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Shipping Insurance

Shipping Insurance

Confetti is dedicated to working with our customers to find the best possible solutions for packages that were lost, delayed, or damaged while in the hands of third-party carriers.

Last updated:
May 6, 2021

What is Confetti’s shipping insurance?

From Taco Kits to Origami Papers, we’ve shipped it all! Our Classes with Kits are super popular for those looking for a hands-on experience to unbox with their team. Confetti ships domestically within the U.S.* through third-party carriers to bring the fun to your participants’ doorsteps, and our planning processes are designed to make sure all packages arrive before your big day. Unfortunately though, ship happens - between the warehouse and the front door, factors like weather and operational delays outside of our control can take things off track.

Not to worry! Confetti is dedicated to working with our customers to find the best possible solutions for packages that were lost, delayed, or damaged while in the hands of third-party carriers. The participation of our customers and their teams is our top priority, and this Shipping Insurance Policy outlines what Confetti can do in these rare cases.

*Some experiences may have state shipping restrictions due to local laws. These restrictions will always be listed on the experience’s page in the How it Works section.  

Lost, delayed or damaged packages

Our highly resourceful Shipping & Logistics Team will research local sources and/or quick shipping alternatives to ensure attendees have the item(s) they need to participate. In these cases, we will do our best to source items as closely related to the original as possible, but cannot guarantee an exact match. In any case, we will make sure there is something fun for the recipient to enjoy and participate in the experience.

Confetti’s policy covers

  • Packages that arrive damaged or are reported as missing in transit
  • Perishable items deemed unusable due to spoilage

What does "covered" mean?

In the cases outlined above, Confetti will either source local alternatives or re-ship kits to participants. Please note that Confetti does not guarantee delivery prior to the event date or an exact match to the original ordered kit.

The customer is responsible for the replacement costs of any packages that do not meet the above conditions. Our policy does not cover:

  • Perishable items (including plants) that are unusable due to customer negligence
  • Packages that have been re-shipped to a destination outside of the inputted address
  • Packages that are delivered through a third party system
  • Packages that do not arrive on time due to late address submissions
  • Packages that are misplaced or undeliverable due to incorrect or invalid addresses (please ensure that all attendees double check their addresses before submitting!)

Reporting an issue

If you or one of your participants encounters an issue with a package that has been delivered, please notify us by submitting a Shipping Claims form. For issues with damaged kits or spoiled ingredients, photos will be required for our Shipping Logistics team to open an investigation or seek resolution. Any other questions can be sent to

Issues regarding damaged packages must be reported to our team within 48 hours of delivery. Issues with perishable components must be reported within 24 hours of delivery. We cannot guarantee coverage of issues reported outside of these windows. 

Please note this policy only applies to packages shipped domestically within the U.S (not including PR, HI, and AK).

When does shipping insurance not apply?

It’s always very unfortunate when severe shipping issues arise (under 1% likelihood and usually due to severe storms or carrier issues), but our support team will be with you every step of the way

In the rare event that many of your kits are affected due to reasons beyond our control, we’ll work with you as a team to decide the best course of action. These solutions may equal but are not limited to: rescheduling for a later date, sending a video tutorial, running a different event and possibly a combination of these things. The quality of your events, your satisfaction and your trust in our team is super important to us. We care! And will always do everything in our power to make things right and fair for everyone involved.

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