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5 Annual Corporate Events to Plan

Team building events can do wonders for employee happiness, morale and productivity.

If your calendar is quickly filling up and the year already feels like it’s flying by, then it’s time to get some events planned for your team. Team building events can do wonders for employee happiness, morale and productivity. Here are five types of corporate events to get on the calendar this year.

Department Volunteer Day

In today’s world a successful business isn’t just about making a profit--it’s about being a good corporate citizen. Data shows that corporate social responsibility is important to millennials, so get your team out of the office for a lunch hour or afternoon to support a cause they care about. If your company has a Community Affairs department, check with them first for ideas and resources.

Fun and Games During Lunch

This event requires essentially no planning or cost and can be a great hit with colleagues. Simply book a conference room during the lunch hour, send an invite out to your team, and ask that they bring lunch and a favorite (work appropriate, of course) board game. This is a simple way to get your team together to have some fun in the office.

Professional Development and Educational Content

Take some time to think about your career field and how an fun, educational class could benefit your team. Does your team work at a call center and can work on classes that deal with empathy? Can your sales team use a body language, improv or business writing class to boost sales? Sometimes small talk makes all the difference in businesses. Invite employees and clients to a museum day or an interactive scavenger hunt of your neighborhood. Bonus points if the experience ties directly to your business, but even if it doesn’t, it’s still a great opportunity for your team to learn something new together.

Celebratory Dinner and Drinks

In our fast-paced corporate world it can sometimes be difficult to pause and reflect on past accomplishments before flitting to the next big project. Don’t underestimate the importance of acknowledging your successes. After your team makes a big accomplishment at work, be sure to celebrate by taking them out for dinner and drinks. Take a few minutes before dinner to verbally acknowledge the team, and then enjoy an evening out to relax and celebrate. This is a great--and easy-to-organize--way to reward the team for a job well done before hitting it hard on the next big thing.

Out of the Ordinary

Confetti is no stranger to unique corporate experiences. Our experience providers offer everything from laughter yoga, hot air balloon rides, to professional face painting for Halloween. Even if you don’t live in New York, put some thought into a truly one of a kind experience for your colleagues. Escape Rooms are a great option to encourage teamwork and problem solving. Whirlyball (a basketball-like game played in bumper cars) is a fun option for adventure-seeking teams. A visit to a nearby animal sanctuary can be great fun for animal lovers. Do some research and see what your area has to offer for an experience your team won’t forget.

It’s hard to believe that this year is already well underway and schedules are filling up quickly. Take some time to organize events that will make your employees happy, engaged, and ready to conquer the year ahead.


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