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Confetti's Core Company Values

Check out our blog post on Confetti's company values & how they drive our long term mission to create happier, more holistic workspaces.

#Work-Life Balance
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Confetti’s values are intrinsic to our internal and external practices. On the inside, we use them to build upon our company culture and ensure a working environment where our employees feel truly part of our team and an extension of yours.

For you, our company’s core values act as a guide. These values ensure you continue receiving the quality customer service & team building experiences we want you to have and know you deserve.  👏 

📜 Our Mission Statement & Company Values 📜

Confetti’s mission is to disrupt corporate culture by providing quality, memorable experiences and excellent customer service.

✨ We want our experiences to make life memorable and empower organizations to build stronger teams and better corporate culture. ✨

Confetti values

🤝 Respect

We demonstrate our respect for all humans by being an inclusive company and by constantly reassessing ourselves to ensure we’re treating employees, customers, vendors, partners, investors, and users with the utmost respect and consideration.

Message in the Slack gratitude channel on Respect

🫂 Empathy

Despite the power of technology, we believe that humans are at the core of every business, so we approach all elements of our work with kindness & empathy, keeping that fact in mind.

🗣 Honesty

We try to always under-promise and over-deliver, but we admit to our mistakes when we make them. We know that people cannot and should not be responsible for understanding each one of us individually, so we do our best to communicate our own complex internal workings as transparently as possible.

“Confetti is a sure-fire exciting way to get started on virtual social events. [Confetti] provides a breakdown of what happens during the event and how much it would cost — which makes planning easy. I barely needed to do much of the organizing myself with the help of the coordinators.”

Marie R. with HP

🌱 Growth

We challenge ourselves to be open-minded, level-headed, and flexible.

Praise in the Slack gratitude channel on Growth, Impact, and Fun

👊 Impact

We pride ourselves on hard work that results in true value and quality for our end users. Our never-ending passion for innovation drives us to create a larger positive impact on this planet.

“Having 250+ individuals in three countries, I was a little concerned that this event would fail to capture a collaborative feeling among the team members.  Being a virtual first company, building connections is still an area where we struggle. I was amazed by how quickly team members connected through the Confetti experience…It was truly excellent!

Emily E. with Thumbtack 

⚖️ Balance

To create the best solutions for our users' most important problems we need to always be heading in the right direction. To remain the market-leader in our category, we need to continue moving fast. Building something great takes time, so reaching our goals while enjoying the ride means running a marathon, not a sprint.

🎊 Fun

We insert fun into every place and situation we can! 👉 From our community Slack channels, like #confetti-pets, where you’ll find gems like this: 

Zoom call with coworkers holding their cats

👉 To our monthly departmental events to our bi-monthly company-wide events, like Drag Queen Trivia: 

Drag Queen Bingo event on Zoom with coworkers
Our whole company having a blast with our Drag Queen Trivia experience. Special shout out to our queen, Joy! 👑

Because, after all, you gotta have fun to know fun. And we definitely know fun.

🎉 Have fun with Confetti

Ready to see our company values in action? Plan your next virtual team building experience with Confetti today! 🥳

Visit our Ultimate Guide to the Employee Experience to learn more!

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