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Lemonade Leans on Confetti to Build Community Through Rapid Growth

For their distributed workforce, Lemonade turns to Confetti to foster recurring community building efforts, like onboarding cohorts, monthly mixers and more. Read about our journey together below.

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About Lemonade 🍋

Lemonade is a U.S.-based insurance company, offering customers everything from renters, homeowners, car, and pet insurance.

Industry: Insurance/Tech 

Company Size: 1100+ Employees 

Event Size Range: 5 - 255 People 

Location: U.S. (Hybrid)

Meet Amber 🤝

Amber works in Lemonade’s Ops Department, with a chunk of the role devoted to maintaining the culture of Lemonade. Her role specifically revolves around planning the events and cultural activities for the company’s hybrid workforce.

Summing it up: Lemonade x Confetti 🙌

● The Challenges: With some employees opting to remain remote while others take advantage of an in-office option, Lemonade had to figure out a way to re-establish a connected company culture with their new hybrid work model — especially after growing 3x throughout the pandemic.

● The Discovery: After a rough time with their first few vendors, Amber’s team discovered Confetti through a quick Google search. The ease of booking, the transparency, and the stellar communication had her team hooked from the start.

● The Outcome: Lemonade has since integrated Confetti as a routine part of their company’s culture initiatives, including semi-monthly onboarding experiences, monthly cross-departmental mixers, and quarterly team events!

The challenges 💪

Pre-pandemic, Lemonade was an in-person workforce with a vibrant company culture. “We had such a strong office life! And so, the sudden switch to absolutely no in-person interaction was hard. You could feel people just missing that connection to others,” Amber said. “Especially with new hires and onboarding. The new people couldn't experience that right off the bat — it was definitely a challenge.”

And, according to Amber, there were a lot of new people. Lemonade grew exponentially after going remote — roughly 3x its previous size.

As other companies started returning to the office, Lemonade took a hybrid approach – allowing employees to work from home while establishing workspaces in their main hub cities.

And Confetti was there to help them adapt to the “new normal”.

Upon discovering Confetti 🔍

In the beginning, the platform is what hooked Amber’s team.

It's always been effortless with Confetti. To quite literally see this is in the budget, book the event, and have it all confirmed the same day? Confetti just makes everything so easy.
— Amber

Lemonade worked with Confetti several times after their first Virtual Pub experience, and after seeing that Confetti consistently delivered engaging experiences that their employees loved, it became a thriving partnership.

Everyone's so engaged. Even for people who are shy or not great with technology — the Confetti hosts help them. Confetti brings people into it, and they make sure everyone is present. It’s helped a lot,” Amber noted. “And our people have really given us great feedback.”

Keeping a thriving culture with a distributed workforce 🎉

As Lemonade continued working with Confetti, it was clear this was the most effective solution to cultivating a thriving community for their new hybrid work model. In fact, Lemonade turns to Confetti for recurring team initiatives each month!

Let’s see exactly what we’ve helped them book...

Onboarding Cohorts 👯

One of the most significant ways Confetti factors into Lemonade’s game plan is the onboarding experience. With how quickly Lemonade grew (and is growing), giving new hires a chance to get to know one another and get a taste of the company’s community was at the top of their minds.

“At the end of their first few weeks, the new hires play Taboo or another virtual game — something that gives them a chance to get to know their newbie class,” Amber said. “Confetti’s experiences get people comfortable and create that dialogue of ‘I don't know this person just yet, but I know we were partners in that one game’, and now I feel comfortable to go talk to them.

Quarterly Team Building Events 📅

Quarterly team events where teams can choose their own experience. Although virtual games are always popular, Confetti’s shippable experiences are also favorites. “People love getting stuff in the mail!”

Monthly Cross-Department Mixers 🔀

Monthly, cross-departmental mixers to give folks from all over Lemonade a chance to get to know the people they don’t work with very often.

Future Initiatives Inspired by Confetti? ⏭

When asked about future initiatives inspired by Confetti, Amber mentioned hosting event mixers for employee interest groups (like their Slack drag race channel).

Making event planning easy 🙌

And while Lemonade at large achieved its cultural goals with Confetti’s help, Amber saw plenty of benefits for herself, too:

“Since we've expanded so fast, it was difficult to go from having 5 teams reach out to you to 24,” she said. “And so Confetti made everything a lot easier by doing the heavy lifting—finding everyone's addresses, hunting people down, etc. All I have to do is share the link, and I can continue focusing on creating memorable experiences for our team!

Building a sense of community in a hyper-growth organization 🥳

Lemonade cared fiercely about connecting and engaging its employees, but the transition from in-person to remote to hybrid made this quite challenging.

But Confetti was there to ease them through the transition and help them establish a strong sense of community among their employees — even the newest hires.

“That's really what we're trying to do. Just get everyone connected. And Confetti lets us achieve that.”
— Amber
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