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Schedule the Fun: 5 Types of Corporate Events to Plan Annually

Corporate events come in all shapes and sizes, from incentive trips to holiday parties to team building experiences. Get ready to dive into a world of excitement, as we explore five types of corporate events that will make your annual calendar one for the books!

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Are you tired of the same old, mundane gatherings that do little to inspire and motivate your team? It's time to break free from the monotonous routine and embrace events that will leave a memorable impact on your team.

In the fast-paced world of business, building strong relationships, fostering team spirit, and promoting a positive company culture are the pillars of a thriving organization. While deadlines, board meetings, and projects keep the gears turning, there's no denying that extraordinary corporate events hold the power to transform ordinary teams into dynamic, cohesive forces.

5 Types of Corporate Events

  1. Corporate Team Building Events πŸŽ‰
  2. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Events πŸ‘₯
  3. Learning and Development Events 🧠
  4. Holiday Parties 🎁
  5. Appreciation Events πŸ€—

Buckle up as we take you through five types of corporate events that are an absolute must in your annual planning. Whether you're ready to work with corporate event planners or just starting to explore the possibilities, these fun corporate event ideas will inject a fresh burst of energy into your organization, reinvigorate your team's spirit, and set the stage for an extraordinary year of success.


πŸ—“ Here are 5 corporate events you should be adding to the calendar, year after year:

1. Corporate Team Building Events πŸŽ‰

Hey, you know what they say - a team that plays together, stays together! That's where the magic of team building fun comes in. Exciting activities, games, and challenges bring your office crew together like never before!

Plus, team building events have a ton of benefits. Not only do they strengthen communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and decision-making prowess, but they also foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie. When your team tackles challenges together, it forms an unbreakable bond that spills over into the workplace, making those Monday mornings way more pleasant! And guess what? Happier employees mean higher job satisfaction and lower turnover rates - a total win-win!

If you want a team that's firing on all cylinders and ready to conquer the work world, team building events throughout the year are exactly what you need to spice up your office life. Trust us, your team will thank you with big smiles, laughs, and high-fives all around!

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Visit the Virtual Team Building collection and take your employees from work friends, to real friends!
Types of Corporate Events: Virtual Team Building Building by Confetti

2. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Events πŸ‘₯

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Events are the heart and soul of fostering inclusive company culture. Imagine a place where everyone's differences - whether it's background, race, gender, or beliefs - are not just accepted but celebrated, through ERGs, workshops, cultural celebrations and more. That's the power of DEI events! They break down barriers, open minds, and show us that we're all part of one big, awesome team!

DEI events fuel genuine, open dialogues where folks can share their stories, learn from each other, and build bridges of understanding. It's like a crash course in empathy, and we all come out of it wiser and more connected than ever before!

Celebrate diversity and embrace cultural events throughout the year! Whether it's:Β 

Cultural celebrations are all about honoring the richness of traditions and backgrounds that make your team unique.

When you dive into DEI initiatives, you're giving your employees an incredible sense of belonging. They feel valued, respected, and like they truly belong on the team. That feeling is crucial for company morale and employee engagement!

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Visit the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion collection to find the perfect event for your team!
Types of Corporate Events: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by Confetti


3. Learning and Development Events 🧠

Learning and Development events are the ultimate boosts for nurturing your employees' growth and unleashing their full potential!

Knowledge-packed workshops equip your team with the latest industry-specific know-how or help them ace workplace challenges. When you bring in top-notch speakers or host networking opportunities with members of the same industry, you're giving your team a chance to network and learn from the best thought leaders in the business. FromΒ 

  • Lunch and Learn sessions on the latest industry trends
  • Workshops that hone soft skills
  • Or vision boarding sessions

These events are a one-way ticket to helping your employees level up in their careers!

Learning and Development workshops aren't just about walking away with fancy certificates - they're about empowering your team and showing them you care about their growth. And guess what? When you invest in their professional development, you're creating a crew of rockstars who are loyal, motivated, and totally ready to take your company to new heights.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Ignite the spark of learning and make Learning and Development events a highlight on your annual events calendar!
Types of Corporate Events: Learning & Development by Confetti


4. Holiday Parties 🎁

Holiday parties are the ultimate way to spread joy, celebrate the good times, and embrace the beautiful tapestry of cultural celebrations all year round!

Who doesn't love a good party? Holiday parties are like the grand finale of a fantastic year, where everyone comes together to unwind, dance like no one's watching, and exchange big smiles and high-fives. It's a time to take a break from the daily grind, let loose, and create unforgettable memories with colleagues who feel like family - we do spend so much time together after all!

Joyous parties are a reminder that beyond the business goals and targets, your team is made up of people with personalities, passions, and lives outside the office. When your employees feel valued and celebrated, they'll go the extra mile to make your company soar to new heights! So, let's turn up the music, light up the dance floor, and make annual holiday parties a tradition your team will look forward to every year.

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Gather your employees, leadership, and board members for a Holiday Party!


5. Appreciation Events ☺️

Last but not least, let's delve into the beauty of hosting annual appreciation events for the real stars of your company - your amazing employees! πŸŽ‰πŸŒŸ

Appreciation events are like a big group hug, celebrating their dedication, creativity, and all-around greatness! Whether it's:

  • A heartwarming award ceremony
  • A relaxed appreciation luncheon
  • A fun-filled bash for their milestones

These events are the perfect opportunity to shower your team with gratitude.

Now, here's the scoop: regular appreciation is the secret ingredient for an exceptional employee experience! By acknowledging their efforts and celebrating their achievements, you're fostering a workplace where employees feel valued and appreciated. And guess what? Happy employees mean a happier, more productive, and more committed workforce - a win-win for everyone!

So, let's spread the love and make annual appreciation events a highlight on your company calendar! Show your team that they are the heart and soul of your organization, and watch as their dedication and passion soar to new heights. A little appreciation can make a big difference! πŸŒŸπŸ†

How to get started πŸ‘‰ Treat your employees to well-earned Company Celebrations!
Types of Corporate Events: Company Celebrations by Confetti


Throw your next corporate event with Confetti πŸ₯³

And there you have it! Corporate events hold tremendous potential for your business year after year. From boosting team spirit to expanding your network and elevating your brand, these gatherings are not to be missed!

Now, it's time to turn those ideas into reality! Ready to plan your next unforgettable corporate event? Let's get the party started!

Remember, with Confetti, every occasion becomes a celebration! Contact [email protected] to start planning your event today!


Book your Team Building event with Confetti!

‍Frequently Asked Questions

What is a corporate event?

A corporate event is a planned gathering or occasion organized by a company or business for specific purposes related to its particular industry, operations, or objectives. These events can vary widely in scope, size, and format, but they are typically designed to achieve certain business goals, foster relationships, or enhance the company's reputation. Corporate events can be both internal (for employees and staff) or external (targeting clients, customers, partners, investors, or the general public). These events may range from employee and client appreciation events to team building, product launch events, and team building events.

What are the benefits of corporate events?

The benefits of corporate events include:

  • Strengthening business relationships and networking opportunities
  • Enhancing brand visibility and reputation
  • Fostering employee engagement and morale
  • Showcasing products and services to potential clients or investors
  • Facilitating knowledge sharing and professional development
  • Celebrating achievements and milestones
  • Generating leads and business opportunities
  • Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and community engagement
  • Improving teamwork and collaboration among employees
  • Building a sense of company culture and identity


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