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6 Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day at Work

The best Valentine’s Day gifts for employees are experiences. For the 6 best Valentine’s Day virtual activities, check out our blog.


🕯‍ Get the mood lighting ready with a candle-making class.

👨‍🍳 Indulge your competitive team in something they love: a contest. But make it sweet, like a bake-off! 

🍫 Chocolate. All the chocolate. (But it’s extra fun to make it yourself) 

🎨 Try an arts & crafts day. On top of channeling your team’s creativity, they can even make Valentine’s gifts for their coworkers.

🕹 Playing games at work is so much better than playing games in love. 

🍷 End the day with a virtual wine tasting. Because, well, wine not? 

Valentine’s Day is ripe with romantic dinners and whispers of sweet nothings. That’s… a little blech in the workplace. But we still think the day’s worth celebrating (we even have a V-Day collection)! It’s a lovely opportunity to help your team destress.

Below we have a list of sweet Valentine’s Day virtual activities for the workplace! These experiences are the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for employees. And none of them require Cupid’s bow. 💘


1. Set the Mood Lighting

The best way to get the mood just right is to set it yourself. 

Our virtual candle making class is a fun, creative way for the whole office to get into the spirit of Cupid’s holiday. Plus, they’ll even have a fun gift to take home to their loved ones! 

2. Declare a Bake-Off

A team workplace loves nothing more than a delicious challenge. For some Valentine’s Day office fun, sign up for a virtual cupcake decorating class and vote for the best design. 

And even though you can declare a winner, everyone technically wins. Because cupcakes. 🧁 

3. One Word: Chocolate 

Chocolate always makes great Valentine’s gifts for your employees. Show your team you like them a choco-lot with a chocolate tasting experience, where they can sample gourmet chocolates that’ll really melt their heart.  

If you’d like to help them out with their Valentine’s gifts, you may also consider a chocolate bar making course instead. They’ll get to craft their own sweet treat for their sweetie. 

4. Get Crafty

Remembrandt that love is the greatest muse of all. 🖼 Make the best office Valentine’s Day party with wholesome, creative fun. Creative experiences offer a chance to destress from the workday and equips your team with gifts for their loved ones. 

5. It’s Game Time

If you like to keep things simple, but engaging, then try Valentine’s Day team building games! It’s an easy, fun way for your team to connect with each other on a holiday all about connection. 

And considering February is new hire season, virtual games like Coworker Feud make for wonderful Valentine’s Day icebreakers. 

6. Wine Down Wind Down

Want your employees to really fall for you? Then try Valentinesday happy hour ideas! 

Consider ending the day with a virtual wine tasting. To really have them head over heels, plan it for the last hour of the workday. That way they’re not missing out on work fun or quality time with their valentines. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’re in love with providing the best experiences possible. For other sweet company Valentine’s Day ideas, reach out to 💖

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