. Consider events like lunch & learn sessions. Educational happy hours are another option. People can even discover organizations that align with the interests of a particular group.

These event ideas are great for getting people interested and helping employees explore new career pathways. They also connect employees to new causes that can motivate them to move toward their dreams.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Take a look at these 5 Employee Resource Group Event Ideas! 🧩


3. Network and build professional relationships

There's an age-old saying about career development: "It's not what you know, it's who you know." Skills and knowledge are important parts of helping employees move into their target roles. But helping them network and build professional relationships with other people in their field is equally important. Networking helps employees to:

  • Understand what skills make them competitive in today's job market
  • Get mentorship from current professionals in their target role
  • Enhance workplace culture by building community with their colleagues
  • Increase their visibility to managers and members of senior leadership

Hosting a networking event in honor of National Career Development Month can help your employees grow their interpersonal skills. They might also find the support they need on the path to meeting their goals. Building relationships is an important part of personal growth.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Meet up at the Networking Water Cooler! 🀝
Virtual Networking Water Cooler by Confetti


4. Hold professional development workshops

An employee might be looking to change roles or advance in their current career. Or they might just want to better their communication skills. Whatever the reason, professional development is a needed part of achieving their vision.

Unfortunately, not everyone can go to career training workshops, courses, and certificate programs. Why not help your employees develop their skills by hosting professional development workshops right on company grounds?

These workshops should be aimed at helping your employees upgrade their current skills.

  • Bring in career development professionals to help employees focus on hard skills that will help them do better in a current role right away.
  • Or help them build soft skills that can be applied anywhere. Such skills include working together, conflict resolution, and adaptability.

When colleagues attend professional development sessions together, it also helps build a sense of teamwork and mutual interest. This ultimately contributes to a more tight-knit team and a positive workplace culture.

You could host workshops yourself or bring in a speaker from the National Career Development Association. It's important that your workshops are informative, engaging, and positive. They should help employees build their skill sets to enhance their current and future roles.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Learn how to be a better listener, collaborator, and colleague in Think Faster! πŸ§‘β€πŸ«
Think Faster by Confetti for National Career Development Month Activities


5. Foster leadership development and management skills

It's important for leadership teams to work on their own professional development. That way, they can properly support their employees in reaching their goals. Leaders learn management skills from a variety of sources. Some of them are incredibly helpful for the job, while some of them may not align with your real-world experience. As a leader, you must learn how to consider your own actions, how they affect your employees, and whether your management style is effective.

It's also part of your job to foster leadership development in the employees you supervise. Whether your employees want to move into a management role or not, leadership skills can help them manage their own projects and tasks. It can help them be more intentional with their day-to-day decision-making and more mindful and self-aware when working with their colleagues.

Leadership development workshops are a great way to celebrate National Career Development Month and show your employees that you are invested in their futures regardless of their goals or the paths they choose to take.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Help your team leaders and managers learn new skills in a Mindful Leadership Workshop! πŸš€
Virtual Mindful Leadership Workshop by Confetti for National Career Development Month Activities


Inspire career development With Confetti πŸŽ‰

It's important for every professional to have and work toward a vision and goals for their future. Career development is important work. It inspires and motivates employees to get better every day. Thus, it deserves to be celebrated as much as possible. Fortunately, supporting your employees in their professional journey has a way of benefitting all stakeholders.

Provide ways for employees to think about their own long-term goals. You can also let them talk to other professionals who can help them meet those goals. Help them get training and education that can allow them to get to their ultimate professional destination. These steps show them that their leaders and managers understand them, increasing feelings of personal well-being and leading to greater performance. All those benefits can help push your company forward.

If you're ready to help your employees get on the path to solid career development, Confetti is here to help. We have a large collection of learning and development activities designed to get employees thinking about and working toward their futures.

With Confetti, you can celebrate all your employees do by investing in who they want to become. See how the Confetti team can help you help your employees get to the next level today!
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