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8 Free Activities That Improve Workplace Culture

We all know the benefits that team outings and events have on workplace culture. The good news is, effective team building can be free! Read on for easy ideas you can implement to share the good vibes at work without spending a dime.

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Never underestimate the impact that smaller (and free!) activities can have on morale and employee happiness. Here are 7 easy, no-cost activities to improve workplace culture. Try them over a video call with your remote teams and watch your colleagues go from work friends to real friends!

Give these free virtual team building games and activities a try:

1. Play trivia

Trivia is an easy online team building game that you can throw into the mix. Have different team members volunteer to host the game by curating a round of trivia questions that align with their interests.

From pop culture, sports, and music, to delving into your company's history, the possibilities are as diverse as your remote team members. Beyond the friendly competition, these trivia rounds are the perfect opportunity to discover hidden talents and shared interests among your colleagues.

How to get started 👉 Here are 35 engaging trivia questions to use with your team! 

2. Take a lunch break together

A simple opportunity for remote team building is enjoying each other's company during a lunch break. If your entire team isn't under the same roof, encourage remote employees to hop onto a virtual meeting and some time to connect in a more casual and light-hearted manner.

3. Make a collaborative team playlist

Start by setting a theme, like "Feel-Good Friday", "Tunes for Deep Focus", or "Motivational Mix," and invite each team member to contribute their favorite (HR-friendly) songs to a Spotify or Youtube playlist. With each addition, the playlist becomes a unique reflection of diverse tastes within the team.

Listening to the curated playlist during work hours or virtual meetings not only infuses a lively atmosphere but also provides a glimpse into the musical preferences of colleagues. Connecting through music is a simple but effective way to inject fun and connection into the virtual workspace.

4. Team Building Bingo

Challenge your remote workers to a creative round of Bingo! Rather than throwing one-time event, this is a fun challenge that can unfold throughout the month, with multiple winners. Create a digital Bingo card with numbers corresponding to various tasks, accomplishments, and prompts related to the workplace as well as people's personal lives.. From completing a professional development task to having coffee with a new team, each task becomes a step towards a Bingo victory. This dynamic and ongoing challenge not only injects fun into the daily work routine but also encourages continuous engagement and collaboration.

If you're in need of ideas to get started, here are the cards from Confetti's last bingo team building activity:

5. “Would you rather?”

This is a fun virtual team building game that you can play with the power of your imagination!
To play a work-friendly round of 'Would You Rather?', start by posing lighthearted and non-controversial dilemmas related to the workplace or common personal experiences.

For example, ask questions like, "Would you rather have a never-ending supply of coffee or a perfectly organized and clutter-free desk?" Encourage team members to take turns answering and briefly share their reasoning. Keep the tone upbeat and ensure questions are inclusive and appropriate to the work environment.

6. Make a digital recognition board

Teams can easily create digital recognition boards as a free and engaging team building tool. Begin by setting up a shared digital platform, like a Google Slides presentation or Jamboard. Designate a section for recognition where team members can share appreciation for their colleagues. Encourage everyone to contribute shout-outs, kudos, or thank-you notes for exceptional work or positive contributions from their teammates.

Incorporate visuals, emojis, and personal anecdotes to make it more personalized. Regularly showcase the recognition board during virtual meetings to celebrate achievements and spread good vibes. This not only boosts connections but also creates a virtual space that promotes a positive and appreciative team culture!

7. Show and Tell

Bring back the nostalgia of "Show and Tell" into the virtual workspace! Set up a dedicated time during virtual meetings where employees can showcase a special aspect of their lives. Whether it's a cherished book recommendation, their beloved pet, or a hobby they've been exploring, the possibilities are endless!

Encourage brief presentations and story sharing to get a deeper understanding of each other outside the professional world. This simple yet effective virtual show and tell activity not only adds a touch of fun to remote work but also strengthens the human connection among team members, making the virtual office feel a bit more communal.

How to get started 👉 If you want to add a lively host and interactive icebreakers to your virtual show and tell, give Confetti's Plug and Play Mixer a try!

8. Host a Book Club

Forming a virtual book club is as simple as selecting a book, scheduling your final discussion, and creating a shared chat channel for discussing chapters throughout the book. Whether it's a classic novel, a motivational read, or the latest bestseller, the choices are diverse and can be tailored to the team's preferences.

Engaging in thoughtful discussions, exploring different perspectives, and discovering shared literary passions is a great way to improve workplace culture and encourage continuous learning.

Organize a virtual team building event with Confetti 🎊

Sometimes the small things can make a huge difference. Try out these fun, free activities at your workplace and see how the workplace culture and morale improve for your virtual teams.

If you want to leave your online games and activities to the pros, book a team building event with Confetti!

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