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How to report issues with shipped kits
How to report issues with shipped kits

Please notify us by submitting to our shipping outreach form.

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If you or one of your participants encounters an issue with a package that has been delivered or is missing, please notify us by submitting to our Shipping Outreach Form. Solutions and determinations regarding insurance coverage will be subject to the policy outlined above. For issues with incorrect items, damaged kits, or spoiled ingredients, photos will be required for our Shipping Operations team to open an investigation or seek resolution. Submissions that do not accurately represent the issue may be subject to delays in processing.

Issues regarding damaged packages must be reported to our team within 2 Business Days of delivery. Issues with perishable components must be reported within 1 Business Day of delivery.* Confetti requires at least 1 Business Day to process these submissions. We cannot guarantee the timely processing of reports if submissions do not align with these windows.

*Please note this policy only applies to packages shipped domestically within the U.S (not including PR, HI, and AK).‍

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