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Tie Dye Workshop

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About This Experience

This interactive workshop will virtually guide participants on how to tie dye from the comforts of their own campsite, uh - I mean, home.

How it works

This workshop provides everything you need to make the perfect tie dye masterpiece! In a step-by-step demo, participants will experiment with twisting, scrunching, and swirling techniques to create fun and beautiful patterns. The instructor will also provide tips and tricks to make sure your tie dye creations are made to last.

Our Tie Dye Kit typically includes 3 dye colors, a couple of small articles to dye (like a tea towel, socks, etc.), rubber bands, disposable tablecloth, and gloves.

πŸ‘ͺ Family-friendly: There should more than enough dye, so if you'd like, bring extra clothes to dye and a family member or friend!

Also Includes

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Tie Dye Kit
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Camp-Spirited Instructor

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