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3 Delicious Ways to Celebrate National Pizza Day at Work

Standard pizza parties at work just don’t cut it. Here are 3 fun ways to step up your office pizza party game for National Pizza Day.

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Happy National Pizza Day! We hope we’re not breaking any hearts here, but a pizza pie in the break room isn’t how you win over your employees. But we aren’t saying this to stop you from having your pizza day! 

We’re saying it to encourage putting some serious UMPH into your National Pizza Day team building activities. Your employees will appreciate that extra slice of effort. Keep reading for 3 savory pizza party ideas!


1. Get gourmet in a pizza making class

Make your own pizza in an Italian Cooking Class! This fun and easy virtual cooking class offers a pizza option, allowing everyone to create their own slice of heaven. Of course, if you’re not feelin’ the ‘za, there are other delicious Italian options, like risotto or pasta. 🧑🍳

For any choice, you can either BYO ingredients or have an all-inclusive kit shipped straight to everyone’s doorstep. 

2. Pizza and wine pairings

We’re getting really fancy now, folks. 🍕🍷

Indulge in a classy wine tasting, where an expert will guide participants through the latest tasting techniques. You can keep things simple with a 4-glass wine kit or dazzle everyone with the sparkling wine upgrade.

Really, there’s no wrong choice because it will all pair perfectly with a pizza pie (oh, and you can even let your team order their fave foods with our virtual lunch party).

Virtual & Kits: Wine Tasting

3. Throwback pizza party game night

It’s time to pay homage to the good old days. You know, the days of ordering pizza, playing games, and staying up long past your usual curfew? 🕹

Treat your team with that sweet nostalgic feeling in our Confetti Office Olympics. You’ll have access to the most popular games, like Jeoparty, Coworker Feud, and Mini Games, with the option to add even more! Encourage your team to order up their favorite slice and play the night away. 

We hope you cheese the day!

National Pizza Day may not be the biggest holiday, but it’s a chance to give your team a well-deserved break, and that’s always worth celebrating. 🥳

For help planning your virtual pizza party, reach out to [email protected]. We make event planning simple and can’t wait to give you the cheesiest day possible. 

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