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How to Host a Virtual Family Feud Team-Building Event

If you're looking for a fun team building game perfect for everyone, our Coworker Feud is the best bet! Read on to learn what it is and why it's the most popular Confetti experience.

What is Family Feud? 🧐

Family Feud is a classic television game show that premiered in 1976 and continues airing today. The original host was Richard Dawson, but Steve Harvey runs the show today! 

In the game, participants guess popular answers to a survey question. For example, a host can ask your team to mention a famous person named Steve. In response, the participants give answers like "Steve Harvey," "Steve Jobs," "Steve Lacy," etc. The more popular the answer, the more points the team wins. 

The show can get competitive, but it’s also known for it’s humor and Steve Harvey’s hilariously honest reactions to contestant answers

The Best Virtual Family Feud-Style Game: Coworker Feud 🎲 

Now you can play a Family Feud-style game with your favorite group of people—your co-workers. 

What is Coworker Feud? 🤔

Coworker Feud functions similarly to the classic TV game show, but we’ve made sure to keep the questions HR-friendly. 

Plus, there’s no pop culture knowledge required. Anyone can enjoy the fun and have time to shine in Coworker Feud! 

(And if you are looking for knowledge-based games? Just take a peek at our Trivia Games collection!)

3 Fun Coworker Feud Themes 🎊

At Confetti, we've got three intriguing  Coworker Feud games for you to choose from:

1. Classic Coworker Feud 🥳

Get your game face on with this classic virtual team building game 

Help your employees engage with each other with the classic virtual Coworker Feud. A wacky, fun host will ask random survey questions, and participants must guess the popular answers. It's the best non-knowledge-based competitive team bonding game ever!

How to get started 👉 Survey says: head right this way to book Coworker Feud with Confetti.

2. Custom Coworker Feud 🎉

An exciting game show just how you like it!

This virtual team-building event lets you decide what exciting themes to include in your game. With over 30 fun themes to choose from, you know that the fun is just about to begin. The 90s, breweries, workplace culture, and video games are some of our favorite themes.

How to get started 👉 Survey says: easy peasy, just head on to Custom Coworker Feud to book a game today!

3. Baby Shower Coworker Feud 👶 

Coworker Feud with a baby shower twist.

The baby shower remix to this virtual Family Feud team-building game give it a little extra layer of adorable. Your team gets to answer cute baby shower survey questions like "name a classic lullaby” or “what's the best toy to buy a new baby?" If you've got new parents on the team, they'll love you forever for this game!

How to get started 👉 Survey says: take a few baby steps to Baby Shower Coworker Feud to book the game with Confetti.

How Do You Host a Virtual Family Feud at Work? 🤨

Here's how to host a virtual Family Feud game:

Step 1: Set Up A Video Conferencing Account 🤳

For a virtual corporate Family Feud game, you'll need a video conferencing platform that accolades your team. Zoom is one of the best choices  for virtual games. Create an account and share the link with participants before the scheduled time.

⭐️ When booking with Confetti, we'll set this up for you and provide you with a personalized invite and a Zoom link.

Step 2: Choose an Engaging Host 🤹

There’s no Family Feud-style game without a lively host! So make sure you choose someone who is funny, engaging and knows how to keep your game on track. Remember: your host needs to guide your team through all the rounds.

⭐️ When booking your Family Feud-style game with Confetti, we’ll give you the perfect host and set up the entire event for you!

Step 3: Pick Out the Family Feud Questions 💭

There's no Family Feud game without the survey questions, right? So, spend adequate time brainstorming suitable ones. You can make up your own survey questions or lift pre-made ones online. 

⭐️ At Confetti, our in-house Games Department has done all this research for you! From coming up with fun questions to conducting the surveys to organizing them on an interactive game board.  

Step 4: Divide Your Large Group into Smaller Teams 👯

There are many criteria for creating smaller teams. You may divide them according to departments, interests, birthdays, etc. Ideally, you should break your group into teams of five people.

⭐️ Of course, when you book Coworker Feud with Confetti, we can randomize teams for you!

5 Fun Virtual Events Similar to Coworker Feud 🙌

If you're looking for more game options similar to Coworker Feud, then explore options like Classic Trivia, Jeoparty, and Taboo. You may also enjoy Game Night and Murder Mystery Party! These are fun virtual competition team-building games with super similar vibes to our Coworker Feud. 

1. Classic Trivia

The good old classic trivia game has gone virtual! Your wishes for a thrilling brain-stimulating team-building exercise have come true.

Classic Trivia comprises four rounds of quizzes from pop culture, sport, history categories, and more! It's the perfect game for team members to learn something new.

How to get started 👉 Put on your thinking cap and waltz your way into Classic Trivia on Confetti's website to schedule your game.

2. Jeoparty

Jeoparty lets your team showcase their knowledge in an exciting environment. A party and battle of the brains in one game.

An engaging host kicks off the session by screen-sharing the Jeoparty board with team members. The host provides answers to which participants must give matching questions. For example, if the host says  "30," the player may respond with "how many days in June?" Participants buzz in their answers, and the game ends with a final answer wager.

How to get started 👉 The fun's at Jeoparty with Confetti; book a game to begin.

3. Taboo 

A fun guessing game to bring team members together.

Every participant in Taboo has a common goal: to guess the word at the top of each card. Everyone has to do this without using any of the other related Taboo words listed underneath.

As one team guesses, the other team referees to ensure no one’s mentioning the ‘taboo’ words — and everyone has a good laugh while they’re at it. 

How to get started 👉 How good is your guessing game? Let's see when you schedule  Taboo with Confetti.

4. Game Night 

What's better than one exciting Confetti game? Three or more confetti games! Game Night is guaranteed to give your team the most exciting time.

Game Night starts with assigning participants into one of four groups and a Team HQ breakout room. Jeoparty, Coworker Feud, and Taboo, run simultaneously in different breakout rooms, all led by an engaging host. Team members can curate their experiences by swapping in and out of breakout rooms to play any game they’d like. 

How to get started 👉 Have a blast at Game Night when you book with Confetti!

5. Murder Mystery Party

Solve a mystery murder and get justice for the victim with professional actors and brain-cracking puzzles.

A mysterious set of characters set the scene as participants log in on a zoom call. Team members will be assigned to breakout rooms that serve as interrogation rooms for suspects. As they rotate from room to room, everyone gathers clues and evidence to lead to the culprit at the end of the game.

How to get started 👉 Ready, detective? Your first suspect's at Murder Mystery Party on Confetti — book now!

Start Playing Family Feud with Your Team in Coworker Feud 🤝

Is your team in the mood to play a work-friendly version of Family Feud? Of course they are, we can feel your excitement from here!  It's an excellent choice for building communication skills, bonding, and getting to know each other a little bit more. 

The best part is that you can enjoy all your team building games to the fullest without the stress of planning them. Our expert team is always here to help you organize virtual experiences without you lifting a finger. You've got a long list of other important stuff to do, right?

So, let's do this for you! Book Coworker Feud with Confetti to get started and learn more about how we made your virtual bonding activities perfect. The team leader deserves a break, too!

P.S. If you’d like to make the event extra special, add on one of our Goodies, too! (Spoiler alert: our Goodies can help you make Coworker Feud into a virtual happy hour.)

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