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3 Ways to Make Your Remote Employees Feel Appreciated This Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing love and appreciation for your employees. Here’s how.

Looking for ways to make your virtual Valentine’s Day special for your employees? Confetti’s got you covered. Keep reading and learn how to make the Valentine’s Day love go beyond February 14th. 💕👇


1. Create a Public Channel for Employee Gratitude 📣

We may be a fully remote team, but that doesn’t hinder our ability to spread love among the whole crew! Everyone loves feeling appreciated and we love to show it. 😍

We created a company-wide Slack channel about team members expressing appreciation for one another. It’s appropriately named Gratitude Channel. 🙏

We want our team members to know how much we value them and their contributions. We know life at a start-up isn’t always easy. People are building this brand from the ground up. We always take the time to highlight accomplishments and make people feel good about their efforts. In this channel, we encourage everyone to participate, and some of the biggest cheerleaders are also the company’s highest executives. 

If your company doesn’t have something like a Gratitude Channel, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to launch it. 

Our company chose Slack because it’s our more casual messaging platform, making it more intimate and conversational. 😎 But you can organize weekly meetings, internal blog posts, or any public communication method that suits you best.

2. Valentine’s Gift or Card Swapping 💌

Remember the school days, where you’d bring in fun cards and candy grams for the whole class? What’s stopping you from doing that now? Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give out tokens of appreciation! Your team can even create fun, personalized cards for one another in our virtual hand lettering class.

Another idea is to have a Valentine’s Day gift-giving budget for each person on your team. 🎁 To ensure everyone gets a little love, it can function similarly to a Secret Santa (okay, but how funny would it be if you called it Secret Admirer?). Have people draw a name, create a wish list, and BOOM – Valentine’s Day gift exchange. 🥳

If you’d like a little gift policy inspo, take a look at our Guide to Corporate Gift Giving.  

3. Fun Valentine’s Day Events 🎉

The best way to show employee appreciation is through an experience, like making Valentine’s Day sugar cookies or a charcuterie board. It allows you to express your gratitude while building upon your relationships and creating lasting memories. Treat your team to some unforgettable fun and plan a whole day dedicated to them. 🙌

Read about our favorite Valentine’s Day event ideas here. Spoiler alert: there’s chocolate involved. 

Make Sure to Express Love for Your Team This Valentine’s Day 💘

Lastly, make everyday Valentine’s Day! Remember, the act of recognizing your employee’s talents and hard work goes a long way. Don’t hold back on spreading the appreciation you have for your team! From direct managers to the CEO, everyone should take the time to say thank you. 

If you’d like to plan a fun Valentine’s Day event, check out our V-Day experience collection or drop a note to

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