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Tour: Plague Doctor of Prague

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About This Experience

Go back to the time of the Black Death and the 18th Century Plague in Prague with this virtual tour!

How it works

Participants will explore the city of Prague with Plague Doctor, A. Schamsky, who fought the Plague in 1713. In the original dress of a plague doctor, Schamsky will take participants on a journey through various centuries with only one purpose in mind: Survival!

This pre-recorded tour video with a live guide will include:

  • Shocking details of the pneumonic and bubonic plagues which caused approximately 200 million deaths across history
  • An interactive online tour over the famous Charles Bridge through the Old Town and up to the Jewish Quarter
  • A quick stopover at the old St. Francis Hospital
  • Conclusion of the tour will be at the Convent of St. Agnes

Participants are encouraged to ask questions throughout!

Also Includes

Engaging Virtual Tour Guide
Designed Invitation for Participants
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