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Meet Monica Richards

Get to know one of our Composting Class vendors, Monica Richards!

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Our virtual sustainability experiences help folks learn the many benefits of leading sustainable lives.🌱 In it, we aim to show how easy and accessible this impactful, sustainable action really is

And Monica Richards — aka the ecobabe  — is one of the fantastic enviro-experts leading sustainability experiences, like Composting Basics and Sustainability During the Holidays!

Say hello! ✌

We wanted to introduce everyone to Monica because she’s, uh, kinda a total inspiration. Nbd.

Here a few fun facts about her: 

  • She grew up on a small farm and it taught her the value of connecting with nature 🌾
  • She used to work as an interior designer and red carpet host, but is happiest doing her current environmental work ♻️
  • Alongside Anne Therese, Monica co-founded The Collective, a community focused on sustainable living and climate optimism 🤝
  • She lived in LA for 12 years, but recently moved to NYC 🌇

Would you like to learn more about Monica & her amazing class? Read our interview with her below!

🎙 Confetti’s interview with Monica 

1. What does sustainability mean to you? 🌱

Sustainability is such an enormous concept. It really runs the entire gamut of individual action, all the way up to balance on a global scale. 

For something to be sustainable, it has to be balanced in three ways: environmentally, socially, and economically. But when all is said and done, I believe it comes back to one single thing — consciousness. 

Sustainability means being conscious of ourselves and how we consume, being conscious of one another, and being conscious of our planet. 

2. How did you first become passionate about helping the Earth? 🌍

I grew up on a farm in a really small town in Southwest Michigan. While growing up, farm life taught me that each of us has a purpose, and every action we take as individuals impacts our planet.

But after working as an interior designer and then as a TV host is Los Angeles, I realized I really have to get back to my roots because that's where I'm happiest. 

I wanted to have a more meaningful impact by talking about sustainability rather than, for example, who was wearing what. (Not that that wasn’t fun, too.)

3. What made you want to educate others about living a more sustainable lifestyle? 📚

I really believe that stepping back from earth's tipping points will only happen if we talk about it. We as individuals hold a lot more power than we assume.

The more people we enlighten and inspire to care about sustainability, the more powerful institutions will be held accountable by us to invest in sustainability, moving the needle toward the big changes we need for regenerating our planet. 

The more people we get on board this consciousness train, the sooner change will happen and the sooner we can get back to living as One — like we were always meant to be. 


Monica shared this fact with us during our interview!

4. What makes your class unique? 💖

There are two things that make this experience unique:
First, there's so much value in the unity that results from connecting with communities other than your own. With our classes, you could be in the lush green landscape of Thailand while I'm smiling at you from the Financial District in New York.
Secondly, it’s not people's job to know how to make a positive daily impact for our planet, but it is my job. In my classes, you get all the tips and tricks of seamlessly living a conscious, low-waste lifestyle without all the research, time, and energy it takes for trial and error.

5. What do you hope people can learn from you? 🤓

I hope to teach people that what we do truly matters and makes a difference.

Our daily actions — even the seemingly small ones — each of those actions create a ripple effect for all life on earth. That’s how connected we are with one another and with Mother Earth. 


6. What’s a small step someone can take to help their company become more eco-friendly? 🐾

If your company is in-office, I would:

  • Establish a no single-use policy to cut down on throwaway plastics while encouraging reusables.
  • Start composting! There are so many services available. And you'll be so surprised about how much less garbage you generate, just by composting those food scraps.

If your company is remote, I would:

  • Start a company-wide weekly litter cleanup on breaks. This will get your employees outside while paying respect to Earth, as well as the Native communities who were here before us.
  • Since sustainability includes social justice, get your employees involved with a sponsorship to support a charity that's meaningful to your company. Because remember: we are all connected! 

(Editor's note: If you'd like learn more about sustainability in the workplace, check out Teaming Up with Your Employees to Save the Planet 🌎 )

7. Anything else you’d like to share? 💬


I see a huge climate solution as healing the disconnect between people and people, and people and planet. We have to connect to protect. 

I would love now to nudge people to connect with nature. Take a few minutes each day to watch a bird or eat a meal outside. Touch the snow and feel the sunshine; whatever you can do, make connecting with nature a daily habit. 

Because if I've learned anything from my own experience, it's that a deeper connection with our planet means a deeper connection with yourself. And a true connection with yourself is the best thing you can do for everyone else.

Want to learn more from Monica and other eco-warriors like Anne Therese? 💪

Composting Basics covers everything you need to get started on your sustainable journey, including:

  • Why & how it makes a difference in the environment
  • Different methods of composting & the benefits behind each type
  • The ingredients & tools needed to start your own compost 

And, of course, you’ll have plenty of chances to ask questions during the class. Book Composting Basics today!

Visit our Ultimate Guide to Virtual Team Building to learn more! 

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