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Employees dressed in various festive attire for Confetti's Virtual Holiday Coworker Feud
Employees dressed in various festive attire for Confetti's Virtual Holiday Family Feud

Virtual Holiday Coworker Feud

Survey says: jingle!

Celebrate the holidays and BUZZ in the New Year with a holiday themed game of Coworker Feud.
2-40 people
Typically 60 minutes
Group Pricing
How It Works

Our merry host will lead contestants through a main round and lightning round in this exciting and fast-paced online survey game!

In a battle of the brains, teams will compete against each other to come up with the most popular answers for holiday themed questions that the host presents. For example, if the survey question was "Name a gift kids would NOT be happy to receive for the holidays," players would respond with the answer they think is the most common.

During the main round of the game, teams will take turns guessing the top 5 survey responses. If your team gives 3 wrong answers, the opposing team gets a chance to answer. All teams will have the opportunity to compete and buzz-in in the final lightning round.

At the end of the Feud game, the team with the most points wins!

This experience is for teams looking for a fun & competitive team bonding game that is not knowledge-based.

📋 Want a more detailed breakdown? See the run of show.

⚙️ Tech Level: Some tech experience recommended.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Participants: Broken up into 2 or 4 teams, depending on headcount. Everyone plays in the same room!

✍️ Note: There is only one version of this game with the same questions. If you have played Holiday Coworker Feud before, please consider another experience.

This game is in no way affiliated/endorsed by Fremantle Limited or Pearson Television Operations. Confetti assumes no liability for the confusion with the product, Family Feud™.

  • Designed Invitation for Participants
  • Engaging Host
  • Digital Buzzer
  • Digital Game Materials
  • Zoom Link
Required From You
  • Computer
  • Supported Browser
  • Network Access to External Sites
  • Ability to Use Zoom (Free)
  • Access to Zoom Chat
Holiday Coworker Feud was a great way for our virtual team to connect. We loved that some questions were easy enough for the children of our team members to answer, and others were difficult even for our older holiday aficionados.
Mallory,Smith Eilers PLLC
A great experience that brought the team together for laughs and a fun competitive environment. High energy and humor from the hosts!
Super fun questions and prompts, and host talent made our virtual team social a hit! Coworker Feud was a hoot, we loved it.
Our host was FABULOUS and made everyone feel welcome and comfortable! We were constantly laughing for the full hour while competing to guess the right answers. Would definitely recommend it for remote teams!
The event was super fun - our host was super fun and engaging and the teams got surprisingly competitive which made it even more fun :) We had a great time. Despite it being totally virtual, it was still really enjoyable and interactive!
Kalli,Start Early
A great event with lots of laughs for our small group of 30 employees! Everything worked smoothly with no work required of us - we showed up and had fun.
Steve,Cardinal Tracking
The host was hilarious, and my team had a great time. Also, the most budget-friendly option I could find! If I'm asked to host another virtual team party, I'll probably with Confetti!
Lavette,Techstars Central LLC
We had such a great time. It was my turn to lead our monthly meeting and Family Feud was the break we all needed at the end of the year. We truly appreciate the outstanding work every did to make this a success.
Mary,Thrivent Financial
Our host was amazing! She kept the energy up, and we had a Zoom full of smiles. Thanks for the wonderful activity to celebrate the end of year, together as a team!

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If you are booking multiple sessions, please let us know if there will be any overlap in attendees so we can prepare the appropriate game materials for the event. Please note that we only offer 2 versions of this game. If your group has played Holiday Coworker Feud more than twice, we suggest choosing another experience.

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