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March Madness

Spin, dribble, and dunk your way over to our March Madness games and activities!

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March Madness
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5 unique ideas for your team

Virtual Sports Cookie Decorating
Sports Cookie Decorating
Bond over your favorite sports with your team and decorate sports sugar cookies.
Virtual March Madness Trivia
March Madness Trivia
A virtual game show on college basketball trivia, featuring questions about March Madness, NCAA, mascots, and more.
Virtual Beer Tasting
Beer Tasting
Lagers, ales, pilsners, and IPAs... We’ll be hopping right into beer specifics in this tasting experience at home.
Virtual Fitness Classes
Fitness Classes
Motivate yourself and teammates to keep up with the workouts at home.
Virtual Water Cooler
Water Cooler
Speed meet your way through the office with quick, virtual team icebreaker questions!
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Confetti 2022. All rights reserved.
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