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4 Ways to Enhance Your Company Meeting

Don't let meeting fatigue get you down. From icebreakers that foster camaraderie to movement breaks that reenergize, here are Confetti's strategies to make your company meetings more enjoyable and impactful!

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The magic of a well-planned company-wide meeting ✨

A well-planned company meeting provides a special opportunity to bring employees together from different departments and senior leadership. As a team, leadership can share updates, strategies, and goals, encourage open discussions, provide team building activities to learn new skills, foster connections, and more.

As companies begin to debate the effectiveness of meetings, many would argue that when well executed, successful company meetings can inspire creativity, strengthen bonds, and ultimately lead to a more motivated and engaged workforce!

Add these ideas to your next annual general meeting to make it a successful corporate event:

Corporate event planners shouldn't forget to add elements to their company meetings that keep the employee experience in mind! Here are four crucial, but possibly overlooked, elements you should be adding to your corporate event planning checklist.

1. Icebreakers 🧊

It might seem tempting to jump right into the core content of your meeting in an effort to save time. However, starting your event with some icebreakers (and laughs that follow) can set the tone for a more productive and engaging meeting by:

  • Building a positive atmosphere: Icebreakers are great for easing any tension that your attendees may be feeling. When people feel at ease, they are more likely to be open to sharing ideas, asking questions, and engaging in discussions, which helps make your corporate event or meeting a success!
  • Encouraging participation: Starting with icebreakers signals that active participation is encouraged, which can carry over into the main objectives of the meeting and lead to more interactive discussions. Icebreakers set the tone that everyone's perspective and voices are welcomed and celebrated!
  • Breaking the ice for introverts: Introverted team members might find it difficult to speak up in such a meeting, especially if they don't know everyone present. Icebreakers give everyone a low-pressure opportunity to contribute in a more informal and comfortable setting.
  • Energizing participants: Icebreakers add energy and enthusiasm to the meeting from the get-go! This energy can carry over into the rest of the session, helping participants stay engaged and attentive, even during longer discussions.
How to get started 👉 Warm up the room with some Icebreakers!

2. Movement breaks 🧘‍♂️

After several information-heavy presentations, it's easy for participants to start feeling drained and distracted during company meetings. This is where movement breaks can save the day. Incorporating movement into your company meeting can work wonders in maintaining employee engagement. Here are some of the benefits of movement:

  • Movement boosts energy levels: Sitting for prolonged periods can lead to physical and mental fatigue. Movement breaks, even as short as a few minutes, help increase blood circulation and oxygen flow to the brain, combating feelings of sluggishness and improving alertness. 🚀
  • Movement enhances focus and attention: Breaks that involve light movements and stretches can help improve concentration and cognitive function. Physical activity releases endorphins which contribute to positive mood regulation and better mental clarity. 🧠

Add a movement break into your company meeting with some deskercise! Confetti’s Deskercise Class takes inspiration from yoga and tailors moves to a seated position, teaching convenient stretches that your employees can add to their daily routines.

How to get started 👉 Take a breath and stretch it out in a Deskercise Class!

3. Food for focus 🥗

Everyone knows that once their stomach starts growling, it's hard to stay focused on a virtual meeting. Make things easier on your team by providing a team lunch on the day of your company meeting! Everyone has to eat, and taking the extra step to provide a nice lunch to your team shows your guests that you care and appreciate their time.

With Lunch Party, you can seamlessly schedule meals in advance for your company meeting. On the day of your event, team members will receive an invitation and a link to use their gift card. These gift cards can be redeemed at a restaurant of their choice, which allows everyone to choose their preferred meal and work around dietary restrictions!

How to get started 👉 Treat your team to their menu of choice at a Lunch Party!
Lunch Party by Confetti for Company Meeting

4. Swag for the team 💝

Who doesn't love receiving cool company swag? Sending your employees branded merchandise like custom jackets, mugs, or totes can serve as a thoughtful reminder of the event and the company's appreciation for their contributions. (Not to mention, it's great event marketing!)

Appreciation gifts help contribute to a sense of belonging and pride among team members. Plus, they allow guests to carry a piece of their company culture long after the meeting is over.

Confetti adds a special touch to the corporate event planning process 🎉

Company meetings aren't just opportunities to share top-down information. They're tools for building connections and fostering a more positive company culture. By incorporating moments of interaction and care with icebreakers, movement breaks, meals, and company swag, you can elevate the overall experience for your employees, making your corporate events more impactful and memorable.

A little creativity and thoughtfulness go a long way in enhancing your company meeting and creating a positive impact on your team.

Ready to throw the kindness around like Confetti? Contact [email protected] to get started. 
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