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Ideas For National Cheese Pizza Day Your Team Will Love

We put together ways where we can celebrate this national day.

Another year, another opportunity to celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day. Over here at Confetti, we’re pretty much looking for ways to celebrate with pizza any day. Here are some celebration ideas for this September 5th:

  1. Pizza Party

The best way to celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day? With a pizza party of course. Have everyone gather together (virtually or socially distant) and order cheese pizza from your favorite pizzeria. Your team can even add some pizza party decor. 

Confetti can help put the lunch together.

  1. Cheese Making

If you love cheese, why not learn how to make it? Confetti can help you plan a cheese-making workshop for your team where ingredients can be shipped to your team’s houses and an instructor can guide the participants how to make the cheese.

Join 20+ companies who have learned to make their own cheese during this lockdown.

  1. Cheese Tasting

If you’re craving for cheese, but don’t want all the work of making it, no problem! We can also ship different cheeses for your team to try. Prepare your cheesy questions and have them answered by a cheese expert who can guide you through tasting the cheese notes and flavors, while giving a bit of background on them.

Join 20+ companies who have had a cheese-tasting class and loved it.

  1. Pizza Games

Make your own pizza-focused trivia games or game shows. It’ll be fun knowing which among your team is an actual pizzaholic. Expand your pizza knowledge by answering fun pizza facts and trivia you probably don’t know about. Trust us, it’ll be a fun experience for everyone as they share what they know and take away pizza facts for their next party.

Stay Tuned!

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