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Stages of Working from Home

This year is undisputedly the strangest, most illuminating year in recent memories.

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What we're trying to say is, well, we're here for you no matter which stage you're at. And we don't just mean that as a platitude or an empty gesture. Our team at Confetti put together a list of experiences that we thought would help you and your team not just to cope with but to also hopefully find a bit of joy with what's left of this year.

💪 Stage One: "I'll use this time to be super productive"

AKA I'll make the best of this stage. Manifestations of this stage includes but are not limited to:

  • Challenging yourself to a daily fitness routine; maybe documenting yourself on social media for accountability.
  • Finally doing that chore you've been setting aside.
  • Working on your passion project.
  • Digging through your belongings and deciding to do that jigsaw puzzle you bought 4 years ago

We love that you're channeling this unfamiliar situation into something positive. We 100% support you in your journey of using this year as an opportunity for personal development. And indeed, the time you will save from not commuting will be spent doing something productive.

If you're in this stage, we recommend finding teammates who are also riding on this adrenaline high. Do a virtual fitness class with them or attend a free online class that will improve your technical skills.

🌀 Stage Two: Doom & Uncertainty

Symptoms may include cabin fever and mental and emotional. The state of the world has crossed your mind and you're having a complete meltdown. Like, floor level meltdown.

At this point, we can only send virtual hugs in the form of care packages. We have a collection of wellness gift boxes that you can choose from. You and your whole team can honestly benefit from a wine box or a chocolate gift box. We know we can.

We're not experts, and we highly recommend consulting your therapist, but if consuming the news us causing your stress-level and anxiety to skyrocket, perhaps unplug for a bit. Read a book or watch your favorite standup special. Maybe call your best friend or anyone who can give you sufficient love and reassurance.

If you can, we also highly encourage you to seek ways in which you can help your community. Fund a charity or reach out to your next door neighbor. Multiple studies show that helping others is correlated to your wellbeing because it makes you feel helpful, instead of helpless.

💃 Stage Three: "I've sorta figured it out"

Since March of this year, all of our schedules have been turned upside down. We've attempted to find a semblance of normal by scheduling Zoom happy hours or filling our calendars with online meetups.

By this phase, we'd like to imagine that you have decided whether or not wearing anymore pants or you're finally succumbing to TikTok.

Needless to say, this is when you've reached a sustainable balance between working from home and surrendering to your bed to (binge) watch your Netflix shows.

Mad props to you. If you're looking for ways to help maintain a healthy social(ly-distanced) life, we recommend team building activities that are actually fun. The Virtual Escape Quest will test your sleuthing skills as well as your teamwork. The Virtual Charades is a super entertaining way to spend a Friday night with your officemates. Finally, this Virtual Mini Games is a set of trivia games that is guaranteed to amuse you while making you think.

If you've recently discovered that you're a sourdough person or a plant parent, we recommend checking out ways to share that new found appreciation with these similar activities: Pretzel Making Class and Terrarium Workshop.


Some of the our favorite virtual experiences include Virtual Mixology Class, Virtual Coffee Reading, and Virtual Museum Tours. We hope that these experiences would help you feel a little bit hopeful as you work as a team. Need more inspiration? Visit our site for more engaging team-building ideas.

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