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A painting, vase, and other artifacts for Confetti's Virtual Exploring Hispanic & Latin American Art
A painting, vase, and other artifacts for Confetti's Virtual Tour Hispanic Art Museum

Exploring Hispanic & Latin American Art

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Let's Go-ya!

Delve into the rich history of the Spanish-speaking world through an expansive collection of Spanish and Latin American art.
Max 495 people
Typically 60 minutes
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This is not your average museum tour...

In a lecture-style setting, uncover hidden backstories and discover little-known facts about historical pieces through pictures and incredible storytelling.

Your host will introduce you to both major and lesser-known artists, and provide context to the history behind some of the most influential works of Hispanic & Latin American art. From the Spanish Inquisition to the Mexican Revolution and beyond, this lecture will explore how the current events of the time motivated Hispanic & Latin American artists to create, and how their work continues to inspire us today.

This class includes Q&A opportunities, giving participants the chance to ask more about Hispanic & Latin American history and culture and walk away with the skills to examine art from these communities with more nuance and understanding.

📋 Want a more detailed breakdown? See the run of show.

  • Designed Invitation for Participants
  • Culturally Representative Host
  • Zoom Link
Required From You
  • Ability to Use Zoom (Free)
  • Access to Zoom Chat
The group loved the speaker and the real life stories he brought in to help tie together some key points. It was very eye opening to see the unexpected overlap in cultures that have had an impact on what it means to be "Hispanic".
The Hispanic Art Storytelling Tour was great! Our host was really great at weaving the historical aspects with the art. I learned a lot and I also got a lot of very positive feedback from our team.
Shawn,Encoded Therapeutics
Our team LOVED the Tour. Our host did a fantastic job educating our employees by sharing digestible information and engaging effectively by asking questions and sharing personal stories with the group!
Our host was AMAZING! Loved her enthusiasm and energy. She made the topic of art very approachable and we enjoyed the fun facts she sprinkled throughout the presentation about historical events and people.
My favorite part of the session was feeling as though I came out of it learning some new things. Most of the artists were new to me, but I can now speak to their talents and art works a bit now.
Danielle,CRA International Inc
Super engaging! I didn't realize art could be so fun! I also loved that the host was knowledgeable and I love that she was also Latin!
Cynthia,The Partnership on AI
Our host was very knowledgeable in all the content that was shared, and she was able to keep our team engaged from beginning to end. Overall it was a fun, interactive and informative session - I highly recommend!

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