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How We Grew Revenue 600% by Focusing on Customer Happiness

Read how Confetti grew revenue 600% by focusing on customer happiness.

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2021 was a year like no other. We achieved so much – from having positioned ourselves as the leader in the virtual team building space to experiencing record-breaking growth and momentum.

We became a part of the cultural toolkit for companies like Lemonade, HubSpot, Attentive Mobile, among many others.

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We focused on launching experiences that would positively change the human experience for thousands of  our customers. Together they cultivated relationship and built memories around experiences like Escape Quest, Coworker Feud, Mixology Class, Murder Mystery Party and more.

Within 12 months, we experienced a record breaking growth increase of 600% in annual revenue. But more importantly, we heard and saw the impact we were making for our customers. 💖

“The best darn thing we ever did for our team. You have to try it like today. 🥳”

Oriellah, People Experience Specialist @ Tari Labs
Experienced: Coworker Feud

How did we do it? Let’s jump aboard the 2021 train. 🚆

The team behind the party

A great company is built around great people. During 2021, our team grew from 11 to 52 people across 5 countries, while building out our People Ops, Vendor Management, Marketing, and Operations teams along the way.

New tech brought to the Confetti platform:

Confetti Credits 💳

Did someone say virtual currency that doesn’t expire? Our customers can now top up and redeem credits to pay for an experience directly from our platform. Purchase bulk credits  on the fly or in advance. Streamline, control, and analyze your budget across departments, while simplifying the lives of legal and accounting teams along the way.

More on Confetti Credits here.

Automated payments, event briefings, invites, and more 📩

We’ve automated the event planning process, making it easy, fun, and fast to plan and pay for an event. Once a customer books, our platform builds and sends an Event Briefing their way for signature that includes their event details, experience overview, custom team invites, and more.

Now mobile friendly 📱

Our customers can now browse, plan, and book virtual or hybrid team building events directly from their mobile devices.

“It can be challenging to create community among team members when your employees are entirely virtual. We are a team of 10 across 5 states. Confetti provided an AMAZING experience from start to finish. The technology is on point, the customer service personalized, and all of my team members had a great time. If I could rate Confetti on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give them an 11.”

Justin, President @ Good Cents Bookkeeping
Experienced: Team Hunt

The power of team building

When my Co-Founder (Eyal) and I set out to build Confetti we wanted to keep quality at the forefront of everything we do. Because of this, we made the active decision to keep our marketplace closed, with all vendors going through extensive hospitality and vetting processes to ensure top-of-the-line quality standards. We wanted every experience to leave our customers and their teams thinking “that was so fun – we loved that – we should do that again.”

”We did not really know what to expect initially. Everything has it's firsts. Confetti turned out super FUN. The experience helped us bond – we took the time to speak with each other even after the event ended, making us understand and connect in a way we hardly do at work. With the pandemic throwing most things off course this year, having a virtual fun is just what we needed (especially since we have teammates across the globe). You made us feel so much more connected. Thank you, Confetti!”

Nelima, Senior Executive Talent Acquisition @ Endure Technology Solutions
Experienced: Coworker Feud

2021 was the year where we really saw that come to fruition – especially with the addition of experiences like Confetti Pub, Water Cooler, and Chocolate Tasting, among others. 

Drag Queen Bingo event on Zoom with participants

You’re in good company

We believe that team building and culture should be accessible to any company – big and small. Whether it’s your mom-and-pop shop down the road, a government organization, or that unicorn tech company that’s seen unbelievable growth, we’ve got you covered. 

Over 2,500 companies have trusted us with helping them build happier, more holistic teams. What’s more amazing than that?

5 stars on Capterra

As we gear up for the year, one thing stands true: the world of team building has forever changed. We’re so proud to be the brand paving the way, helping fearless leaders sleep a little better at night, having seen the smiles of their team from one of our experiences.

Cheers to a great year in 2021 and even better, brighter things to come. 🥂

Lee Rubin headshot
Lee Rubin signature
Lee Rubin
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
PS. As we aim to be the de facto solution for team building and event planning, if you're interested in being a part of our journey as a partner or investor, please email Lee Rubin.
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