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About This Experience

Speed meet your way through the office with quick, virtual team icebreakers!

How it works

Need a game to start off a meeting or just a fun and easy way to get to know your team?

Groups will be presented with an icebreaker, and randomly paired one-on-one with a coworker to answer the question in breakout rooms. Participants will then be brought back to the main room for a different question and re-randomized for another round. Each round is 2 minutes, with a total of 5 rounds or more.

At the end, everyone will come together to share their most fun, interesting, or weird fact. Only rule is, you can only share someone else's fun fact, not your own!

πŸ‘ͺ Participants: For teams above 150, participants will be broken up into groups of 3 or 4 people.

Also Includes

Zoom Link
Entertaining Host
Ice Breakers
Designed Invitation for Participants

Customizations Available

Default Game
Weird & Silly
Office Fun
15 Minutes
30 Minutes

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