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About This Experience

Mix and match fun, fast-paced social games with our Virtual Mash-Up.

How it works

We will provide an entertaining host to run a series of hilarious mini social games that will get your team(s) talking and interacting with one another in a much more personal way. Each individual Mash-Up game takes around 15-30 minutes. Pick and choose from our list of Mash-Up games to customize this event to match your own team’s dynamic, featuring: Speed Puzzler, Shark Tank, Rogue Gallery, and more.

👪 Participants will be broken off into teams of 10 players. Teams play the same game in separate breakout rooms, and can return to the main room between games.

Also Includes

Engaging Host
Zoom Link
Designed Invitation for Participants

Customizations Available

Speed Puzzler
Surprise and Tell
Shark Tank
Other Games

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