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12 HR Blogs You Should Be Following for the Best News and Insights

The HR world is constantly changing. Discover 12 of the best HR blogs you can follow to stay on top of it and learn how to manage your workplace well.

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As an HR professional, staying up to date with the latest trends is crucial for remaining competitive in today's market. Having information on the latest laws, best practices, and technologies can help you stay in compliance, attract and retain top talent, and create strategies to move the business forward.

Still, many HR professionals are unsure of where to go to keep up with these trends. Fortunately, several blogs fulfill this very purpose. Some are geared towards employees while others cater to HR professionals. However, they all provide valuable insight into evergreen topics while covering current events with an HR twist.

In this blog, we will highlight the top HR blogs you need to follow to stay up to date with all that's happening in HR development and workplace culture.Β 

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‍Why stay informed?

Recent years have brought many changes to the HR landscape. A Gartner study showed that 83% of HR leaders are expected to do more now than they were three years ago. This rapid pace of change highlights the importance of staying ahead of industry trends. Without current information and insight from the HR world, it's easy to become overwhelmed.

Remaining up to date with HR trends also contributes to increased employee engagement and organizational success. This is because it can help HR leaders better address the needs and sentiments of different generations of workers, which in turn enhances their performance and that of the entire company.


Criteria for top HR blogs

We used three main criteria to evaluate the blogs on this list:

  • Relevance: The content should be timely
  • Credibility: The content should be delivered by industry experts
  • Engagement: The content should be interactive and seek to build community

These parameters ensure that the blogs on this list offer reliable information that HR professionals can count on.


12 HR blogs you should follow

1. SnackNation

SnackNation provides convenient, healthy snack delivery for offices. You may wonder why you should lean on such a company for HR advice, but keep in mind that SnackNation is more than just a snack provider. It cares deeply about the companies it serves.

The SnackNation blog provides a ton of guidance on employee well-being and engagement. This is valuable because high engagement can decrease absenteeism and turnover and increase productivity and profitability. The blog also covers topics like building a positive company culture, which can further increase engagement and bring more positive benefits.


2. TINYpulse

As a leading employee engagement software platform, TINYpulse has a lot to say about how to build a good culture and keep it in check. The TINYpulse blog covers traditional engagement-related topics like building trust, improving morale, and encouraging productivity.

Still, the blog also keeps up with the latest trends in the corporate world. It has extensive coverage on things like remote work and the Great Resignation. This information can help you make sense of what may be happening with your workforce and gives you the insight and tools you need to tackle issues you're currently facing.


3. Hppy

As you might guess, the Hppy blog is all about being happy at work. While the blog does cover a range of topics, including HR technology, talent acquisition, and business management, the main content revolves around employee engagement.Β 

Here, your HR department will find valuable insight on how to boost productivity, reduce turnover, and connect everyone to the same mission and values β€” all by focusing on employee happiness and well-being. While the blog does explain the foundational principles of engagement, it does so with a modern twist, which is good news for companies wondering how to keep younger millennials and Gen Z talent satisfied in the workplace.


4. Harvard Business Review

This HR blog is hard to encapsulate because it covers so much. There are hundreds of topics on its list, with everything from accounting to leadership to operations and even workspace design making an appearance. Fortunately, its broad coverage is part of the blog's appeal.

Harvard Business Review has been in business for many years. Still, it has always provided HR and business leaders with in-depth, well-researched journalism on relevant topics. You can always rest assured that the information is sourced well and reflects current trends. HR pros everywhere count on Harvard Business Review's well-established authority.


5. Ask a Manager

No one knows better what a manager is thinking than, well, another manager. This advice blog is geared toward helping employees navigate the workplace without having to ask their own managers awkward questions. HR leaders can gain valuable insight from the advice given.

If you ever wanted to get inside the minds of the people overseeing your teams, Ask a Manager is the perfect place to do so. This blog can help you figure out how to work better with your managers. It can also show you where to start in helping managers think differently about the way they interact with employees and shape the workplace experience.



The purpose of TLNT is to cover the business side of HR management. The publication offers independent thoughts and insights on all things related to the profession. Unlike some other blogs that aim to simply present stats and facts, you will find a lot of reflection and commentary at TLNT.

The blog covers a lot of recent events from an HR perspective, so you can definitely use it to keep up with what's going on in the world and how these events are affecting workplaces and employees.


7. HR Bartender

HR Bartender describes itself as a friendly place to discuss workplace issues and get career tips. Instead of being geared only toward helping you manage people better, the topics covered in the blog also help you become a better professional.

This is a great place to get help with pressing issues such as retaining older workers or incorporating AI into the employee experience. However, you will find just as many traditional topics, such as legal advice for labor law postings and benefits administration.


8. Evil HR Lady

The Evil HR Lady blog plays on the common myth among employees that HR teams only care about the organization and not the people working for it. Much like Ask a Manager, its purpose is to demystify the confusion about human resources for the benefit of employees.

HR managers can learn a lot here about common employee concerns that your workers may not have the nerve to talk to you about. Then, you can strategize to diffuse those worries and instill a more positive culture in your workplace.


9. SHRM Blog

The Society for Human Resource Management is a blog geared specifically toward HR professionals. It provides a great mix of straightforward advice and current topics. With a mission to advance HR practices, the website has become a trusted source among HR teams, especially when it comes to legal and compliance issues.

If you're looking for updated perspectives and sound advice on a range of related topics, SHRM can't be beaten.


10. Human Resource Executive

HR Executive is an online magazine covering a number of important topics, including DEI, employee benefits, talent management, leadership, and technology such as HR software. The magazine aims to deliver expert insight on current events from an HR-based perspective. employment law

This means reporting on everything from Gen Z's work demands to Taylor Swift, March Madness, remote work, and return-to-office mandates. Instead of letting workplace culture trends catch you off guard, you can use HR Executive to keep up with changes in the landscape and learn about topics that may affect your practices in the future.


11. HR Magazine

HR Magazine is an SHRM publication. It carries with it the prestige and trust held by that organization. Because it's a magazine, you can expect insight into current trends, such as artificial intelligence, social media influencing for HR managers, or new regulations on the horizon. However, you will mostly find expert advice and HR resources on a range of issues related to the profession, such as monitoring employees, managing toxicity, and developing extended bereavement policies.


12. HR Dive

HR Dive is unique because it covers breaking news from all over the world. However, it does so with an HR angle. You'll get a chance to see how the political climate is shaping current workplace culture.

You will also learn about what's happening with other companies, get practical advice from HR industry experts, and see what employers and employees are worried about these days. These HR news stories and valuable insights will help you keep pace with the HR world and address what's happening with everything from compliance to employee sentiment and beyond.


Staying informed helps you, your employees, and your company flourish πŸš€

Staying informed from other HR practitioners can help you improve your work. It can also help you better engage and support employees for maximum productivity and performance. If you want to grow professionally and help employees do the same, consider following these top HR blogs to keep up with current HR topics and gain access to new ideas.

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